Hot Bengali Wife Fucked By Horny Colleagues – Part 2

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Hello friends, this is a continuation of the first part. Those who have not read the first part, please go through it first to get a better experience of the second part.

In the first part, they have wrapped and packed me inside a satin bedsheet. The view was very erotic for them. There was a prominent figure of my heavy Bengali boobs displaying below the bedsheet. If somebody sees from far away, they will notice some volleyball is inside the bedsheet.

Then they tied the bedsheet hard with ropes and rolled me under the bed. They asked me to sleep overnight under the bed. With great difficulty, I slept in that position.

The next morning, they woke up around 8 a.m. and released me from the bedsheet. I was nude at that time. They asked to freshen up and have breakfast. It took me around 1 hour to complete the regular activity, including breakfast. At that time also I was nude as they tore my clothes last night.

They brought a bridal red lehenga along with a ghunghat for me. I was surprised to see that and asked them why they brought this lehenga. They said that they had some special plans.

Raj: We have a special surprise for you, Priya.

Me: Why is this bridal lehenga. Am I going to marry somebody or what?

Hitesh (laughed): No, you will not marry, but you will experience the first night.

Me: You guys already fucked me yesterday like a mad horse, and again, you guys want to tear my holes.

Raj: Yes, of course, you are a sex goddess. And we want to spend more fucking time with the goddess.

I know I cannot change their mind as they already decided to fuck me. So I agreed to their plan. But I can sense that they have some dirtiest plan in their mind.

They said that they are taking me to a farmhouse which is 100 km from our flat. I asked them to give me the bridal lehenga to wear to get ready for the farmhouse. Listening to this, Raj replied that I cannot wear the lehenga now as I will be wearing it in the farmhouse.

I was shocked and asked how I was supposed to go to the farmhouse nude as they had already torn my blouse and saree last night. Hitesh replied that I don’t need to worry about clothing as they have all the plans ready. Hitesh then came with a full-body coat, a bigger butt plug, and my bra, which I was wearing last night.

He asked to lay down on the sofa with legs spread. He then lubricated my ass hole and pussy with a good lubricant. After this, he inserted the big butt plug in my ass hole. Although the butt plug is very big, considering my bigger ass and the lubricant, the butt plug vanished inside my ass within seconds.

Then he tried to insert my bra in my pussy for which I objected and asked what he is up to. Raj replied that they are doing something very erotic and need my cooperation. I agreed with them and allowed them to insert the bra in my pussy with no other option left.

With little difficulty, Hitesh hid the full bra inside my pussy. My pussy hole is also stretched and is big due to gangbang session. He then brought a skin color tape and sealed my pussy and ass hole. Raj handed the full-length coat to me and asked me to wear it. I wore it.

For the time being, nobody can notice that I am nude from inside. They asked me to follow them to the basement where the car is parked. Initially, it was difficult for me to walk with the bra and butt plug inside. But I managed to go to the basement and sit in the car’s back seat.

We drove to the farmhouse and reached there within 3 hours. Once we reached there, the guard opened the gate, and we went inside. It was a nice farmhouse with a lot of greenery and a swimming pool. We got out of the car and went to the master bedroom.

On the bed, there was bridal lingerie which consists of a red satin bra and panty. Raj told me to wear the bra, panty and wait in the room. I followed his instruction, removed my full-length coat, and wore that lingerie. But it was not that comfortable due to the toys inside me. (bra in pussy, butt plug in ass)

I was thinking of when I will get rid of those things. After waiting for 10 minutes, the doorbell rang. When I opened the door, a lady is standing with some makeup material and a bag. I allowed her to get inside. She told me that she was hired to ready me for the event.

When I asked her about the event, she said she doesn’t have an idea but will prepare me as instructed. Hearing this, I was sure that something big is going to happen to me. I was fearful and, at the same time, excited.

The lady then started preparing me. She opened the bag. It had a red low-cut full sleeves satin blouse, my red lehenga, and a spray bottle. She used the spray in the blouse and asked me to wear it. After I wore the blouse, she tightens the lace.

The blouse is low cut and a little tight for my 40DD boobs. So a good amount of my cleavage is visible. Then she helps me wear my lehenga. Once I wore all my bridal clothes, she started applying makeup on my body. I realized that my bra is also moving whenever I turn my body for any activity, along with my blouse.

