Becoming The Old Servant’s Wife

Hi All, how are you? This is Sunita. I hope you all remember me. Sorry, I haven’t posted anything new these days, and I apologize for that. Riya is overwhelmed with your responses. She has requested to write about her sexual adventures with her servant, Kishan kaka.

For the readers who are checking this for the first time, I suggest you read the earlier part. A brief introduction about myself: I am Riya, married to a pilot. I worked as an air hostess, typically from Delhi, settled in Hyderabad.

I am tall, I keep myself in good shape. I have a sleek body and tall legs with a very good pair of boobs, just like ripe mangoes and an ass that can make any guy go crazy.

Life became spicy after my affair began with Kishan kaka. This old servant had very good stamina and was very loyal. Earlier, when my husband used to go to work, I felt lonely. Now I don’t feel anymore. Whenever we were alone, we fucked a lot. I made kaka sleep beside me, on our bed.

I will narrate one good incident that happened between us. As usual, my husband was away for work, and my in-laws were also not at home. It was Saturday evening. I was on my bed with Kaka after a fucking session in the afternoon.

He was naked and sat with my legs on his lap and massaged them.  I sipped my whiskey peg and offered Kaka some. His eyes were completely glued at my legs.

While sipping whiskey and rolling his finger over my legs said, “Bahu, your legs are so soft as silk. Do you know the beauty of legs is much more enhanced with anklets on? Would you mind wearing them? You will look more beautiful with them.”

I smiled and ordered, “Kaka, open the cupboard, and give me the box.” It was my ornaments box. He went to the cupboard. His limp dick was swinging to and fro like a pendulum. He handed over the box to me. I pulled him closer, holding his limp dick, and gave a small kiss on the lips.

He went back to his position and started massaging my legs again. I opened the box, took two anklets. They are not the traditional ones with huge designs. It was a very sleek one, silver color and studded. I threw at him and said, “Go on, Kaka, make them beautiful.”

He had a huge smile on this face. He took my legs. He placed it for the left leg first, then took the right leg, placed it on his chest, took the anklet, and placed it around. While doing that, I played with his limp dick with my left leg.

He took my leg in his hands and kissed on the anklet. Then moved it back and kissed the heel area, and moved fingers over my calf. He then kissed my foot, and behind my foot, it gave me a tickling sensation all over my body.

I said, “Kaka, really, you know very well how to worship a woman’s body. Your lips are magical.” He said, “Yes, Bahu, a man shouldn’t just focus on pussy. Every inch of a woman’s body is meant to be worshipped. For a lady like you, it is a privilege to worship every inch.”

I blushed and played with his dick with my toes, completing my whiskey peg. He bit my toes, and I was like, “Ah, kaka,” and he began sucking them. This was a completely new sensation. Trust me, I felt like Queen Cleopatra, surrounded by slaves.

The whiskey bottle got empty, and I wanted more pegs. I asked Kaka to get the new whiskey bottle and eat from the kitchen. He got down from the bed and walked naked to the kitchen. He was back with a tray filled with chips, ice cubes, a whiskey bottle, and chocolate syrup.

I wondered why he got chocolate syrup. I mixed two glasses dropped two ice cubes in each, and gave him. He gulped the entire peg at once. I said, “Kaka, it’s not water. Slowly, enjoy the buzz.” He laughed and said, “The intoxication is not in whiskey bahu. It’s in your body.”

I laughed out loud and said, “You need not flirt with me, Kaka. I am already impressed by your manhood.” He again sat near my legs. I played pitching his old and loose cheeks with my toes while sipping whiskey.

He kissed my legs, and he came further up. He reached my thighs and kissed them. I kept my glass aside and leaned a bit to give him full access to my body. He reached further up and kissed my pussy. He said, “Bahu, how do you maintain such a beautiful pussy? It’s so soft, no hair so smooth.”

I smiled. He started deeply kissing. He sent his tongue deep inside. It sent a shiver to my spine. I gazed at my breath and cried, “Kaka, you dog, oh, man, you are amazing with your tongue.” I held his partly bald head and pushed deep inside. As there was nobody at home, I was free to shout.

I lifted his head, and he looked at me. With a bit of attitude due to whiskey, I said, “What are you waiting for? Lick it.” He smiled. He took the chocolate syrup to my surprise, he squeezed it over my pussy. He licked deeply, and all I could do was moaning. I rubbed my legs over his back.

