Husband Gifts Me His Friend’s BBC On A Trip!

Hey there, thanks for clicking my story to read. This is about one of my best sex experiences I ever had. I hope you will enjoy too!

My name is Ramya (name changed). I am married and I am very happy with my partner in marriage. My husband takes care of me very well even though we use to have a few fights as usual.

I look very sexy and that’s what many girls have said to me. When I go out, guys stare at my boobs and ass. My husband gets possessive but sometimes, he too enjoys having a beautiful wife.

A few years after marriage, our intercourses were getting boring. We started missing that ‘kink’ in our sex. However, my husband spiced up things by telling stories in my ears while fucking me.

He would bring all his imagination and ask me how many dicks I want. And then he tells me that he is taking me to the pub and guys start teasing me. He also tells me how I get fucked by others too! Sometimes, he adds girls into our kinky sex-time stories for his satisfaction and I tell the story for him.

It increased my excitement and I felt so good while he does it. One day, he asked me, “What if this is all real? Do you want to try?”

He asked this right after our sex and while we were cuddling and lying on the bed.

“Depends on the person,” I said.

“How do you want it to be? Just describe,” he asked.

I started explaining it in detail. He was just listening to me. Thinking of all that, we fucked once again.

Before you get bored, let me get straight into the story.

One Friday, my husband said that we will go for a short trip over the weekend along with his friend as he had the car at that time. I said okay as I hadn’t traveled since a very long time.

So, the trip started. We were going in the car. We were headed toward a nice hill station with so much rain and an awesome climate. My husband’s friend’s name was Rahul. Rahul was a nice guy. He was fair and tall. But he didn’t have a very much well-built body.

I liked his behavior as he always speaks very nicely and calmly. My husband’s friend was a composed guy and funny too.

While driving he said that he was tired and requested my hubby to drive. My hubby asked him to sit in the backseat along with me. I was shocked.

My hubby then gave a naughty smile to me. I understood there was something wrong but I didn’t react too much.

My husband’s friend came and sat next to my seat. I smiled and welcomed him just for the sake.

I realized Rahul was already up to something as I saw his dick was fully erected! He was wearing just shorts. Hence I couldn’t see and judge how big it was.

So we started talking and it went through professional and then personal topics and about his family, work, etc.

Suddenly, my husband’s friend asked, “How is your marriage life going?” and he added, “It must be awesome for your hubby as you are his wife.”

My hubby was hearing all this.

I asked, “What do you mean by me being his wife? How can you say he must be happy?”

Then he said, “You are such a beautiful girl and any guy would be happy to have you and fuck you all day. Isn’t it true?”

I was shocked by his boldness but I just nodded to him and I said, “Mine is good too.”

Then I asked him, “How about you?” You are not married, so are you full-on hand?” and smiled naughtily.

He was surprised and said, “Yeah, it is very difficult to get a beautiful girl like you.”

I said to my hubby, “Look what Rahul is saying, I think wants to try me!”

“We will see that at the hotel,” my husband said.

I was like, what are you planning my naughty boy!

With all these talks, my husband’s friend’s dick was even harder under his shorts. I could see the bulge and I was tempted to touch it. So I put my hand-purse near his legs and tried to get it. While doing so, I was rubbed his dick over the shorts!

Rahul was clearly enjoying it and his boner started bulging more! I was able to guess that it was definitely a good dick to have. My curiosity got increased. I got hold of his dick and started pressing. He gave a small moan.

My husband acted as if he didn’t see anything and focused on his driving. Rahul placed his hand on my hair and was running his fingers inside my hair.

Suddenly, I pulled his shorts down and what I saw was unimaginable! It was a huge dick just like that you see in porn of black guys. I never saw such dick in real life even though I have had sex before marriage with other guys too.

I started sucking it and give a handjob to him. My husband’s friend was very happy. I started sucking my husband’s friend’s dick like a bitch. But I couldn’t get his dick full in my mouth as it was very long and very thick.

Any girl would be very happy to get laid with such a monster. Rahul started rubbing my boobs over my dress. By then, my hubby said, “Guys, we are about to reach the hotel.”

We came back to normal.

