Telugu Aunt Seduction And Lockdown Sex – Part 3

After that day, we haven’t got a chance to have sex in the next three weeks. I was kissing her pressing her boobs licking them whenever possible but never got a chance for sex.

After 3 weeks one Friday night, I was busy with office work. My father came to my room and told me to go and sleep at my aunt’s place. My uncle was still at work and couldn’t come until the next day as there were only limited trains running for railway employees.

I couldn’t believe what my father was saying, he was saying that uncle told me that there was some cash in the home. So he asked if he could send me to his place for sleeping or bring the cash and put it in our home. I said all right I will go after 9.30 to sleep at their place after having dinner. He said fine.

I checked my bag if I had enough condoms with me. I only had the empty box. I wanted to go to a medical shop and get condoms. I know my father would ask me where I am going if I take my bike.

I went to my aunt’s home at 9.30 pm and knocked on the door. Her kid opened the door, and the aunty was shocked. She asked me what happened? Why are you here at this time? I told her that your husband had requested me to sleep at his place.

She asked me to come in and spoke with her husband over the phone. I sat there for five minutes. Kids were watching TV and aunty’s in-law was having dinner. I told my telugu aunty that I would come back in 10 minutes. She said ok.

I went home and took the bike keys to go to the medical shop. My dad saw me and asked where I was going.

I told him one of my friends was waiting for me on the main road, and he needed some cash. My dad gave me a strange look, he told me to come early. I told him I would go directly to my aunt’s home and asked him to lock the gate and sleep.

I went to a medical hall which was around 5km from my place. I came back in 15 minutes. I parked my bike near my aunt’s home. I saw my aunt was in the kitchen, and kids were in the bedroom, and grandmother was lying on the bed in the hall.

She asked me to sleep in the other room which is opposite to her bedroom. As soon as I entered the room, my aunt’s son came towards me and told my aunt that he wanted to sleep in this room.

I told him that I had some pending work, that I will not sleep early, and I am having a little cold which he might as well get affected by. He nodded his head and went back to their bedroom. I was sitting in the room, making myself ready.

I was already feeling the heat inside. I wanted to pull aunt and fuck her ASAP. After 10 minutes, my aunt came with a glass of milk and gave it to me. While going back to the kitchen I tried to grab her from behind, she turned backward and said no, not now, wait for me.

I was trying to hold her boobs; her nipple was so hard. I could feel that she was wet inside. I had milk and started watching a web series on my iPad. I couldn’t concentrate much on the web series. I was continuously staring at my aunt’s bedroom door.

It was already 11.45 pm, and I got a call from my aunt’s number. She asked me to check if the grandmother is sleeping. I slowly entered the hall and could hear grandmother snoring, I said yes.

She said fine and said to turn off the light in my room and open the door. I said all right, she rushed into my room and told me not to close the door for some time to make sure everyone was asleep. I was trying to go near her, but she was pushing me to wait.

We were sure that grandmother would not wake up until morning, and also we could hear her sound of snoring. She locked the door and came near me. She turned on the light for the first time I saw her in sleeveless nightwear.

She was smelling fresh, I said wow you are looking stunning. She said really don’t lie, I told her yes and pulled her near me. I can see her nipple poking out from her nightwear. I was trying to hold that nipple she was slowly moaning. I grabbed her tightly and kissed her.

She was in full mood and was passionately kissing all over my neck. We started a French kiss and in the process, she removed my shorts.

She held my cock with her hand. It was very hard, and she started stroking it. I removed her nighty and started sucking her boobs. I pushed her to the wall, went down on my knees, and started licking her pussy.

She was pulling my head inside; her facial expressions were driving me crazy when I was licking her deeply.

I pushed my two fingers inside and started fucking with my fingers and licking at the same time. She was slowly raising her voice, mamma ammaaaa aaaaa. I increased the pace of my fingers.

She was biting her hand to stop screaming, she told me to wait for five minutes as she had already finished once. I went up and kissed her on the lips.

I pushed her down to take my cock inside. She was on her knees and started giving blow jobs. She was licking my balls, sucking cock, and slowly biting my dick head. She did it for five minutes and told me to lay on the bed.

I was laying on the bed. She asked me to give her the condom, I gave her the condom she put on and gave a couple of hard strokes with her hand, and came on top of me. She started riding on my cock; her pussy was so wet; my cock was going in and out smoothly.

She was riding at the full pace. She did it for five minutes and gave a bite on my shoulder. She told me to count how many times she bites. She bit me twice first. I pushed her back and made her sit on my lap and started lap fucking. It was wonderful to see her riding and jumping on my cock.

I can clearly see how madly she was enjoying my cock.I fucked her in that position for 10 minutes and both of us finished at the same time.

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