Master And Slave – Lactating Boss To Slave

I want you to feel that it is one of the best stories you have read recently. I’m sure you will have many questions about the new trends in BDSM, kindly email me them. Try your best not to masturbate. Happy reading. Those who think it’s a real story, it is. Those who think it’s fake, it is.

As the heading says,  this story is about my married boss – Nitya, and

About Nitya: She is just 31, did her Master’s in Ontario, and taking over her dad’s business. She is married to her friend’s brother at 28 and had her first baby boy. Her husband works with the Navy.

Nitya was born and brought up in Bangalore. She has an elder sister, settled in Chicago. At the same time, it is Nitya’s childhood dream to take full control of her dad’s business.

Nitya is one of the young entrepreneurs in the city. She’s not just smart but also very sexy. Many have tried their luck. But she was always stubborn and dedicated to her work.

I’m Shiv, currently working with Nitya. A few things that were common between us, where we both are workaholics. We love music and food. The worst part is she was my college senior.

She was a little chubby during college time, around 78 kgs. After 3 long years, I met her. She has reduced 20 kgs. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I never dared to take any step further because we had many common friends.

She was a good friend or sister figure to me. I don’t want to lose that. I was promoted as senior manager where many of my age were still at the analyst level. As previously said, I’m a workaholic.

Nitya has everything one should have in life. Name, fame, money, great parents, caring husband, sweet baby. Above all, she had the freedom of what she wanted to do. Still, she missed something, which I realized very late.

I visited her home more often to submit the reports because I love her mom’s food. It is the best. Often Nitya would mock me, saying, “You always come here just to satisfy your craving and not paying anything in return.”

Okay, let me not bore you. It was Monday morning. I rang the doorbell. She shouted from her room.

“Come in, Shiv. I’m taking a shower. Will be there in 5.”

I knew Nitya’s parents left for Chicago. Their elder daughter has her second baby in a couple of weeks. I went to the kitchen to check what was prepared by my boss. She’s not the lazy one, but handling it alone is hard for her. So I toasted bread for her and myself.

Suddenly I could hear the baby crying. Here it is, as happened:

Shiv: Nitya, I’m entering the room.

Nitya: I’m still taking a shower, so don’t expect you could see something. You’ll be disappointed. (I could hear her laughing)

Shiv: Yes, I will be very disappointed, but it’s fine. It’s not tha. I’m going to see anything new today.

(I cursed myself for blabbering, but yes, it is true. I have seen her boobs a few times and hot thighs.)

Shiv: Sorry, please ignore.

Nitya: (shocked) WHAT!

Shiv: Lower your voice. I’m making baby sleep.

Nitya: Okay, tell me. When and what you saw?

Shiv: First tell me, where your phone is. I need to be sure you aren’t recording it.

Nitya: Stupid, who’ll carry a phone to the bathroom?

Shiv: People have their needs, many used to. Lol

Nitya: Haha, good one. I’m not taking it today as you were coming early. I came to shower early.

Shiv: Oops, so I disturbed it! Lol, I’m sorry.

Nitya: Okay, okay, I knew you are smart. Answer my previous question.

Shiv: It was once when we went to Mumbai for a meeting last October. You were changing dress, thinking I’m sleeping.

Nitya: Stupid, you took advantage.

Shiv: I’m not sure, maybe. Who could resist such a hot one?

Nitya: You know well how to play with words.

Shiv: True because I learned it from my boss.

Nitya: So is it the only time you saw?

Shiv: A couple of more times.

Nitya: Are you a virgin, Shiv?

Shiv: I’m not a virgin.

Nitya: OMG! You are still a virgin! That’s a shame.

Shiv: I am not a virgin.

Nitya: Smartass!

Shiv: I may be, but you have a sexy ass.

Nitya: Did you bang anyone from the office?

Shiv: I don’t like sex at the workplace. It ends nastily. BTW when did you have your last sex, and how often did you masturbate.

Nitya: Sex was a long ago. Often it’s virtual sex now (I could sense sadness) masturbate not often. It is less compared to you.

