Friends With Benefits Sex With A Hot Mallu

My name is Ajmal from Kerala. What I am going to tell you about here is about friends with benefits sex that happened during my college years.

By the time I was in my 2nd year of studying for a degree, I was 20, and all the boys were waiting for the juniors. Then the class for juniors started. All the boys in my class followed one by one. I’m not interested in commitments.

So in 2-3 months, all boys got each junior. But there was a chick in the group that was not taken by anyone. Her name is Sarayu. Now let’s talk about her. She was 19 then. 5.7 feet high. Actress Shreya Sharan’s shape. White, red lips, nice breasts that can take anyone’s control, big bum.

She walked without giving anyone a chance. 1 or 2 tried her. She didn’t mind them at all. And so on. We both enjoyed being in the canteen. That acquaintance grew into a good friendship. We were both sure we would never get into a relationship.

Because she was not as interested in commitments as I was. So in 1 month, we became good friends. Always chatting and calling on WhatsApp. When I was talking to her on the phone, I realized that there was a horny woman inside her. I thought that if I stirred something, I might get a game.

From then on, my thoughts on her began to change. I also decided to try. So one day we both went to the bus after college. The bus was not full. So we both sat in the same seat. She was in the window seat, and I was on the other side. I could really see her nipples bulging as her tight uniform was pretty tight.

After a while, she raised both her hands to untie her hair. For 1-2 minutes, she stood with her hands up to tie her hair. I saw her bulging breasts and armpits sweating, my pussy started to rise. I could not hold back the smell of her sweat. I felt like I was grabbing one of her breasts.

But I had a fear of how she would react. So I held on. Then I thoughtLet’s try one, let’s see what happens. I slowly tapped her breast with my elbow. At first, I knew she was shocked. I quickly pulled my hand away and tried to tap again. This time it really hit her breast. And she has no clue.

After a while, I started to fall asleep again. Still, no response from her gave me a little courage. I slowly moved closer to her, and she was still sitting, looking out. I slowly put my hand on her thigh. Then she looked at me and started looking outside again.

When I got courage again, I slapped her on the thigh, and she said something, and then she looked at me and said, “Do you want someone to see us?” With that, the laddu exploded in my mind. I realized that she had no problem if no one saw her.

Then I whispered in her ear, “What if it’s in a place where no one can see?”

Then she asked shyly.”What do you want in a place where no one can see you?”

Me: What will you give me?

She: What do you want?

Me: Anything that makes me feel good.

She: Then give me something?

Me: What do you want?

She: What I give you.

Me: If you give it to me, I will give it to you.

Then she laughed, then I grabbed her belly and pinched her. Then she pinched my thigh. I whispered in her ear, “Shall I touch your boobs?” At first, she said she would see someone, but later agreed.

Then I slowly put my hand on her breast. She was looking around. Whether anyone is watching. But without thinking about it, I started squeezing her breast. I did not want to let go of those soft breasts. I held and rubbed her nipples for a long time.

She was sitting and squirming. By then, she had reached the bus stop. She got down there. I quickly went home and called her. She did not pick up the phone.

After a while, a message on WhatsApp. “I was taking a bath.”

Me: Did you take a bath?

She: Hmmm

Me: Can you send me a selfie?

She: Okay. (she sent me a regular selfie)

Me: Oh, this is not enough.

She: Then what you want?

Me: Let go of my control, send me a photo like that.

She: Do you want that?

Me: Yes, sweetheart.

She: Okay, wait.

After a while, she took a selfie from above without her shawl and saw her boobs and nipples slightly open. As soon as I saw it, my crotch began to rise. And yet, I said this is not enough. It should be seen as more open.

She: No, no on the phone.

Me: So when will you show it?

She: Show me my check directly.

Me: When?

She: If you get the chance.

Then she said that someone was calling her and left. Then I was chatting at night.

Then I asked, “Shall we cut class tomorrow and go somewhere?”

She: Oh, where?

Me: Here is my friend’s flat a short distance away. Since he is in Dubai with his family, there is no one there. Our friends go and stay there from time to time.

She: Someone will see.

