Banged Bangalore Hotwife And Her Hottest Mom

Hi, Suraj here 25-year-old handsome-looking Bangalore guy. Although I was in a relationship many times with a girl of my age or below, I had a special fantasy to have fun with a hot married Indian wife.

I got to know about a classified site called Locanto and posted an Ad for bull seeking couple in Bangalore. Initially, I got some spam calls so I thought it was of no use and didn’t follow it much. At night 11, I got a message from a foreign number on WhatsApp.

Message: Hi, Kunal (name changed) here. We are a recently married couple Kunal and Neha (name changed). Just got your number on Locanto.

Me: Hi Kunal and Neha. You seem to be an NRI couple.

Kunal: I stay in *****. But Neha is in Bangalore.
Me: Oh, Ok.

Kunal: Can you share your pic so that I could share it with Neha?

Then I shared my pic. Then next day, I just took it lightly and didn’t expect their reply. But at 9:30 in the night, I got a message from Kunal and he said, “Neha liked your pic” and shared her hangout id. I sent an invitation to the Indian wife.

At night around 10:30 pm, Neha accepted my invitation.

Me: Hi, Neha. Kunal shared your contact.
Neha: Hi, Suraj. Yeah, I saw your pic and you look good. Can I know more about you?

Me: Thanks, Neha. Sure.

Then I just gave a brief intro of myself and she shared hers. She was talking about Kunal and how friendly he was and their love marriage. And I talked about my relationship a little bit.

We came into sync and I was excited and asked her pic. She shared it and omg, she was so hot and looked like Kiara Advani and gave me a hard-on. And we were into the sex chat and the chat went on till morning 3. The hotwife then asked my number.

The next week the routine went like this. We exchanged morning pleasantries and had a hot sex chat late at night. And suddenly, on one Tuesday morning, I got a call from a new number. The caller ID showed me ‘Neha Kunal.’

I was excited and also a little bit tensed and received a call. And in her soft beautiful voice, Neha said, “Hello Suraj. Where are you?”

Me: Office, dear.

To my surprise, she said, “No one at home. Can you come over, darling?”

I was shocked and said some silly reason and left the office. The hot Bangalore wife shared her apartment location and it was just 10 minutes drive from my office. So I drove to her place and she called the security guard and let me in.

I parked my car and all that was in mind was excitement and her pic. I was also afraid as it was the first time for me with a married lady.

I was in the lift and was thinking about Neha. And I reached her apartment and rang the bell. Neha opened the door. OMG, Neha was hot and sexy not looking like a married wife, and gave a smile and welcomed me in with a gentle hug. She served me some soft drinks and said, “Ok darling, just read some magazines, I will get ready in a few minutes”.

I was surprised to see her boldness and she was not shy. My mind was all running with images of her and was lost. Suddenly, she opened the room door.

The hot married wife was in black sexy lingerie and called me over to the room with her sexy fingers and flying kiss. When I was about to enter, she said, “To my room, only naked. You are Kunal now.”

Me: Yes, darling.

Then I just removed my clothes and was all naked and she saw my cock below. And said, “Kunal, tumare laund kab itna bada ho gaya hai.” I gave a little smile.

We kissed for 5 minutes and I stripped her all naked and sucked her hot melons. After some time, she came over my dick and started sucking it hard! It was one of the hottest blowjobs I ever had. Then I sucked hotwife’s pussy and she was moaning like hell.

I made her lie down on the bed and started penetrating from the top slowly. She was liking it and it was a long time before she had sex. And she was loving it.

I made her bent down and fucked her hard in the doggy style. And we tried different positions for around 30 minutes and I cummed on her boobs. We were all naked lying on the bed and talking about random things.

I was facing the door and suddenly, I saw a woman watching us from the door! She was hot and sexy similar to actress Vidya Balan and was in a light blue saree. I told Neha and Neha saw that woman too. She was tensed and wrapped herself and went to that woman. To my surprise, she said, “MOM, I can explain this!”

I was surprised. I wrapped up and Neha indicated to me with her eyes to leave. I dressed up and to my surprise, her mom was not angry. They were just talking and I left their house.

I was happy for sex but also was guilty of getting caught and leaving Neha in trouble with her mom. Then, at night Neha called me and said, “Come over. My mom is ok with it.”

I again dressed up and went to her apartment. And Neha was as usual in short and pink top. I could see her mom in the kitchen. Actually, Neha’s mom was a lot sexier than Neha and had huge tits and ass.

Neha told me that her mom was cool about it. And her mom came in and introduced herself as Sheela. She was a divorced single lady who was 47 now exploring her fantasy. She said that she was ok with it and it was common now and sex was no longer a taboo.

We were chit-chatting for 30 minutes and Sheela left for her room. Neha and I were alone in the hall. Neha suddenly asked me, “You liked my mom.” I said, “Oh, it’s your mom. But she is hot.”

Neha smiled and she told me about her mom and her divorce and her lifestyle.

And Neha told me, “Do you know why I call you tonight?”

Me: For making out with you.”

Neha said, “No-No. Actually, my mother saw your dick when you were on the bed and she told me it was hot.”

I was shocked. Neha said, “Can you satisfy my mom too? She went in to get ready actually.”

Me: But, she is your mom. How can I?

Neha: Nothing like that. I can see from your eyes you want to make out with her.

She took me and went to her mom’s room. She locked the door from the outside. Sheela was in the restroom and I was tense. It was the first time for me with a 40 plus woman but I loved Sheela and she was the hottest of hot.

Sheela came in with just a white towel wrapped around her and smiled at me. She sat and was just chatting generally. I was all hot and my dick was completely hard and she was just all naked, just the towel wrapped.

Suddenly, her towel slipped and I saw her hot melons hanging in. I couldn’t control it and started kissing her. She also kissed hard. And then she removed my shorts and t-shirt and took my dick directly into her mouth. It was a hotter and more energetic blowjob than her daughter’s.

Sheela was a dominant and experienced lady. She made me lie down on the bed and started taking my dick from the top. She was a horse in riding.

Suddenly, someone opened the door it was Neha in lingerie. I was all lost in Sheela’s riding. Neha came in and stripped her and started kissing her mom when she was on my top.

Neha went on to suck my balls when her mom was fucking me. It was the hottest and sexy threesome. Then I banged both mom and daughter in the doggy style and cummed on both their faces.

We took shower together and slept all naked throughout the night.

The morning I woke up, by that time Sheela left for yoga and I had a nice morning fuck with hot wife Neha and left there with hot and sweet memories.

Thanks for reading the story. If any Bangalore mom, daughter or couple, or bhabhi is looking to explore your fantasy, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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