Two Girls In An Office Party

My name is Usha (name changed). I work for a company in Bangalore. This story is about my erotic lesbian experience with my colleague. This happened a few years back when we had an offsite office party at Goa for 3 days.

Two employees occupied every room. We could not exchange the room. I was irritated as I wanted to stay with someone whom I know already. As this is the whole company party we don’t know everyone. However, I could not break the rules. Hence I went with the room I got.

As soon as I knocked on the door, she opened the door and welcomed me with a warm smile. I know her but have not interacted much with her before. Her name was Monika. So we were chit-chatting for some time. I got refreshed myself with a bath. I came to know she had recently joined here from a small firm.

Coming to the main part here, We had a drinks party in the evening. She did not have much company in the office as she is a new joinee. Hence she came along with me. We both had enough drinks and we dancing very crazily on the dance floor.

Guys were trying to dance with us and we danced together for some time. We again joined together and dancing. After the party, we came to our room. She was wearing a party dress in red color. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. My assets were 36D-30-34. She had 34 C 28 36. Sexy round ass.

I was tired and lying on the bed with my legs wide open. She whispered, “You have a sexy body.” I was struck. I stopped her and asked what you mean. Then she was afraid and said nothing leave it. I said, “No, tell me.” Again she told with a low voice, “You have sexy body with great boobs.”

I don’t know what happened to me, immediately I hugged her very tightly. I crushed her boobs and we kissed passionately for some time. All the alcohol inside us was triggering us very well. Her lips were so tempting me to and I sucked her lower lips.

While kissing her so nicely, my hands went behind. I was rubbing her ass by pulling her skirt above. My god, she was not wearing anything inside! Then we sat on the chair and again kissed so nicely. I started kissing her on her cheeks and ears. She started to moan a little which was even sexier.

I kissed all over her neck. She became so horny and removed my t-shirt and thrown it on the bed. My red bra was shining on the dim light. She pulled me and we both quickly to bed. She came on top of me and started sucking my boobs so nicely.

I was playing with her tits. She had round and stiff boobs, which I loved so much. Her tits were dark brown, which was so nice on her white boobs. She asked me to lift my legs to pull my shorts down. She pulled my panty together. I told her to let’s do 69 position.

We came in that position, she is on top. I got her sexy shaved pussy without any black marks. I assumed she was a virgin. It was not true which I got to know later. I held her ass with my hands and started licking her pussy badly. She was doing the same to me.

She had great sucking skills. I wrapped my clit with her tongue and sucked so good. I started dripping and she was licking all the juices coming out from my pussy. I also had shaved my pussy before coming to the offsite. She licked my navel as well.

While licking her dripping pussy which is pink in color, I slowly inserted my finger in her pussy. He gave a loud moan. Slowly I pushed my finger in and out. She was enjoying it with loud moans which filled the AC room.

We changed the position now. I went down her pussy by making her lie on the bed. I spread her sexy polished legs wide open and again started licking her pussy. My fingers were exploring everything inside her pussy. She was very horny and moaning loudly by pressing her boobs and tits very hard.

I started adding fingers inside her pussy one by one while licking and sucking her clit. Every-time I whispered, “Adding one more.” That was so erotic for her. I fucked her with my fingers very hard. Then I asked her to do it for me. She said sure baby, and went down to my pussy and started eating it.

She started licking from the bottom of my pussy to the clit and started licking here. Her fingers were so sexy. She started with one finger and inserted 2 more and fucked me very hard with it. It was like a thick dick getting inside me. I enjoyed her fuck session fully.

I pulled her down on the bed, parted her sexy legs, and started doing scissors. We rubbed our pussy to each other. We were in some other world with full moans and horny feelings. Her pussy was so smooth to rub and it rubbed my clit which gave me moans.

She pulled my boobs and tried pulling me towards her. I fall upon her and we were smooching again full body rubbing each other. I loved the stiff boobs she had and sucked it well. She was moaning. She was sucking my tits just like a baby drinking milk and softly she was rubbing on my pussy.

I started licking her pussy again. I rubbed her clit so hard and she cummed hard in some time with a loud moan. I drank all her juices flowing from her pussy. She came on me and started licking my whole body. She went down to suck my pussy. I cummed in her mouth again and she drank juices.

It was so erotic experience for us. Interestingly for both of us, that was the first lesbian experience. We loved our body and slept without wearing anything.

Girls, this is my first story here. I hope you enjoyed our experience. If you wish to connect with me please ping me in Hangout on [email protected]

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