At the hotel, we checked in, and here is the interesting part. I got to know that my hubby had booked only 1 room with an additional bed. I asked him why and he was laughing.

We went inside the room and Rahul said, “Ramya, I can’t wait anymore” and he pulled me to him.

“Your hubby has given me time only for today night.”

Then I understood the whole plan of my hubby.

Meanwhile, my husband’s friend lifted me in his arms and walked towards the bed and rolled me on the bed. My short skirt went above my hips and my violet panty was all out.

Rahul jumped on me, spread my legs wide, and started licking my toes and my shaved legs. His tongue was so good. I was feeling so aroused.

He slowly came downwards, near my shaved pussy. Rahul kissed all around my pussy. I was getting so horny and waited for him to lick my pussy. Rahul kissed on my clit first and then started to lick my clit like a mad young boy.

I was feeling so hot while his tongue was playing on my clit. My pussy was already wet and started oozing juices. Now Rahul clipped my clit with his lips so nicely and kept my clit inside his mouth and started rolling his tongue over it. Guys, seriously that was heavenly!

My husband’s friend started licking all over my pussy from bottom to top. He inserted his tongue inside my pussy. I was moaning very loudly.

My cuckold hubby was watching and enjoying all these scenes and he was masturbating as well as watching his wife getting fucked by his friend! My husband just wanted to see me moaning and making all horny expressions while another man was eating my pussy like hell.

Now Rahul inserting his finger slowly inside my wet oozing pussy while he was still licking my clit. This was just a bonus for me to enjoy.

I was just pressing my boobs and biting my lips while my husband’s friend was slowly fucking me with his fingers and increasing the speed. His finger went far inside. Then he came to my ears and said, “Baby, I am adding another finger.” It was awesome and Rahul then gave his finger in my mouth to taste my own pussy juice.

And then Rahul went back down and inserted two fingers in my pussy. I was just in heaven. I couldn’t think of anything except what he was doing to my pussy. I was asking him, “Rahul, where were you all these days?” and was moaning loudly.

My husband’s friend added another finger in my pussy. And his other hand was playing with my 34C size boobs and my erect nipples. My hands pressed him deep towards my pussy.

After a few minutes, Rahul came up to me and kissed me with full love. He moved to my ears and licked and sucked my earlobes. Fuck, this guy is too much for one girl, I thought.

Rahul licked my neck very passionately with his lovely tongue and took my hands up and suddenly kissed my armpits and started licking it. Again, I went to heaven.

Slowly, my husband’s friend pressed my boobs and started licking all around the nipples. He gave small bites too. Suddenly, he sucked my nipples after blowing some air on it. I felt the cool breeze on my nipples and then the sudden sucking! I love the way he did that and I pressed his head onto my boobs and made him suck my tits like a baby.

Since Rahul was on my top while he was sucking my boobs and nipples, I was able to feel his dick on my pussy walls. I wanted him to insert it that moment itself but he delayed it further to make me more desperate!

So I shouted, “Rahul! Fuck me now. I want your monster inside me.”

He rubbed his hard rock monster over my clit and teased me. Suddenly he slipped it inside my pussy. I was like, Ouch.

Then Rahul started fucking me slowly and was increasing the speed. His dick was getting my pussy’s inside walls too. I was moaning very loudly.

Then my husband came closer with his dick. I grabbed it and sucked his dick while Rahul was fucking very hard.

Rahul then he changed my position to doggy. I love doggy. I was scared of his cock size in doggy.

While I was sucking my hubby’s dick, Rahul was fucking me from behind. It was heavenly to get such a big dick from behind. I could feel every inch of it inside. He was holding my hip and slapping over it frequently too.

Then Rahul again changed position and move to sideways fuck – like, one leg up and another leg under him. (I can feel it while writing this story!) He was very fast in this and licking my legs too. I was biting the pillow as I had to moan very loudly otherwise. He threw the pillow away as he wanted me to moan louder.

During this long fuck session, I had already cummed 3 times.

Then I heard him moaning and he said he was gonna cum. I asked him to cum inside. He did it. I loved the whole fuck.

I gave a nice blowjob to both the dicks and made my hubby to cum on my boobs too.

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