I asked her about this. She replied that the spray she used on my blouse has adhesive properties, and it gets stick to my bra. Now it’s not possible to separate my bra from the blouse. Hearing this, I thought like these guys are just mad. Now she is done with her makeup.

When I looked into the mirror, I just got stunned – light makeup on my face, along with red lipstick. I was looking like a perfect sexy bride with huge boobs ready to pop out of my blouse. Then she asked me to sit in the bed like a newlywed bride and then fixed the ghunghat on my head.

I am sure that any person will get a hardon by the sight of me. The lady then went away. After few minutes, Raj, Hitesh, along with 3 more persons, entered the room. I was shocked seeing those 3. I thought like I am going to be meat for 5 persons today.

Raj then told me that out of these 3, only 2 persons would make suhagraat with me today. And they will be paying a good amount of money on which I will have a 60 % share. I thought like apart from erotic sex, I can earn some money.

Hitesh then said a question would be asked to these three people. Based on their answer, they will be ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Only 1st and 2nd will be able to fuck me. Raj told them to touch me for 1 minute, but without removing my ghunghat. Based on that, a question will be asked.

All the three persons, one by one, came to me. They touch near my side boobs encircling the whole boobs area. Once they are done, Hitesh asked them the first question that what size are my boobs.

1st person: Her boobs are huge. They might be 42G.

2nd person: I think she has a size of 44F as those are like basketball.

3rd person: Well, I think she might be wearing a 40DD bra.

Raj then declared 3rd person as the winner and told him he is selected for fucking me. Then Raj told the other two persons to check whether any bra is hidden in my lehenga. Both of them came and lifted my lehenga and see nothing except my panty.

Raj asked the second question with some options. How many bras am I carrying?
Options 1: 4
Option 2: 1
Option 3: 2

1st person: (Laughed) How can she carry 4 bras.

He replied that I am only wearing one bra inside my blouse, which he checked while touching my boobs.

2nd Person: She is a voluptuous lady. She might have more than 1 bra. I will go with 2 bras.

Raj congratulates the 2nd person and says he is the winner. Hearing this, the first person said, “What a whore she is. Surely, I am not going to leave without fucking her.” Then he discussed something with Raj and Hitesh. After discussion, Raj announced that all 3 would fuck me today.

Without wasting any time, the 1st person removed my ghunghat and kissed me very hard on my lips. It’s like he is going to tear me apart. Within the next 2 minutes, the 2nd and 3rd person joined him. The 2nd person started squeezing my boobs like dough.

And the 3rd person straight went inside my lehenga, removed my panty, and found my holes are sealed with tape. Then he informed the same two other persons. Then all 3 lifted my lehenga and tied it on my upper body. My whole upper body was inside the lehenga. It’s like I was wearing the lehenga upside.

Then 1 person slowly opened the tape from my pussy and ass. There they found the bra inside. “So here is the other bra,” said one person. They removed my butt plug and my bra, full of my juices, and kept it aside. Now I feel like one dick is getting inside my pussy and another in my ass.

I can feel as I cannot see because the lehenga is covering my face. They fucked me vigorously in that position for 15 minutes. Then suddenly, I felt one more dick in pussy. I tried to resist as I think I cannot take two dicks in my pussy at a time.

I tried to remove the lehenga from my face, but Hitesh held my hands. Within 3 sec, two dicks are in my pussy. It was very painful initially, but later on, it was converted to sweet pain, and I get heavily turned on. 3 dicks at the same time, pounding my holes. I was moaning like hell.

I shouted, “Fuck me like a randi. Make me your permanent randi.” Hearing these words, Hitesh and Raj came near me. Raj unzipped his pant and put his whole dick inside my mouth, and I was sucking his dick like a pro. Hitesh, in excitement, tore my blouse.

As a result, my bra also came out as it was stuck to my blouse. He threw the blouse, and it straight away fell from the balcony. Hitesh then crushed my boobs so hard that I felt like my boobs will explode. He then fucked my tits with his dick.

I can’t imagine I was getting gangbanged by 5 persons and all the dicks are in use and the proper place. After few minutes, all exploded. 2 dicks exploded inside my pussy, one in the ass, another in my mouth, and one in between my boobs.

All of my body is covered with cum. All the 5 guys took out their dick and slept beside me for 5 minutes as all of them are exhausted. It was great sex. After a few minutes, a guy came with a blouse that was thrown from the balcony. I will let you know what happens in the next part.

Guys, do let me know how the story was. I will be back with 3rd part soon. My email id is [email protected]

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