Romance With Distant Relative – Part 1

I have been a regular reader of Indian Sex Stories for quiet a long time. I wanted to write and publish some of my experiences of romance but could not do it till date.

As this lockdown has provided me with time for self, I will take this opportunity to write some experiences which had happened in my life by adding little spice to it. I will publish the story in parts depending on the response.

It is a slow-moving story with a little background and don’t expect the fuck in the first part.

The heroine of this story is Meghana (obviously, name has changed) fair, not slim, the right amount of flesh in the right areas. I met Meghana in a marriage, she was my distant relative.

We became friends very quickly as we belonged to the same age-group. Meghana was studying engineering in Davanagere and I was studying in Bangalore.

As we are staying away from each other, we were in contact through calls and sms (WhatsApp did not exist then).

So, during our semester holidays, my distant relative came to stay with my family for 3 days. We were staying in Mangalore those days. I wanted to make full use of her in those days.

We were staying in a rented house on the first floor which was connected with the owner’s house through the door in the kitchen of our house. As the owners were away, their fully furnished house was also in our control.

I was waiting for her at the bus stand. Meghana got down from the bus and gave me tight hug. As I was grown up in a village in a conservative environment, I was very much excited by her hug and I guessed she might have melons of size 34.

After reaching home, my mother welcomed her. I took her directly to the owner’s house and kept her luggage in the master bedroom.

She was correcting herself standing in front of the mirror. I could not resist myself and I hugged her from behind! She neither responded nor pushed me away. I did not want to ruin it. I thought of taking it very slowly.

Meanwhile, my mother called us for food. When my mother was little away, she wanted me to feed her. Later, in the evening, we went out for a movie followed by beach. We clicked some pictures standing on a boat in the Titanic pose.

After reaching home, we got freshen up and there was time for supper. I switched on the TV in the owner’s house. Our favorite film “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” was playing. We were sitting in adjacent single seater sofas.

I took Meghana’s hand in mine and was caressing her soft hand. After some time, I kissed on her hand. That kiss triggered her and she shifted to my lap. I wondered we could fit perfectly in that single-seater sofa.

As my relative was wearing shorts and her legs were waxed, I moved my hand from her toe to thigh and felt her skin was very smooth like butter. I did not realize when the movie came to an end. I did change the channel.

A hot song was playing, starring Kannada actor Ravichandran and I started to kiss on her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, and chin. Even though she did not reciprocate, she did not move away either.

I got bolder and kissed on her lips and turned the kiss to smooch. She got up from my lap without saying a word entered the bedroom and closed the door. I realized that I had crossed the limits. I wanted to apologize, but my relative did not open the door. The next day, we were about to go for a trek to Kodachadri along with my friends.

The next day she woke up early and got ready for the trek as if nothing happened in the previous night. We both packed our belongings in a backpack. We took a bus to Kollur and met my friends.

We visited the temple first. From there, we took an auto to the starting point of the trek. (I will not bore you guys by telling the story of the trek.)

We reached the top and we could get only one room for eight of us. After sightseeing, we had dinner. After dinner, I and Meghana went for a small walk. When we returned to the room, all of my friends had slept and we had very little space for us to sleep near the wall.

Meghana slept beside the wall and I slept beside her. I made sure that all of my friends were asleep and started to feel her body. With great difficulty, I inserted my hand inside her coat.

I felt her smooth tummy and inserted my finger in her belly button. Later, I moved my hand upwards and inserted my finger inside her bra and felt her erected nipple.

I was surprised as her erected nipple is of one-inch length. Later, I got scared that she may shout but I kept on feeling her upper body till morning. Even though we both were tired from the trek, we could not sleep throughout the night.

Once all my friends wake up in the morning, we pretended to be asleep. Some of our friends woke us up. After getting freshen up and breakfast, we started to get down the hill.

We were holding each other’s hands while getting down. From the foot of the hill, we reached Kollur. We bid bye to our friends and caught a bus to Mangalore.

We sat on a two-seater and I took the window seat. I folded my hands and touched the side of her left boob over the thin fabric. I kept on touching her boob for a while.

Later we both fell asleep as we did not sleep in the previous night and also tired from the trek.

The conductor woke us up on the last stop in Mangalore. After getting down, she invited me to come to her house for a few days along with her as there were two weeks of time in college reopening.

To be continued.

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