Fucking My Best Friend In Lockdown – Part 5

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Hi, guys. Sameer here with another part of the story about foursome sex. If you guys haven’t read the previous part, please do so.

Suresh uncle and I both fucked Zoya that night. After that, her daily routine was having sex with Suresh uncle in the morning and at night with me. During the weekend, we had sensual threesome sex with slutty Zoya. Also, sometimes double penetration.

Due to continuous fucking, her stats also changed a bit. Her boobs are now 34dd and so soft. Also feels like her ass becomes more bouncy now. As she worked out at home, her belly gets a little flat also, but she is still just a horny best friend.

A few weeks went by like this. One day, when she returned from Suresh uncle’s apartment, she was seen by a security guard. He didn’t speak anything, but he knew that she has been fucked by her red face and hair. She didn’t think of this much. But the guard had other plans to see the truth.

To find out the truth, the guard thought to visit Suresh uncle in the morning before he finished sex with her. For a few days, he observed Zoya when she was going in and coming out.

One day in between their session, he tried to hear the moans through the front door to confirm his suspicion. He heard light moans as most of the apartment is soundproof. He confirms that they are having sex.

He also knew Suresh uncle has a wife, and he is cheating. Rather than informing the management, he wants to have Zoya. He was jealous of Suresh uncle. So he decided to blackmail her.

The next day he waited for Zoya to get on the elevator so he can blackmail her. After the session with Suresh uncle was over, he was in the elevator. Suresh uncle’s floor is above us. She entered the elevator, and the plan began.

He asked Zoya if she was coming out of Suresh uncle’s apartment. She nodded with a yes. He told her that he knew what she was doing with Suresh uncle. She was shocked and asked what does he mean. He told her that she knows what he meant. That’s when she reached her floor and left the elevator.

She was worried about if he told this to management. Zoya came to me and told me about this. I told her to stay calm, and I will sort things out. After that, I called Suresh uncle and told him about this. He said, “Let’s call him and sort this out.”

So we call the guard to come to my apartment. He asked me why I called him. His name was Ramesh. He was of age 34, maybe with a dark skin tone. He has a quite big belly with a height of 5 or 5.2 inches.

I called him inside. I asked him what has happened with Zoya. At first, he didn’t want to tell me, but after some time, he did. He told me about how Suresh uncle is having sex with her. I asked him, “Then why did you blackmail her in the elevator?”

He then openly told me everything about how his life is now. Also, he can’t go to his village because of the lockdown. He just wants a blowjob from her. That explains his desire. I won’t deny who wouldn’t want to have Zoya now. Her boobs are juicy like her ass.

Everyone who is sex-deprived would want her. I felt a little bad for him. I called Suresh uncle and told him all about this. I told him not to say anything about this, and we will talk in the evening. He agreed and left. After that, I called Zoya and asked her to come.

I told her all about this. She also said that if I and Suresh uncle can have her, then a 3rd person can have her. If that solves the issue. In the evening, Ramesh came. He was surprised to see Suresh uncle and Zoya also.

I told him that he will get his blowjob. But he has to keep all this a secret. He agreed happily. Zoya was wearing a tank top and jeans skirt. I asked Ramesh how he wants to see Zoya. He replied naked. I asked Zoya to wear a towel and come. She went inside my room and came out only wearing a towel.

In the towel, her cleavage was visible and from behind half of her ass cheeks. Ramesh was sitting on a single sofa. Suresh uncle and I were sitting on the long one. Zoya came near Ramesh and kneeled. She started to unzip his trousers by removing the belt.

Ramesh’s eyes were popping out, seeing all this, and he has a huge hard-on. Zoya removed the pants. His bulge was visible in the underwear. Zoya started to rub it with her mouth with the bulge in the underwear. After that, she removed the underwear, and there was a 7.5-inch dick with a thick girth.

Zoya smiled and started to play with the top of the penis. Ramesh was moaning by that. She was moving her tongue round and round in the top area. She swallowed the whole penis suddenly. Ramesh unleased a huge moan. Now she was sucking his dick completely.

Suresh uncle and I can see how she is also enjoying it. Zoya opened the towel and placed the dick in the middle of her big boobs. She was giving him a boob job and sucking it also. Zoya released he was about to cum. So like a slut, she asked him where he wants to cum. Ramesh replied with the boobs.

