Office Partner Shruti Becomes My Sex Partner

It has been quite a long time (actually ages) I have been reading stories on ISS but never thought of submitting a story of my own. This is going to be in a mixed language (English and Hindi) as I prefer using raw desi language while having sex. It increases the intensity while fucking someone!

The heroine of this story is my friend Shruti who works with me in the same organization. To tell you about my office partner Shruti, she is a girl of medium height, with the right assets at the right places. Her vital stats are 30B-28-32. Out of everything, I like her ass very much as once I touched it accidentally! What a feeling that was!

Shruti’s ass was soft like a sponge and I was like in 7th heaven and wanted to squeeze it badly in public. But as we were in the office premises, I could not do much. But surprisingly, Shruti felt it when I touched but did not bother much.

When I asked her she was like, “Tumko kisne kaha ki mujhe bura lage?” and winked. Now that was a clear invitation but I had no idea how to materialize that. Also, I was staying with my dad who was at home most of the time and my colleague Shruti’s home was in another corner of the city.

Moreover, we were good friends and hence, the situation was complicated for me. But as there is a saying, “where there is a will, there is a way” and true to that, I got an opportunity and bang on, we didi it!

Every year there is an annual party organized by our company and that year our sexy office girl Shruti was in charge of the fashion show. Though she was not a participant, she was helping the participants with makeup, dressing arrangements, etc.

Shruti was wearing a one-piece black short dress that day which was showing her curves perfectly. I reached the venue a little late and she came running to me immediately.

Shruti – Dude, you are late by half an hour. Abhi meri show start honewali hain.
Me- It’s ok, chill. Waise bhi main to tujhe dekhne aya hoon. (and winked.)
Shruti – Woh bad me dekh lio, ab chal to mere sath.

The show did not last for more than half an hour and I was getting impatient with the fact that my sexy office partner was standing right beside me in such a hot outfit. By the way, my house was empty at that time as my dad had gone out of station.

Anyway, after the show was over, Shruti was dead tired and it was a good chance for me.

Me – Mere waha chalte h, rest kar late hain and then I will drop you home.
Shruti – Han, not a bad idea. Thoda letna chahti hoon, I am dead today.
Me- Koi ni, I will charge you up. (and winked.)

When we reached home, it was already 8.30 pm. We ordered pizza and cold drinks. Shruti was lying on my couch with her eyes closed. I was sitting beside her.

Me (jokingly) – Shu (I call her ‘Shu’), tujhe nahi lagta tu fail rahi h (putting more weight).
Shruti – chal bhak.

Me – Sahi me.
Shruti – Acha bol kaha se fail rahi hu.

I squeezed her belly and said, “Yaha se.”

Shruti – Awe, gar dungi (laughingly).
Me – To de na (and pulled her closer).

My coworker was now looking into my eyes and I was holding her waist tightly.

Me – Mere godi me aa k baith, dekhu to sahi kitni faili hain tu.

Without saying anything, she sat on my lap. I could feel her sponge-like ass on my tool which was getting into shape.

Shruti – Mmmmm.. (and she pressed her ass on my dick)

I held her tightly with one hand and started pressing her right boob with the other.

Me – Kya mast chuchi h teri, Shu..

Shruti was moving her ass on my dick slowly like a randi and I was licking her neck like a dog.

Shruti – Aaaaahhhh…Kha ja mujhe. Kitna mota h tere lund (and she pressed her ass on my dick which was like a rod now).

Me – Hath me le k dekh.

She then got off my lap and sat beside me. Within no time, the office girl unzipped my jeans and took it out.

Shruti – Omg, kya sahi mal banaya h tune. It looks like a kela (and started giggling).
Me – Tujhe kela pasand hain?

Shruti – Bohut (saying this, she started sucking it like a pro).
Me – Sahi h boss, kisi randi se kam nahi h tu.

Shruti – Hmmm aj se tere liye randi hi hoon main.
Me – Chal rand, kapde utar.
Shruti – Utarti hu, sabar kar thoda.

Saying this, she started taking off her clothes in a teasing manner just like a pro-stripper. God, she was looking hot as hell in her black bra and pantie. And then she took them off too. Now this office chick was looking like a fucking horny whore!

Then Shruti again sat on my lap and put my dick in her pussy hole. I always prefer girls who take the initiative and Shruti was in complete charge tonight. Then, all of a sudden, she pushed her pussy and I was inside her completely. She was not a virgin (I already anticipated it).

Shruti – Aaahhhhhh kya mota hathyar h…Maza aa gya re..

I started pumping her from below.

Shruti – Chod mujhe, ache se chod, bujha de meri 3 sal ki pyaas (I knew she had a bf and they broke up 3 years back).

I started pushing more vigorously and Shruti was kissing me like there is no tomorrow. I was fucking and squeezing her boobs which was making her more horny. She was pinching my nipples and saying, “Aur jor se pel mujhe!”

I was pinching her right boob nipple and squeezing the other boob mercilessly. By now, Shruti had an orgasm and I was about to explode.

Me – Mujhe teri gand marni h, Shu..
Shruti – To mar le na, maine kaha roka hain.
Me – Randi sali, piche mudh (and she obliged).

Her ass was soft and tight because of the 3 years of leave from sex. I took some saliva from my mouth and applied there and inserted two of my fingers inside her asshole.

Shruti – Aaahhhhhh..mar dalega kya..

I did not say anything and kept fucking my colleague’s sexy ass with my fingers. After some time, when I could feel her asshole was ready for my dick, I put it inside with a powerful stroke.

Shruti – Aaahhhhhh….nahiiiiii….Nikal sale!!!

But I did not listen to her and kept fucking her ass. After some time, she felt relaxed and started enjoying it.

That night we had rough anal sex like how you watch in porn movies and I fucked her 4 times that night in all her holes.


Readers, this is the first part and I hope you liked it. Looking forward to your valuable feedback. Any unsatisfied married woman or girl from Kolkata can contact me here.

Thank you.

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