Unexpected Fuck With A Beggar In A Bus

Hi, this is Hashita again. We have moved to a new city after having some erotic sex with our old servant, Raj.

I went to my friend’s function and was returning home. I was at the bus station where all the sleeper buses were full and the seater buses too. Only left were public buses. I had to make it home as early as possible as my husband is unwell.

So I bought a general ticket and went on to the last seat. It was late 2 am. The bus wasn’t fully occupied. Less than half the seats were occupied. The conductor was fighting with the local beggars. They wanted a seat but didn’t have money. Somehow the beggars came in and sat on the floor of the bus.

The bus had old ladies and some middle-aged men. So I was the only young woman out there. The beggars were drunk. The bus started to move, and the beggars were sleeping all over the bus.

One beggar was fat and smelt like rotten cheese. He was sleeping near my leg. I couldn’t sleep. I was wearing a miniskirt and a t-shirt. The beggar could well see my inners. The old ladies got off at a stop, and later the men too. The bus was left with me, the conductor who is asleep, and the beggars.

Then I slid into sleep as I was tired. And suddenly, I felt someone rubbing my feet. I opened my eyes to see the beggar who was lying under me was rubbing my feet. I didn’t want to make a move as there was nobody other than these beggars.

I was scared that they would hurt me. So I let the beggar do what he wanted. I again went to sleep. This time I felt his hands on my legs towards my knees. He was rubbing my legs. His hands were rough and very dark over my fair legs. I didn’t mind and went to sleep.

The beggar kept his hands on my inner thighs. He was rubbing my inner thighs and pushed my skirt a little back. I was getting nervous about what would happen, but the slut raj has put into me wanted something else. Some fun maybe in this lonely bus with a stranger who is a beggar. So I let him continue.

His rough hands were coming close to my panty. I was getting wet. I was enjoying the pleasure the beggar is giving me. I wondered what his reaction would be if he touched my wet panty, knowing that he’s turning me on. My heartbeat was rising rapidly.

At last, he touched my wet panty and was checking whether it’s wet or not. I opened my eyes to check his reaction, and coincidentally, he too opened his eyes. Our eyes met, and for some time, we just glared at each other.

Then the beggar made the brave move. He pulled my panty out and started to sniff my wet panty. I was getting aroused. He licked my panty, and surprisingly he threw it out of the window as it was dry after he licked it. I was shocked. But the cool air touching my naked wet pussy made me forget what the beggar did.

He came and touched my pussy. I leaned back. He fingered my pussy and slowly pulled his fingers out, and went to my thighs, and he tried grabbing my bums from the front. But my skirt was disturbing him. So he pulled out my skirt, and he threw that too outside.

I was angry and asked him, “Why did you do that now? How can I go out half-naked? ”

He had a wicked smile. I just peeped out of the window to see my skirt. It was lying somewhere out. While peeping out, I raised my bum a little, and the beggar grabbed my bum and squeezed it. I left a low moan. And he parted in between my ass crack and was rubbing my anal hole.

My whole body was vibrating. Luckily I had a pair of skirts in my bag. But I was semi-naked in a public bus full of beggars, which was turning me on. Then the bus stopped. I got scared as someone might see me half naked. So I took my bag, kept it on the lap, and tried to cover my thighs.

The conductor got down and asked all the beggars to come out. This beggar who was arousing me hid under the seat and told me to cover him. I covered him with my feet. The conductor came in to check and was came towards me. It was very dark, so that he couldn’t find me in a half-naked condition.

He told me that the bus would reach the city by 2 pm the next day. I was a little unhappy. I wanted to be with my ill husband, whereas I was quite happy to have some private fun with the beggar.

The conductor got down and said, “This bus wouldn’t stop anymore, so have a good sleep.” Then the bus started, and I kept the bag aside. I saw that the beggar was drinking my wet juices, which were dripping out of my wet pussy. He came up, and he was semi-naked too – just a torn lungi.

He came over to me and pressed my boobs over my t-shirt. And he pulled my t-shirt and threw that out too!. He said, “Don’t worry, you have a pair of dresses in your bag, and the bus is empty.” He then ripped my bra and threw it out as well.

I was completely naked in front of an unknown stranger in a cold, dark empty bus. I was getting turned on. I then pushed him on the seat and went on his knees. To make it more erotic, I lifted his lungi and went through it to his cock. I was inside his lungi.