He took some more syrup on his fingers and started fingering me. I was in deep pleasure. I could feel the sticky chocolate syrup in the inside walls of my vagina. He then started using his tongue again. He split my legs deep aside, and I felt his tongue touching the walls.

He licked the entire chocolate from my pussy. He sucked me deep and, in a deep state of pleasure, got an ejaculation. He licked that as well. Oh God, he was such an amazing licker. I never thought that this amount of pleasure can be given just by using my tongue.

I just collapsed. Our bedsheet also got the marks of syrup. It reminded me of the ad, ‘The stains are for good.’ I said to Kaka, “You made it with tongue, you old naughty man. You have to wash this bedsheet tomorrow. Now go and clean yourself.” He obliged and came back washing himself completely.

He came and sat beside me. I took one more whiskey. He stopped me and said, “Bahu, you are already drunk, please stop.” I laughed and said, ” If I wasn’t drunk, you would have been out of the house now. Enjoy the moment, Kaka.”

Saying this, I leaned on his shoulders and placed my legs over his. He kissed me on my forehead and pressed my boobs. I played with his hair on his tummy, and in no time, his dick was erect. I held it tightly and said, “Kaka, not again. You are going to destroy my pussy.”

He smiled and said, “Bahu, if you don’t mind, can you please take it in your mouth.” I was like, “Aww, Kaka.” So obediently, I went to his dick. He rested over the pillow, and I sat as if I was in a doggy position. I kissed his dick and slowly took it into my mouth completely.

I placed my tongue over it and sucked it deeply, holding the end with my hand. My silky hair fell over my face and was difficult to suck. I sat on my knees and made my hair like a bun. He was looking at my juggling boobs and my clean armpits. I started again vigorously, and I felt slight juices.

I said, “It’s enough, Kaka, you are leaking. Do the rest yourself.” He then took the chocolate syrup and squeezed on his dick, and said, “Don’t leave me at the doorstep of heaven, Bahu. You will love this.” And pushed his dick into my mouth.

I kept sucking it wildly. Kaka just closed his eyes in pleasure. He cried out, “Bahu, it’s coming out now.” Just before he finished, I felt a sudden flow of his hot semen in my mouth. It dopped out of my lips. The chocolate and his semen have a salty-sweet and bitter taste.

I was just staring in shock. The semen and chocolate dripped from my lips to my boobs. He laughed out loud and said, ” Array babu, drink it, it’s healthy,” sarcastically. I gulped it down and licked the remaining one on my lips.

To his surprise, I took his dick again to my mouth and sucked again, and licked all the remaining juices. He said, “You are a slut, bahu.” With the remaining semen from my lips, I went to the bathroom to clean myself.

Post freshening up, I went to my bed. Kaka was still in bed, sipping whiskey. I went into his blanket. I started browsing my phone and asked him, “Kaka, I know that your wife is dead, but you never spoke anything about her. Was she beautiful?”

He smiled and said, “She was pretty Bahu but cannot be compared with you. You are an angel. She has managed the family very well though she had a lot of bodily hair, she had good stamina for sex.” I giggled and asked, “Now that I satisfy you, do you remember her often?”

He said, “Having a touch of a beautiful woman like you itself is a dream come true for the people like me. I am very lucky to have you. But sex isn’t everything. Wife is wife no matter what.” I felt a bit down and asked him, “Don’t be sad, kaka, we can’t bring her back, tell me what you miss.”

And placed my hand on his chest while resting my boob on his shoulder. He placed his hand over mine, held it, and said, “Bahu, I had a simple dream to take her around the city and spend good time like a couple. I feel so sad when I see couples. I wish I could take her out and feel like a real man.”

I felt very sad listening to this. I didn’t know why this idea flashed in my mind. I said, “Kaka, I can make your wish come true. I will be your wife for a day, I will stay with you, go out with you, do whatever you want just like your wife.” He was amazed.

He, in a shocking tone, said, “Bahu, it’s impossible. How can we even get off the house? What if anyone sees us?” I completely leaned over Kaka touching both of my breasts to his chest, kissed his lips.

I said, “Don’t worry, Kaka, we can go out in the car, park it somewhere. I will wear a saree and cover my face with a ghungat. Who will recognize us in this big city? Then it is your responsibility to take care of your wife.” He nodded his head. We slept naked in each other’s arms.