Me: Nobody saw. The security guy is friends with me, and if you buy him a beer, he won’t act as he saw us.

She: I’m afraid.

Me: Don’t be afraid, sweetheart, I’m with you.

She: Hmmm.

Me: When you come tomorrow, come as I say.

She: How?

Me: What kind of innerwear do you use?

She: Oh, why do you want to know?

Me: Oh then, why are you not saying? Don’t I have to see everything tomorrow?

She: If you ask me how it is?

Me: Is it a normal type bra and shady? Or a modern type.

She: Modern type.

Me: Nice. All you have to do is put on a red bra and shawl tomorrow, and put on a nice tight churidar top and leggings.

She: You’re so naughty.

Me: Agree?

She: Okay, agreed.

Me: My sweetheart, I can’t wait to be tomorrow.

She: Greedy, will it hurt me?

Me: Never, babe.

She: Okay, let’s go to the bus stop tomorrow, you just have to come there.

So I lay down, and I couldn’t sleep thinking about tomorrow. I lay there thinking about licking her nipples, licking her lips, licking her pussy, and slapping my crotch on her pussy.

The next morning, I went to the bathroom. I shaved all the hair around my dick clean. I decided that I should slap my 6-inch long black dick on her. So I took a car and went to pick her up. When I reached the bus stop, I saw her. A tight churidar with black images in red color is put on.

I went from looking at her shape at a single glance. When she saw me, she ran and got into the car. Then he looked at me, and lust was burning in that look. I started driving the car. She is resting there. I slowly put my hand on her thigh. She looked into my eyes lustfully.

I said, “Your hands can make me feel better now.” Then she asked me with a doubt, “How?” Then I took her soft hand and put it on top of my pant. She was shocked when she tapped her hand on the wood that was sticking out. Then she looked at me and asked me with lust, “What the hell is this?”

Me: Don’t you like it? It’s my big surprise!

She: Yes, has anyone else cared for him?

Me: He hasn’t had the luck to do that yet.

She: Well, today I’m going to make him comfortable.

When I heard that, she put her hand around my neck and kissed me on the lips. So until I got there, I held her breasts and thighs, and she was on my lap. After a while, we got there. I took the beer bottle I had originally bought in the car and gave it to the security. He bought it too and went to his room with a laugh.

We then went to the flat on the fourth floor. When I reached the front of the flat, I took the key and opened the door. We both went inside. I immediately closed the door. Immediately I hugged her and started kissing her.

I started kissing her lips and pinching her nipples. Short of breath, she grabbed me and pushed me away, and said, “Do you want to hurt me? I have come to lie down with you all day.”

When I heard that, I picked her up and went to the room. He laid her on the bed there. Then she leaned to her side and began to lick her lips. At the same time, began to rub her pussy through the top of her pant with one hand.

I did that for a long time. Then I put my hand inside her pant. Then I felt her panties. It was soaking wet all over. On top of that, I could feel the lips of her pussy. We’re so pleased for a while. Then I grabbed her and lifted her up. Then she took off her top.

Then I saw her plump white breasts tight as a modern red bra, as I had asked. I whispered in her ear, “Has anyone played with this before?”

She said: No, you are the one who is going to play in this.

Me: Thanks, babe.

Having said that, I took off her bra. I could not believe my eyes. On the two are each circle in light coffee color, with the size of a grape each. I immediately laid her down and started licking both her nipples. After licking her nipples for a while, I moved my lips to her navel.

I went down and felt the pussy on top of her pants, and I liked the intoxicating smell. I slowly pulled off her pants and changed. Then there was only a red panty in front of me, and if she took it off too, she would be completely naked. I slowly pulled it off too.

I could not believe my eyes. Her pussy was so beautiful. I slowly started licking her pussy with my lips. She was starting to caress my hair with her hands. I slowly tried to stick my tongue inside the cracks of her pussy.

Then I realized that her dam was starting to burst. A lot of the time, I licked her pussy. After a while, I stopped playing there and started licking her lips again. Then I slowly lifted her up, sat down, took off my pants, and showed her my big cock.

I saw her looking at it eagerly. I licked her lips 2-3 times and asked her in her ear if she wanted to taste it.

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