It was damn dirty and smelling. But I had the experience of being fucked by a beggar. So nothing new to me. I held his dick and had a long sniff. This was the smell I described earlier, a rotten cheese. It was full of hairs that were poking me all over my face.

I lifted his cock and licked his balls. I kept licking it, and the beggar pushed my head deep into his crotch area. I then came out of his lungi and took some breath. Then I removed his lungi, and I did the same thing threw the lungi out of the window.

I said, “I have got a branded lungi which I had brought for my husband. You shall have it.” We both were naked. Then I spread his thighs to unleash the monster. It was very thick and long. I kissed the dick’s head and started sucking his dirty and unwashed dick. I was a pro, so he enjoyed everything.

After five minutes, he signaled of cumming. I kept his dick deep, and he released in no time. It was very salty compared to the cum of the beggar I drank in my old city. I somehow drank it, but my throat was feeling dry and suffocating. I signaled him of water.

He searched in my bag but found nothing. I was choking heavily, but the beggar had other plans. He got up and was searching for something around the bus. And then he found an empty and crushed bottle. I didn’t know what he was up to. He came and sat on my seat, and I was on the floor of the bus.

I asked him what he was doing. He then kept his dick head into the bottle and started to piss. I smiled wickedly at him. As I have drunk beggar’s piss many times, so I didn’t bother. He filled the entire one-liter bottle. And then he caught my chin and started to pour his waste into my mouth.

It was very dirty smelling and very bad in taste. But I drank it happily. I emptied half the bottle. An unknown beggar was feeding a naked me his dirty urine in a running bus. What an atmosphere.

He then closed the bottle and kept it aside and pulled me up, and started to kiss me. I hugged him tightly, and we kissed for some time. Then he pushed me on the bus floor. He put his filthy old underwear in my mouth so that I don’t make any noise.

My pussy was wet. So he didn’t have much trouble entering in. He fucked me for more than an hour and released his sperm in my womb. I was really tired and thirsty. I took the bottle of the beggar’s piss and drank it. I was like a slut drinking a beggar’s piss like water.

I emptied the bottle but was still very thirsty. The beggar had other plans. It was time for another man to enter. It was undoubtedly the driver. I was heavily resisting. He said, “Keep calm. You will enjoy it,” I said, okay.

He went up to the driver. The driver was shocked to see the beggar naked and stopped the bus. I hid behind a seat. He started to scold the beggar. But then the beggar told him about our sex and offered him a ride if he cooperated. I saw his eyes. He was very eager and said yes. So then the beggar told me to come out.

I don’t know why but I was feeling a little shy. I came out naked in front of two strangers. The bus driver was shocked. Then the beggar told him to park the bus near some woods. While he was driving the bus to some nearby woods, the beggar told me to suck the driver’s dick.

I felt thrilled. I went under the driver’s seat, and he was shocked. I slowly opened his pants’ zip, took his dick out, and started to play with it. I sucked it and made him cum in no time. I drank it. Soon he parked the bus in some lonely lane. And he came out, and then I told the beggar I was thirsty.

He whispered in my ears. I was happy listening to that. I pulled the driver to the middle of the road. And knelt before him and pulled his pants and underwear down. And held the bottle into his dick and asked him to piss. He was very shocked. He then filled the bottle fully.

I took it out of his dick, and he was dripping, so I sucked his piss dripping dick. His piss was a little sweet. I then put the bottle in my mouth and drank his piss. I emptied the bottle. The bus driver was very pleased, and then he got naked and pulled me inside the bus.

The beggar was searching for something near the driver’s seat and took a bottle of engine oil. He came and told me to be on all fours. I did. He then poured some engine oil into my anus and lubricated it. And then he lay down on the floor and told me to sit with my ass on his dick.

Although he has put some oil, it was very tough to enter in my ass. Somehow I made it in, and then the driver pushed his dick inside my pussy. They were fucking my both holes. I was moaning heavily.

I was kissing the bus driver and the beggar was fondling my boobs from the back. They fucked me mercilessly for more than an hour. Then they released their sperm in their respective holes, and I, too, had an orgasm.  We were tired.

I had to piss urgently while I was leaving the bus. The beggar held my hand and made me wait. It was very weird begging a beggar to let me piss. I was begging him heavily, and he was laughing seeing my situation. Then he made a deal that I have to piss like a dog.