I woke up in the morning, had a hangover. But my heart was filled with fear but excited as well because having a role play was my fantasy. Kaka wasn’t there beside me when I woke up. I took a simple saree and wore it and wore bangles like a typical north Indian lady.

I came out, and Kaka saw me from the kitchen. He near me and said, “Bahu, I cannot believe my eyes, are you really willing to be my wife for a day.”  I pulled him and said, “Yes, now take your wife outside and fulfill your dream.”

He got ready, I went and kept ten thousand in his pocket and said, keep it for today’s expenses. He rejected, saying, “No bahu, you are my wife today. I will completely take care of you with my own money.” I was impressed. As planned, we got out in the car we parked in a small mall.

I left first unnoticed, and Kaka followed me. We went to Necklace road, holding hand in hand with my ghungat intact. There were many comments from the passerby. Kaka and I enjoyed the attention. Kaka bought me an ice gola which we shared in turns.

I got the typical feel of a low-class housewife. We went to a roadside stall and had a little snack on one plate. It was almost 2:30 in the afternoon, and Kaka said, “Bahu, let’s go back to the mall.” I obliged. I went with him. He got two tickets to a Hindi film.

We went inside hand in hand. The movie started. He didn’t leave my hand. During the movie, his hand reached my boobs. I held his hand tightly and whispered angrily, “Kaka, what are you doing? Can’t you wait till we reach home?”

He whispered, “Bahu, it feels great to do romance in public, don’t worry, just be calm.” I left his hand, and he began to press my boobs. As the romantic scenes and songs happened, his grip over my boobs increased. He pressed very firmly. Post the movie, we came back to our home. It was already late.

I was about to get into the house. Kaka said, “Bahu, you said you would be my wife for the whole day.” I said, “Anyways, nobody is at home, you can come to my bedroom.” He replied, “Bahu, you forgot, you are my wife today. You must be with me in my room.”

I felt it would be a good experience and nodded my head. I went to his room. He was completely delighted. To be frank, it was a very small room, it had a small bed, hardly enough for one. It was quite dirty and completely filled with Kaka’s stuff.

I sat on his bed. He sat beside me. He gave a quite romantic look. He came near and planted a kiss on my lips. I reciprocated by opening my mouth. It was a very passionate one that lasted quite long. Post the kiss, he stood up and took out a bottle of liquor and poured it into a steel glass, and gave it to me.

I smelt it and rejected it, saying it’s cheap liquor and I am not accustomed to drinking such. He said, “Don’t forget the promise, Bahu,” and made me drink it very fast. The cheap one hit my head, and it was an instant buzz. He made me drink another one immediately. I lost my control.

He pulled my sari, and I opened the blouse and bra myself. He said, “My wife is in a good mood.” I gasped at his dick and said, “Yes, your slut wife is horny, her pussy is dripping wet, drill it with your old dick, dear husband.” He got excited, took off all his clothes.

He laid me backward nude. He slept over me such that his dick was over my ass crack. He held my neck and kissed wildly. He somehow managed to push his dick inside. After few strokes, he asked, “Say bitch, how’s the old husband.” I was crying in pleasure, shouted, “Better than my real husband.”

He got crazy listening to this. He slapped hard on my ass cheeks, I shouted out in pain. He gave me wild shots, “Say I love you, say I love you.” While moaning in pleasure, I said, “I love you, kaka…love you.” He slapped again on my back very hard, “Not kaka, I am your husband, you bitch.”

I cried, “Sorry, sorry, I love you, Kishan.” And finally, he cummed. He collapsed over me. I kissed his cheek and said, “Old, but you are a real man.” Unknowingly we fell asleep. My sleep broke, I found that Kaka was still over me. I somehow got out of bed.

It was early in the morning, and it was fucking hot. I was drenched in sweat and was suffocating. I ran back naked, leaving my clothes in Kaka’s room, and slept in my comfortable bed.

When I woke up, Kaka was cleaning my room. I said, “Good morning, kaka.” He replied, “Good morning bahu, shall I prepare coffee?” I was impressed by his loyalty and obedience.

This was my episode of becoming Kaka’s wife. I hope you liked it. I would like to thank Sunita a lot for taking the pain of writing my story.

Thank you, readers. Please send your feedback to [email protected] Let me know if you are missing my episodes with my father law. Our affair is still on.

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