Gay Fun With My Schoolmate

Hello everyone, this is Jona again. I am here to narrate a true and gay fun experience with my schoolmate just before the Covid crisis.

Our schoolmates had planned for a get-together since it has been over two decades. One of my friends and I used to share our thoughts and sext sometimes. Since the planning, I thought of trying it out in person.

Everyone met on the day of the reunion and shared their happenings in life. We had lunch served. The plan was to get some rooms so that we all could booze nicely. We rented some rooms in OYO, and we purchased stuff as liquor is already bought. We got settled and started the booze around 7:30 PM.

So, prior to this me and my friend, Varun had exchanged our desires. Varun was a little shorter than me, average built and has about a 5”-inch dick. We even met once outside and went to a deserted place where we sucked each other dicks.

As you all know, I am about 6-foot-tall, medium built, and have a 6” thick dick. I have had few experiences with another friend where I described our ‘Midnight Fun With Roommate.’ I narrated this story earlier to my friend Varun, and he was interested in me.

Coming back to the story, everyone was getting high on alcohol. Even Varun, who never took alcohol before, joined us and gulped drinks like a pro. We had a couple of liters of booze for over 7 people. We all exchanged a good amount of laughs, and we ate our dinner around 10.

After which, we had few more rounds of booze. Once the booze got over, and everyone started to settle. I was high but was conscious enough to have another fun experience.

I allocated the rooms to people, and everyone shared rooms adjacent to others. Another room was a little away on the same floor. Since Varun and I are little steady enough to walk, we took those rooms. Everyone went to bed, and so did we. I was waiting for him to make a move, but he did not.

Before we could sleep, I put my hands directly on his pants and started caressing his dick. He was awake as well and started to respond. So, I thought the game was on. I went for his pants and slid them over.

I also removed his inners. I took hold of his dick and started stroking it. Meanwhile, he also went for my pants and removed them. We both went naked soon and were touching and feeling each other.

I went for his dick and put it in my mouth. Oh, that was a nice feeling as it was a long time since I tasted a dick. I started moving my head by sucking his dick and moving my hands. He was stroking my dick using his hands.

Then, I went on top of him to his face and sat over his chest with my dick right in front of his face. He took it well inside and deep-throated it. I was making small moaning noises now and then.

I always wanted to try and put a dick in my ass. I let my body down and wanted to try and get his dick inside me. I was sitting on top of his dick and was guiding his dick over my ass crack.

I applied some saliva from my mouth to my ass and started putting his dick head over my ass. I remember his head went it smoothly and but not the rest of his dick.

I started to move my ass over his dick and started to ride him. It was one of the best feelings. I left a lot of moans while his dick was trying to penetrate my asshole. Although only his dick head was inside, it was good enough to stimulate both our senses.

I kept riding on him for some more time. Then he pulled me down and asked me to get on my knees. As I went on my knees now, he started to rim my ass with his tongue. That was an outstanding experience as I never felt that before.

He just rimmed and rolled his tongue on my ass. This was sending shocks all over me. I bent down and tried to put his dick back on my ass again. I got hold of his dick in my hand and guided it to my ass.

This time also, his head went in, and he started to fuck me like that. Hmmm, I was moaning with Ah’s and fuck’s while he fucked me like that. While he was fucking, I raised my body a bit and got close to his body while his dick rims my ass.

He went for my dick and held it in his right hand, and started stroking it. Both his dick rimming my ass and the way he stroked my dick, it was a dual pleasure. I was filled with pleasure.

As he rims my ass, he came on my ass, as I could feel the wetness dripping from my ass. Now, I asked him to lie down again and went to his mouth. My dick was throbbing with pleasure and was very hard.

I started to place the head of my dick over his tongue, and he tasted them. He rolled his tongue over my dick. Then he took my whole dick inside his mouth again. His mouth was very warm and was giving more pleasure.

He started to suck them now very hard. I just kept pushing inside his mouth, thinking it will disappear. I was so high on booze. Hence it was taking time for me to cum.

I just kept fucking his mouth with my dick so fast, and I was also holding his head. I know I was about to cum, so I held his head with my hand and shot a load inside his mouth. I also ejaculated everything inside his mouth, and he took them all in his mouth.

I was breathing very rapidly with such awesome sex. We both just crashed on the bed. We both got up early in the day and went to check on others. Everyone is still sleeping, so we woke them all up and left for the day.

I hope you guys enjoyed the story. Feel free to comment, and please post your feedback to [email protected]

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