I was quite thrilled, but I couldn’t hold any longer. So I agreed. So the bus has belts above the seats for people to hold it while standing. He pulled it out very hard in one blow and tied it around my neck, making me a dog. Then I was on all fours.

The beggar was holding the belt, and the bus driver was spanking my ass from behind. We got deep into the woods. The beggar was teasing me to hold my piss. He stopped at a neem tree and told me to sniff the area as a dog does before pissing. I felt like a dog.

Then I lifted my right leg in the air like a dog does and let my urine out. It was being humiliated, but at the same time, I was enjoying it. But what was unexpected was, the driver was recording me pissing like a dog. It felt quite good.

Then he told me to sniff my piss on the tree and also lick it. I did. I felt like a dog. Both the beggar and driver were laughing. Then we had sex there in the woods. Till 5 am, we had all filthy sex. They made me shit and cover it with sand, as a dog digs a hole, shits in it, and covers it with sand again.

The same way I dig a hole and shit in it. I was sitting in front of two strangers. The view of a woman from the back when she is shitting would turn any man on. They recorded that act too. We had another session of sex. Then they both were on all fours, and I was confused.

Then the beggar said to lick their anus. I initially said no, but I wanted to give it a try. I went and sniffed the beggar’s anus. It felt like he was loaded with shit. I took my tongue out and licked his dirty shit-filled ass. He told me to tongue fuck his hole.

I inserted my tongue into his anus. Undoubtedly his hole was filled with shit. I could touch it with my tongue. I tongue fucked him meanwhile the driver was curious and pulled my hand and pointed it inside his hole. I was finger fucking his asshole while tongue fucking the beggar’s hole. Then I switched positions.

I was finger fucking the beggar’s anus while tongue fucking the driver’s anus. He, too, had some shit inside. Then the beggar got up, went behind me, and fucked my ass. The driver suddenly farted on my face while I was tongue fucking him.

It was very disgusting, but I continued. The beggar released his sperm in my anus, and I was done with the driver’s ass too. We started towards our bus. When he entered the bus driver wore his dress and started the bus.

But the beggar said something which I didn’t expect. He said, “I will marry you here and make you my wife and take you to my village.” I immediately said no. But he said, ” At least let me tie a knot around you and let us be like husband and wife till you reach your city.”

He kept an innocent face. I accepted as it was of no harm. He then removed the rope around his waist. Southern people have a rope tied around their waist for a traditional reason. He rubbed it around his dick and put it around my neck, and the driver was recording our marriage.

The beggar tied three knots. Here I’m, the wife of another man, a filthy and unknown beggar. I fell on his feet and took his blessings. He pulled me up and hugged me tightly. I was thirsty again. But we left the bottle way behind. So the bus stopped at someplace as the driver didn’t want to mess inside the bus.

The beggar pulled me out. And kept his dick inside my mouth and started to piss. This time I felt it heavenly. He then finished his piss, and I licked his dick clean. Seeing this, the driver had an erection. So both of them fucked a newly married woman.

Then we came in, and we got dressed. I gave him a lungi which I was supposed to give to my husband. But the beggar is my second husband. So I happily gave it to him. And I wore my dress, and we slept till the morning. Meanwhile, I gave the driver and my new husband a blowjob to keep them active.

We were reaching our destination. Then the beggar told the driver to stop at a garbage bin. He got down and took an empty bottle from it. He told me to get it filled with the driver’s piss till half and drink the rest.

I went under the driver’s seat and pulled his underwear down, and requested him to piss. He did and filled half the bottle, and the remaining I drank directly from his dick and sucked him clean.

Then I took the bottle under the beggar’s dick. He started to piss but could fill only the remaining half. He told me to give him a blowjob until he cums. I sucked his dick very quick. And he pulled it out of my mouth and emptied his sperms into the bottle of urine. He closed the lid and gave it a nice shake.

It was a combo of their piss and sperm. Then he held my jaw and poured little of that liquid, and told me that this was the sovereign of their relationship. He told me to keep it until he meets her the next time. And drink it whenever I remembered him.

Then I gave my number and address to both the driver and my newlywed beggar and took theirs as well. And the bus station arrived. I gave them a hug and kiss, got off the bus, and headed straight to my home.

I had a good bath and hid the bottle in a secret place. After my husband went on a business tour, I called the beggar and the driver home. We had some nice fun.

So this is my story of being a horny bitch. I hope you liked it.

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