My Drunk Diploma Sir Fucks Me In Lodge Room

Hi, this is Riya back after many years. To tell you about myself, I am 32 years old. To give you a brief of my beauty. I am 5.6 in height and have a body figure of 38-32-38. I like to wear revealing sarees, tight tops, and jeans, tight leggings, skirts and yoga pants. I like when guys stare at my assets. I love to get grouped in public.

Without wasting any more time, let’s go to the main part. I just remember my past in my dream so I thought to share it with you guys.

I had a crush on my sir in diploma and was in contact with him after completing my diploma. He too had changed the job and had shifted to another state. So I was a bit flirting with him to get his attention.

And one day, he proposed to me and I took time to say yes. The next day, I texted him and said yes and our sex chat started.

Once I told him yes, I required a job and he had got contacts. He asked me to go to Bangalore and shared an address. I asked him to come with me and he agreed. And the fun began that day.

My diploma teacher came by train and I picked up him from the railway station. He was hesitating to touch me. I was wearing a tight salwar and pants.

I welcomed him with a smile and held his hands and took him to my car. To tell you in brief, I was not a virgin during that time as I had 2 ex-boyfriends in the past. He was exploring my body first time because I was just his student before and he never used to see me in such a way.

I started driving the car which was a Tata Nano and was observing him. He was just watching my thighs. I took his hands and kept them on my thigh. I saw his glowing face while touching my thigh. He kept touching my thighs and boobs till we reached near my home.

Then I introduced him to my mom and took him in the scooty to my dad’s office. While coming back, it rained for 5 minutes and we got wet. And my teacher cum boyfriend started riding the scooty. Suddenly, I touched his dick! He was shocked and said, “Let’s do it later, I can’t concentrate on the road.”

We reached home and he took a bath. I served him food and suddenly, he squeezed my boobs in the hall. I was shocked. Then our bus came and we went to the bus stop. We had to travel to Bangalore.

We had seats together which my dad had booked. My sir told me that we could have booked a sleeper bus. I said, “Then you would have made it our honeymoon!”

As the bus started and the lights were off, he started touching my thighs. I had brought a blanket (shawl). I covered both of us and put my hands in his pants and started feeling his dick. He started searching for my pussy lips and he was shocked as he couldn’t find them. I said, “My panty is thin, just slide it down.”

Then my sir slid my panty and started fingering me. During the whole journey, he squeezed my boobs and fingered me.

We reached Bangalore and we went to a lodge in Koramangala to get fresh. We slept till 2 pm.

There was a surprise. He had brought chocolates, and some hot dresses for me as he knew my measurements. My teacher made me wear tight jeans which he had brought. It showed the clear shape of my ass. I also had to wear a tight t-shirt.

Then we went to have food, I was feeling odd but no one cared about my dress in the restaurant.

After having the food, we returned to the lodge. As I was closing the door, my sir hugged me from behind and started rubbing his dick on my ass. I stood still and his hands started groping my boobs. He put his hands on my pussy and lifted me and put me on the lodge bed.

He pulled my pants down and started kissing on my panty. Then he removed my top and kept his dick in between my boobs and started moving it.

I pushed him down and started sucking my sir’s dick. His dick was huge and he started putting it in my pussy. Although I was not a virgin, it was difficult to enter. But I knew this so I had brought oil and we applied oil to make the insertion smoother.

Sir started pounding me hard and that too without a condom. After some time, he cummed outside and on my stomach.

Then my sir started smoking. I was not satisfied. I started sucking his dick when he was smoking. Then we took some rest and got up at 8 pm and took bath.

We wanted to bring some drinks and so sir asked me to wear a skirt and top. It was a black skirt just below the thigh such that if I bend, my panty would be visible. I wore a tube top with a pushup black bra and an orange panty.

I told him it looks odd and I don’t want to wear it but he asked me to come down then decide. I was feeling more uncomfortable wearing such a short skirt and tube top. I had never worn such things in life before and especially, a strapless cup bra.

When I came down from the lodge, I saw it was like nightlife in that area and most girls were wearing hot dresses. There was many girls’ pg around our area. I felt comfortable.

As we started walking my tube top was coming down and I was adjusting it. Sir told, “Let it be it. It won’t come below that level, something should be visible, na.” I said ok.

We went to the wine store and asked for vodka and the guy was watching my boobs and cleavage. Then my sir took me to a local gada shop for buying egg rice. Everyone there was watching me.

While going back to the lodge, I heard someone shouting, “Orange.” I saw my sir’s face he smiled and sir said, “He saw your panty.”

Then we reached the lodge and started to drink. He suddenly pulled my tube top and my nipple was out of the cup bra. He pulled it while drinking. He made me drink the vodka fully and stripped my clothes. Then he made me suck his dick while he was smoking and drinking. I was madly sucking his dick.

Then he made me stand in doggy position and started fucking my pussy before cumming inside my pussy.

I will update you next story soon.

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