He Took My Anal Virginity

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In my last story, I told about how I sucked a guy on the train. I decided to stay at his house in Bangalore for 2 days where he could take my anal virginity. We reached Yeshwantpur on Sunday morning. As we decided, I stayed at his place for the next 2 days and nights.

We booked a cab to his place and reached there by 10.30 AM. My meetings were to start on Monday, so I had the whole Sunday to be with him. Ever since we got into the cab, we were getting hornier by the minute.

We both did not speak much, but there was a sexual energy binding us together. And as soon as we entered his house, we started kissing. Without even saying a word, we were involved in a passionate, steamy lip-lock and tongue play.

Without breaking the smooch, he pulled me up. He carried me to the couch in the living area, threw me on it, came over me, and started kissing me again. His tongue explored every corner of my mouth, and so did mine in his mouth. We were giggling and smooching together and talking naughty to each other.

I started to unbutton his shirt. He stopped kissing, pulled himself away, and stood up. “Let’s get clean first, babe,” he said. I was disappointed but agreed and said, “However you want, my love.”

He showed me my room and said I can use whatever stuff I want to from the wardrobe. I said I have my own stuff, but he insisted on looking into the wardrobe anyway.

He went to his room to clean himself. I closed the door and came in. I was still horny and was craving for his cock, even more now. I went to the wardrobe and opened it. To my surprise, it was not a guy’s wardrobe. Rather it was a girl’s.

There were all kinds of girly stuff inside. Sexy, slutty lingerie, stockings, skirts, stilettos, a couple of wigs, makeup kit, and women’s perfumes. There were handcuffs, role-play dresses in there too. He wanted to make me a gay bitch, so I decided to be a slutty seductive bitch.

I chose hot red lingerie, red stocking, a baby doll dress in black and black stilettos. As I explored the makeup kit, I found artificial nails in different colors in the box. There was a nail glue kept in the box too. He surely loved seductresses.

I went to the washroom, found a trimmer there. Trimmed all my body hair, took a shower, came out, and wore the stuff I had chosen. I was getting horny and hot too. Came near the mirror, adjusted the wig properly, and glued the black artificial nails on my hands and feet.

Put on a dark red shade lipstick, and I was ready for him. I looked like a hot slutty babe in the dress. As I went out of the room, my stilettos were making a loud noise every time I took a step. He was in the kitchen wearing just an undie and a bathrobe over. As soon as he saw me, ‘oomph’ came out of his mouth.

“You look hot and slutty,” he said. I did not answer, just kept looking into his eyes as I walked towards him. He was making a peg of whiskey for himself, asked me what I would like to have. I said, “You,” and went close to him.

There was an icebox on the kitchen shelf. I took an ice cube from it, kept it in my mouth, wrapped my arms around his neck, and started kissing him. He kissed me back. I slid the ice cube from my mouth into his mouth with my tongue. He sucked on the cube for a while as I sucked on his lips.

He again transferred the cube into my mouth using his tongue and started sucking my lips. This went on until the cube melted completely, and we broke the kiss. Meanwhile, my hands had reached his crotch. I was feeling his manhood over his underwear.

I started talking naughty about his cock and biting my lips every time I squeezed it hard. He kept smiling at me. He continued making his peg and asked me what I would like. I took a wine bottle from the shelf, the icebox too, and went into his bedroom.

He followed me with his peg and the bottle of whiskey in his hands. We kept our alcohol on the side table and started kissing again. We went wild again and started making passionate noises while kissing. I took his robe off and started rubbing and feeling his sexy strong back.

His hands reached my ass. He started to squeeze it. I broke the kiss and let out a moan from my mouth. My hands, with black nails, came to his chest now. I looked into his eyes while my hands explored his chest, and my thumb played with his nipples. He loved it.

I pushed him back on the bed. I could see a huge bulge through his underwear, which made me hornier. I took the wine bottle and climbed over him. I opened the bottle, took a sip, and poured some wine on his chest, neck, waist, and crotch over his underwear. Took another sip of wine and kept the bottle back.

He held me by my neck and pulled me towards himself. I smooched him and bit him on his lips. My mouth now moved to his neck. I licked his wet neck and tasted the wine. I loved it. Went to his chest now and started licking his chest and nipple like a pussy licks her body.

Sucked his nipples for a while and licked him down from nipple to his crotch. I bit his cock from outside the underwear. He loved it and let out a moan. I took off his underwear, and there it was again. A hot, hungry, huge cock. I took it in my hands and started stroking it while I giggled, looking at him.

He held my hair, and without breaking eye contact with me, forced my mouth to his cock. I obliged and opened my mouth. It went inside my mouth, and I started sucking it. My hands were now rubbing his body, my mouth sucking his cock, and my eyes were locked with his eyes.

He asked me to go deep. I took the cock out of my mouth, spit on it, and then sucked it again. He pushed it once, and I felt his tip on my throat. He held my head again and was pushing his cock more. I started to choke. He let me go, and my mouth broke away from his cock for some air.

In a few seconds, he held my head again and pushed his cock deep in my mouth. Then he started to fuck my mouth. After some time, he got up from the bed and brought a lube tube. This time, he came over to me and started kissing me. He went down on my neck and unhooked my bra.

He pulled babydoll up and started to kiss my nipples. In a few seconds, he was sucking on them passionately. Then he asked me to lay on my tummy. I did that, and he started kissing, licking, and sucking my back wildly. He bit me all over my back, and I had his love bites all over.

He then went down to my ass, Kissed my ass cheeks, bit them, and licked them. He took off my G-String and spread my ass cheeks to spit on my man pussy. He started licking it, and I was in heaven. I had never felt this good before. I wanted him to keep doing it. And he did the same.

He licked my ass for some time. I was ready. My ass was ready. He got up and gave me a condom. He asked me to put it on him. I sucked him first, gave him a deep throat, made it wet with my saliva, and then put the condom on him. Now he asked me to bend like a bitch.

I did it against the bed. He spread my ass cheek and used a lot of lube on my man pussy. He rubbed it and inserted his two fingers. It did pain, but I enjoyed it. And since it was slippery, the fingers went in. Now I felt the tip of his cock on my man pussy. He used some more lube and pushed his cock inside me.

“Aaah.” I let out a shout. It was paining like hell. I could feel blood running down my legs. He did not say anything. Neither did he move. I kept sobbing and pleading with him to take his cock out, but he did not respond. I tried to move away from him, but this dominant guy held me tight and broke my anal cherry.

After some time, the pain reduced, and I stopped sobbing. He sensed it and started moving slowly. All my pain was gone, and the feeling of his cock inside me made me giggle again. I started to moan slow. He made more movements. He started going back and forth. I started enjoying it.

“Oh yeah, baby, that’s it, keep going, love,” I said. He let out a moan. I now wanted more. I asked him to go faster and deeper. He obliged. He kept going fast. The room was now filled with our moans. We were getting louder and hornier.

He was about to cum, and so was I. He took his cock out of my man pussy, pushed me on the bed, took off the condom, and sprayed all his cum inside my mouth within a few seconds. I took it happily. The cleaned his cock with my tongue. He gave me a handjob, and I came too.

We lay on the bed for sometime before getting into the shower together.

This was just the beginning of my trip to Bangalore. We were together two nights and one more day. Met one of his hunk friends and had a threesome with them. I will write about that in my next story. Till then, bye!

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