How I Fucked My Hot Cook

Hello xxx stories readers, this is the story of my real adventure with my house cook. I have been reading XIS stories from the past many months. So let’s get back to the story.

It was college days and I was busy with my studies and assignments and other college stuff. Since my mom was unable to do all the work at home, she decided to hire a cook for us so that the half the burden would go down.

After a few days, we got a cook and she merged well with us. Initially, I didn’t have any sexual attractions towards her but one no one was at my home during those days and I was all alone thinking of what to do.

One day, the cook came to my house and soon, she was busy with her work. That was the day when I clearly looked at her and surprisingly, I got an instant boner.

The name of the cook was Padma. She had a very good height and her figure goes as follows – 36-34-40. Her ass was so huge that I couldn’t stop thinking about her the whole day and whole night.

I started jerking and fantasizing thinking about the female cook’s sexy ass and was able to shoot out a huge load whenever I would think about her. Then slowly, I started talking to her. We got our numbers exchanged and one day, she told me that it had been long since she hadn’t had sex because she was not worthy to her husband.

So slowly I started moving ahead, planning to get laid with the cook. After some night talks and sensual chats, she gave me a positive reply to my chats. So I thought this was my chance and started to flirt with her in the kitchen.

While she was working in the kitchen, I used to touch her hips and ass and she wouldn’t mind me doing that. In fact, she would expose her juicy hips to me.

I understood that she also wanted to get laid with me. So I had it all planned when I had to get laid with her. And the day finally arrived when no one was at my house. I used this as an opportunity and went ahead.

As she was cooking in the kitchen, I went to see what she was cooking. To my surprise, she was wearing a deep neck saree with her melons pumping out of her blouse and I could clearly see that she wasn’t wearing any bra. This got me an instant boner.

Then I went and hugged her from behind. I kissed her on her sweaty neck which she reciprocated with a smile. I understood that she was ready for some erotic fun with her young owner.

After the work was done, we smooched for about 5 minutes. After that, I lifted her up and pushed her against the wall to lick her neck and navel and gave out some slow moans which made my cock rock hard. Since I was in my boxers, the cook noticed that I was hard for her. So, she bent down to give a good blowjob.

She took off my boxers and was shocked to see my huge hard cock. The cook started sucking my cock and I was in heaven. She was taking my hard rod in her mouth and was teasing me by licking the tip of the head of my rod. It was making me go crazy enough and I couldn’t control myself.

I lifted her up and went straight to the bedroom. After placing her on the bed, I ripped off her saree to see those tits beyond the blouse.

After ripping off the saree, the married cook was in her blouse. I then ripped the blouse out and could see those huge mountains which I was aging to see. Once I ripped the blouse out, I couldn’t control myself and went straight to those melons sucking one with mouth and pressing the other one with my other hand.

The cook started wriggling on the bed in an ecstatic way. I was sure that she was enjoying this after a very long time. I kept sucking her big boob and playing with the other at the same time and switching in between.

She started moaning, “Ahhh abhi yes baby yaa..” and this was making me go crazy. I could feel that she was wet inside her panties. I put her on the bed and went straight to her clitoris to tease her. I was teasing her that so much that she was begging me to insert my dick inside her. But I wanted to tease her more.

I was licking the sexy cook’s pussy and she kept moaning and screaming like she was in heaven. Then I was ready to insert my rod into the Indian cook’s wet pussy.

Once I started to push my rod inside, it was a tight hole since she wasn’t fucked for months. So, it was hard for me to insert it at the start. But thanks to her juices that were making my rod slid into her pussy easily, later.

As I started to insert my dick into her pussy, my married house cook was moaning and screaming saying, “Fuck me harder, baby..No one had fucked me since months.. Ahhh ahhh yaaa baby..” and those noises were making me go crazy enough.

Since I worshipped her ass, I turned her back and started to give some strokes in the doggy style. And hell yes, that was so good that I was about to shoot my load. I asked her where does she want to take the load. So she gave me a blowjob and I cummed all over her hot body.

So whenever we used to get a chance to fuck, we would use the opportunity and have a great fuck.

Thank you for reading my story and please let me know your comments on my mail so that it will encourage me to post more stories.

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