Sex with my hated English lecturer

Hi friends, how are you doing? I’m Naziya Pathan, writing my next story. My sexual journey started at my 19 age and continued until my marriage recently. My current age is 26.

I’m from Andhra Pradesh. I was raised in a strict atmosphere, but I was addicted to porn in college. My previous sexual incidents are written in my previous stories.

I was in my pre-University college, and a lecturer took English classes for us. His name was Sagar. Her age must be around 35 years, pitch-black in color, ugly. He was a pure lafanga type teacher and drooled over the class girls.

He was so shameless and discussed sex, the first night of marriage and similar things in the whole class. He was even threatened by a few boys who felt offended by his talks. But somehow, he escaped. I, too, felt angry many times hearing his loathing and vulgar language.

This incident happened when we had an annual day in our college. I was interested in anchoring. So this guy was in charge of the anchoring etc., as he was an English lecturer. I was already angry and frustrated to take his help, but it was unavoidable.

I spoke very minimal and continued preparing for my speeches etc. Whenever any girl, including me, went for his help, he would lustily stare at us. He openly flirted, but nobody cared now. Despite my full body and head covered, he wouldn’t spare a chance to flirt or talk dirty.

I hoped the event would happen soon and I could get relief from this man. So it was just 2 days to the annual day. We already had started giving multiple rehearsals. This would require me to be prepared like the actual event only. So I gave importance to my makeup and dressing.

That day it was about 5 pm that was the usual time we started practicing. He was roaming around watching girls when he saw me giving my anchoring speech. I was with my friend Deepika at the podium, and he looked at us both. He came to us and told

Sagar: My dears! Your speech has so many mistakes. Our college staff will feel embarrassed in front of all.

We both didn’t speak anything and just looked down, saying, “Ok, sir.”

Sagar: I am here to help you out. That’s my job. So both of you, come to my cabin now so that I can correct it.
Saying this, he left and looked back at us like ordering us to follow him. Deepika and I rolled our eyes and just nodded with a frustrated look. But we couldn’t deny him.

We went inside his cabin, which was near the principal office. It was empty as every person had left already. He was buried in his armchair when we went inside.

“May we come in, sir?”

Sagar: Come, my dears! I’m waiting for you. Please close the door

We did, and he made both of us sit in front of his chair. He started telling things about our speech. He was, as usual, shamelessly staring at both of us and trying to flirt. Both me and Deepika were getting frustrated. Then Deepika got a call from her home that her dad was coming to pick her up. She left in 5 minutes.

So it was me alone. Let me tell you. I was in a cotton top and jeans that day with my head covered. I had also applied some light foundation mascara to my eyes. He was just giving me glances now more around my boobs covered in a bra.

After Deepika left, he became freer with me talking about personal things, which I avoided, as usual. It was almost 6 now, and everyone must be packed off home, and I was stuck with this man. He was almost sticking his thighs to mine while speaking.

I could even feel him moving his thighs in an up and down motion rubbing my jeans-covered thighs. Seeing me not stopping, he began to put his hands over my hands casually and later on my thighs too. Though I was getting angry, my breathing increased.

My speech was becoming stuttered, which he might have noticed. Suddenly he held my hands.

Me: What are you doing, sir?
Sagar: Shhhh! Listen to your teacher. It’s for your good

He pulled me close now and brought his face near mine, and looked into my eyes. I was feeling angry and irritated. But at the same time, something kinky wasn’t allowing me to escape. He held me from my neck and kissed my lips with his dark lips.

I didn’t reciprocate much. But he was madly licking me all over my mouth putting his saliva over my face, lips and tongue. I was now pulled to his lap and could already see his tent in his pants. He again kissed me passionately. He began caressing my boobs and upper back.

As soon as his hands hit my boobs, my body twerked. He began playing with them over the t-shirt, making my nipples hard and knob-like. He now lifted my t-shirt upwards, exposed my bra-covered boobs, and lifted the bra. My beautiful breasts were in front of him.

My erect nipples were in front of his lusty face making his mouth water. He immediately pounced on them, grabbing them each in one hand pressing them like a horn. I was slithering in his arms, enjoying the touches of my most hated teacher.

His dick was throbbing in his pants. Soon he held my hand and took it near his zip. I knew what to do. I unzipped his pants and put my palm inside. His warm dick directly touched my fingers. It was throbbing.

He got up from his chair, unbuckled his pants completely, and pulled down his undies. His fully erect cock sprang up like a mushroom. It was horrible, to say the least. He hadn’t shaved his pubic hair in weeks, and his cock was smelling awful.

I was wondering what next. I didn’t want to do oral, at least with such dick. So I just started moving his foreskin up and down with my hand. He tried to pull me down and make me suck, but I refused. So he didn’t force much as he was happy with my handjob.

Now he lifted my t-shirt completely and pulled off my bra and headcover. I was only in my jeans now. He put his hands inside my jeans near the pubic area, making me jump. “Ouch,” I gasped. He began rubbing my pussy slowly over my thin panty, making my body restless for sex.

His cock was still in my hands. He was kissing and sucking my boobs, licking them like candies making my whole chest wet from saliva. Now he pulled off my jeans and panty too and made me lie on the table in front of us. I felt embarrassed and excited, lying completely nude in front of my ugly college teacher.

He admired my body from top to bottom, shining milky white and wet from his licking. He came on my top and began kissing again from my lips, neck, chest and navel. He planted kisses on my pussy, too, making it ticklish. His dark cock was rubbing my thighs and belly.

He took some saliva in his finger and inserted it into my pussy. I was moving side to side due to the pleasure in his fingering. With my pussy well lubricated, he was ready to mount on me. He spread my legs folded them on my stomach. I thought last time that it was happening in real with my most hated teacher but couldn’t stop it.

He began rubbing his glans tip on my clit and after 3-4 rubbing he began pushing inside. His dick made way inside my slippery wet pussy and stretched its walls. I arched my back as my pussy expanded to take his width and length inside. I moaned as I felt my pussy fully engulfing his dick. His pubic hair was pricking my belly and outer pussy lips.

He took half of it outside and again pushed it. “Oh, ma!” I moaned as he smoothly began fucking me. His body was on top of me, and he held my legs apart and began moving to and fro. His dick was easily going in and out as my pussy had accepted his length now.

His warm dick slid in and out of my flowing pussy. Soon I began feeling my pleasure waves building inside my belly, and I let out a shriek. I had my first orgasm. He began moving forward and backward. I relaxed my legs by putting them down.

He continued making slow strokes and soon his dick began throbbing and he immediately pulled it out and splashed sticky cum on my boobs and navel. He was done and collapsed on me. He again kissed me as his sweaty smelly body was on mine. He lay like that for some time and got up and began cleaning up.

I, too, did the same. He was happy and asked for more. I refused further and warned him for the asking once again.

So guys and girls, did you like my story about steamy sex with my English teacher? Tell me in the comments. Also, tell me any suggestions for improvement in my writing style if you wish. Keep waiting for more exciting stories.

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