If No One, Then Maid

I thought life was perfect with Nisha and Jasmine. But before I knew it, it got fucked up. I hardly met Jasmine since she moved abroad. After my wife caught me with Nisha, that chapter got closed.

Shruti continued getting Shiva home, proving her point. I know that she doesn’t get any joy. It has been a couple of months now that things have settled at home. I managed to threaten Shiva and good for me, he obliged.

It has been so long now that I have touched my wife or any other woman. I was sexually starving until I hatched a plan to get laid. Porn and other online video services had eaten up a lot of my money. But beyond masturbating, it was never fun.

I wanted real meat, a warm mouth to suck my dick, and the only option left for me was our maid. I knew I was setting the lowest of standards for myself. A well-reputed job, superior lifestyle, relationships with beautiful women. Yet, here I am, lusting over our maid.

Pushpa is a typical village lady but with an above-average body. She is a widow and mother of two teenaged boys. Maybe it was an early marriage as her skin hardly gave away her age which I assume to be the early forties.

She usually comes home at 8 AM and finishes by 2 PM. With work from home, I get to interact with her a bit more than usual. I had no plans to get laid with Pushpa, even in my dreams. But then, you got to get your urges calm.

At home, I am usually in my casuals with a loose T and shorts. I don’t have the habit of wearing any undergarments and prefer it to be moving around freely.

One day, while I was working on my laptop cross-legged over the couch, Pushpa was mopping the floor. The idea hit me then to try an innocent act to get her attention. I slowly pulled my shorts up to my upper thighs to reveal the head of my dick.

I didn’t want to get an erection at that point, which somehow I managed. I knew she got a glimpse when she paused near the couch for a fraction of a second before carrying on with work.

I knew I was in the game as I didn’t hear any complaints from my wife. With that confidence, I became bolder in my approach. Whenever I went to the kitchen on the pretext of getting water, I would play with my dick to keep it erect and bulge over my shorts.

This became a routine until one day. While passing through the kitchen, I rubbed my deck over her saree. It was not heavy but not that subtle either. She stood still. I apologized to be the gentleman I was portraying myself to be. It was electrifying.

Since it was just us at home that day, I went back to the kitchen for small talks. She was mostly silent. But with my persistence, she started talking about her family and kids. Conversations went to her marriage and about her abusive husband.

He died, and how happy she is now that she just has to worry about her kids than physical abuse. My intention was selfish and not to be empathetic towards her, so I asked about her sex life. She said nothing, no movement, no emotion, stone-cold.

But I didn’t leave it there. After a lot of push, I felt disgusted as it was with our maid. She said, “What sex life now? Being a widow with grown-up kids?” That was my window.

I kept talking about her body, how good she looked, how much a man would want to be with her, etc. She ended our conversation by saying it is a sin even to think that way. Disappointed to an extent, but I was happy I initiated this conversation.

A couple of weeks passed. I got a similar day when it was just me and Pushpa at home. In between, I did notice a change in her behavior but nothing warranted me to think apart. That day, she told me that I looked handsome, as I had a clean shave.

I didn’t let that conversation pass and told her she was looking sexy. She closed her mouth to hide her blush and walked to the kitchen. I followed. I asked her if I could kiss her hands. Before she said anything, I held her hands. I knew I was going to fuck her and more.

I knew I would make her suck my dick until I cum in her mouth. I wanted to feel alive and play the master once. While holding her hands, I pulled her to my chest, pressed her to the wall, and kissed her lips. I had no idea how good she could kiss.

She took the lead to push her tongue into my mouth and was sucking my tongue after a while. We broke the kiss, made her switch off the gas, and took her to my bedroom. I had no patience. I am not a lover but a man with lust and an undying urge for sex.

I made her get naked and oh my gosh, her boobs. Large melons with big dark areola and heavy hard nipples. Her large tummy with a black thread around her waist and hairy pussy. Fat thighs with anklets and hands with glass bangles, this was different. We kissed again but this time.

I guided her hands to my shorts. I undid the shorts and placed my dick in her hands to touch while we were still kissing. I made her sit on the bed, gently moved her hair behind her ears to see her full face. I brought it closer to my dick.

I didn’t know if she ever gave a blowjob, nor did I care. Hesitantly she opened her mouth knowing what I wanted and took my dick in. I had precum running down already. She did object but sucked until I was climaxing. I wanted to stop, but I didn’t.

Today, I wanted to cum in her mouth. I wanted her to know, every time she took it in, I would cum, and I did. I exploded a lot of cum without warning, and like a good girl, she didn’t stop until I was done. I wanted her to swallow but didn’t insist and let her use the restroom to clean up.

Once back, I kissed her again and made her lay down. I wanted to feel her, suck those boobs, and I did. I occasionally bit her nipples a bit too hard but her responses were encouraging. After a good 30 minutes of kissing and sucking, I was ready for round two.

I laid on the bed and made her suck my dick again. This reminded me of Jasmine. It was just a dark, smelly maid doing it this time. I came again in her mouth and slept there semi-naked. She carried on with her household work.

I was happy that I had found a solution. I got meat to fuck and I promised to myself that next time, I will shower with her and make her climax. That day is just a week away.

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