Shiv: Yes, it’s true. With such a sexy boss who can resist.

Nitya: Enough, these are old tricks.

Shiv: How do you masturbate?

Nitya: you want to know? Or do you want to see it? If you want to see then come tonight when my husband does a video call. BTW, you have a fetish for navel and legs, right.

Shiv: I know, you seduced me. Lol fucking bitch, you always made me horny by showing your navel in crop-top and shorts. Especially since your pregnancy.

Nitya: But it took you long to make any bold move.

Shiv: Because I want my princess to reach her daddy.

Nitya: What!

Shiv: Yes, you heard daddy right.

Nitya: How do you know this?

Shiv: I knew the bathroom is not latched, and you are playing with your clit.

Nitya: (she was in utter shock, and words were breaking) How is it? How do you know all this?

Shiv: I was waiting for this day. If you need an answer, come out in 10 seconds.

Nitya opened the bathroom door. She stepped out. I could see her right foot. I raised my eyes. I can see her legs. Her one hand was covering her pussy. I can see the bushes on the side. The other hand was trying to cover both boobs at the same, which she failed miserably.

She stood there and asked me what do I know about there?

Shiv: I read what you wrote and left on bed intentionally the other day. You were on call with your husband for more than an hour. Initially, I didn’t pay attention to my diary since it was taking a long time. Of curiosity just opened to know about you. That’s when I realized you are a kinky harlot.

Nitya: Swear I didn’t leave it intentionally. That night I was too horny,

Shiv: Okay, I believe you. So have you ever imagined me?

Nitya: Many times, daddy.

Shiv: Wipe your body in front of daddy. I want to see it.

Nitya: Sure. Daddy! Can you undress, or should I help?

Shiv: Harlot, first finish what I told. I’m more into master and slave.

Nitya: Master, this slave is for you, at your service, Master.

Shiv: Come to master on fours.

She came crawling towards me like a dog.

Shiv: Remove my shirt.

Nitya: Yes, master

She unbuttoned my shirt, kissed my chest. Licked my nipple, I made her chin up, slapped her face, and pinched her tits as hard as I could.

“Who permitted you to lick?”

Nitya: The pinching was very hard.

Tears started rolling in her eyes. I could see the milk droplets from the boobs. Wow, it was so warm. I couldn’t stop myself. I started sucking her boobs and slowly biting her tits.

Nitya: Master. It’s such a pleasure. Suck more.

Shiv: Stand straight

Nitya: Yes, master.

I kneeled, lucking and kissing her navel. Her belly button was sexy as 1 rupee coin. I inserted my tongue and tongue fucking her. I asked her to follow me to bed. She stood up. I said to walk on her fours. She followed it.

I made her sit on me in X form. I was kissing her. She is one of the best. After a minute, we started using tongues. Then after 5 minutes of smooch. I pushed her on the bed in the same X position. I was licking from her waist to tits. She was moaning.

I told her, “I don’t like bushy pussy. Just you made my dick hard, and you are my whore. Gifting you this,” saying this, I kissed her pussy lips and licked her pussy for 10 seconds

I made her lie on my thigh. She had such a beautiful ass. She turned around and lay on my lap. While doing so, her stomach could feel my rock-hard dick. She gave a loud moan.

I sucked those water droplets on her back, spread her ass cheeks, inhaled, and blew air on her pussy. It was so tempting for her. She was closing her eyes in real pleasure. Gave hard spank, she screamed. I pulled her hair and choked her hard.

Shiv: You are going to obey my command. If you do it wrong, be ready to bear the punishment.

Nitya: Yes, master

I asked her to kneel, tied her hands back with her bra from the cupboard. I went inside the bathroom brought her panty and bra. The smell of her panty and bra was making me go crazy.

Suddenly I got an idea. I removed my panty rubbed my pre-cum on it. I took it near her face. She inhaled it and was about to lick my panty. I slapped her and told her.

Shiv: Did I permit you to lick?

Nitya: Sorry, master

Shiv: Open your fucking mouth, cheap filthy bitch.