Soon he cum, and all the semen was on Zoya’s boobs. She cleaned his penis, and he complimented her, saying she is the best girl who has given him such a blowjob. Zoya was still hungry as she was taking the cum from her boobs and eating it.

I thought of an idea. The idea was to fuck her on the rooftop of the complex. I shared my idea with Suresh uncle. He agreed with me also, but he also wants Ramesh with us to bang her.

I called Zoya over and told her about this. She was worried if someone can see her. Ramesh heard our conversation and told us not to worry about it. He will have everything ready on the complex rooftop.

We all decided that she will be fucked at 1 o clock and Ramesh will come to get us so that no one can see us. We all agreed, and Ramesh left. Zoya was still horny, but I want her to stay this way.

As she was my slut I told her not to do anything till its time. She obeyed like a real submissive. After having dinner, I and Suresh uncle decided that she will be only in the towel. We both got a kick from it. We were scared but excited also.

It was around 12.30 midnight Ramesh came. He told me that everything is ready. I asked him what he did. He said he stopped functions of the elevators making only one work, but without him, it won’t. Also, he placed two bedsheets on the roof floor, so we don’t have to get dirty.

Zoya came, and we told her to put the towel. She got scared, but I made her anyways. Ramesh got to check if anyone’s outside. He checked and called us to come. We all got inside the lift, and I pulled the towel from Zoya. She was naked now.

Ramesh started to play with her tits. He was squeezing them with one hand while placing his other hand in the pussy. She was dripping till we reach the top floor, which is the 16th. The rooftop was mostly pipes of all the tanks and all.

As Ramesh was a security guard, he knew a place where it was not so many pipes. We all went there. There were bedsheets placed by him. I placed the towel also. Ramesh placed Zoya there and started to play with her.

I and Suresh uncle was having some cigarettes. Also, as our new man in the sex group, we want Ramesh to have her 1st. Ramesh was biting her areola very much. She was also moaning.

A sex-hungry man is like an animal. He started to have her vagina also. He fingered her 1st then started to suck it. Zoya’s moans increased. He started to give a little bite which is making her go crazy.

She started to beg to make her cum which Ramesh ignored and making her break down completely. He got naked and placed his cock on her mouth, and started to mouth fuck. As she was lying, she can’t do anything but gag.

After doing all this, Ramesh placed her in a doggy position and started to fuck her from behind. As he has more girth in his penis, it was crushing her side walls also. Slowly but steadily, he increased the pace and fucked her very much.

She was moaning loudly. Seeing all that, I and Suresh uncle got very hard. Suresh uncle changed position with Ramesh and started to have her on anal. She reached her 1st climax, but Suresh uncle continued to fuck her in the asshole.

Meanwhile, I put my penis into her mouth and started to fuck her. As Zoya was in a doggy position, Ramesh tried to suck her boobs and biting her nipples. All this is making her crazy. We all can see she was quite tired, but we want her to bear more.

I laid on the floor made her sit on my penis. Suresh uncle started to fuck her mouth with Ramesh slapping her ass and biting her ears. We continue this for 10-15 minutes. Then I told Ramesh to put his cock inside her asshole.

At first, it didn’t get inside fully. Ramesh got angry and slapped her ass very hard. She moaned in pain, but she moaned little as Suresh uncle was mouth fucking her. He tried again to put it in with a deep thrust. This time it went inside.

With a slow but steady motion, we both fucked her like this. Like this, she hits her 2nd climax. But we three men are still not satisfied. I changed my position with Ramesh. Suresh uncle changed with me.

Now Ramesh was mouth fucking her while I and Suresh uncle was drilling her. This continued till it was 3 am. We all unloaded a huge load on her tits face mouth. She barely cleaned our penis and was lying on the floor.

Ramesh thanked us for this and told us that this is the best sex he has got. We told him if he wants her like this, he has to keep all this secret which he agreed. I picked Zoya up in my arms and took her to my room, where she slept like a baby.

I hope you guys love this part about our hot foursome gangbang on the terrace. I know it’s a little long, but I hope you guys read it. Please provide your feedback on the [email protected] I will be waiting to hear from you guys.

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