I kept both my balls in her mouth. She was trying to lick it. I pulled it back. I asked her to bend her neck so that her mangalsutra falls on my foot. Nitya did as I told her. I asked her to pick it by her mouth and put it on my dick. She did as I told her. My dick was standing like a pole with her mangalsutra.

I asked her to bow her head. I put the mangalsutra on her head and said, “My dick is your husband. Take blessing from him.” She came forward and kissed my dick. Though she didn’t suck it. I asked, “How many guys have fucked you, and how many dicks have you sucked?”

Nitya: I haven’t sucked any dicks, Master. So far, 3 guys have fucked me except my husband.

Shiv: Who are they?

Nitya: I’m a late bloomer. I lost my virginity at 23 to my classmate during my masters. The second was my husband’s uncle, third was Richard’s dad.

Shiv: Bitch, you gave big things for elders. Richard’s dad must be in his late 80’s.

Nitya: I fucked him with no options left. I was afraid he might get a heart attack during sex. It was a tiny dick. Tiny than my finger. I couldn’t feel a bit.

Shiv: Now, open your mouth.

I inserted my dick in her mouth and fucked ruthlessly. She had a hard time breathing, but I’m sure she loved it. I again pulled halfway. I could see the desperation in her eyes

Shiv: Do you have a dildo or vibrator?

Nitya: No, Master.

Nitya: Master, can I say something with your permission.

Shiv: Go ahead, but I’ll be busy with something else.

Saying I got down and sucking her tits. She closed her eyes and started enjoying it. I moved my hand down to her pussy and pinched. She screamed and jumped in pain. I sat in the same place and pointed my finger to my mouth

She understood immediately. Though it was painful, she controlled. I already tied her hand. She came near to my face and kept her tits in my mouth.

Shiv: I love it. I’m impressed. Now say what you want to say.

Nitya: Until today morning, I was your boss, the respect you had for me is gone. I’m happy to serve you, master. But I request you not to treat me like bitch in front of others. I have my ego, and it surrendered just to you. It’s your duty now to keep it safe.

Shiv: I understand my boss is my slave. It remains between us, and yes, you are always my boss.

Nitya: Master, I need a smooch. Please let me know what I should do about it.

Shiv: I love to insult you, yet your requests never go down. Fine, kiss my ass, and you will get a kiss.

Saying, so I gave a wicked smile. I turned, showing my ass to her. She didn’t like it. Though she kissed with a lot of hesitation, and we both laughed loudly. I made her stand up, hugged her tightly, and kept kissing her.

Nitya: Master, I need your cock in me.

Shiv: Do you think you earned it?

Nitya: I don’t know master, I was starving for a dick. Today I am blessed with my master. So please, master. I beg you

Shiv: You did deserve it.

I asked her favorite position. She said anything Master wishes. I asked her to lay flat on the bed. I started from her toes, kissing every bit of her body. Her knee must be painful as she was kneeling for a long time, but she never told me. It made me love my slave more.

I gave her a proper massage. She was enjoying it. She was feeling relaxed. I could see her pink lips. It was tempting, and I was kissing her. We were sweating, lol, I told her. “After bath again, you became dirty.”

I asked her to turn around and lay down. I inserted my dick in her ass. It was a little tight, but that’s where the real pleasure is. I kept fucking for 15 minutes, and I came inside her.

Nitya: Master, you have satisfied me a lot. I love you, daddy.

Shiv: Please lick my toes and kiss my armpits.

She would never see this coming. A guy having a foot fetish is common but asking a girl to do it was fun. She did it and hugged me tightly.

Time was already noon. Her kid was sleeping peacefully. We had a small nap. I said I have other fantasies and asked

Shiv: Are you ready?

Nitya: Anything for my master. I can’t wait to explore my new boundaries.

Shiv: BTW, should we try **** or ****

Anyone from Bangalore can text me. Those slaves who love to explore can email me. We shall discuss and chat about your dirty desires, fantasies, and kinky side [email protected] You can read my other story here.

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