My Bengali Mother-In-Law Fucked – Part 1

Hello guys, let me tell you about my mother-in-law. My wife’s mother is an average-looking Bengali woman but her ass is something you cannot take your eyes off. Her boobs are approximately 34 in size and perfectly round-shaped. I guess my father-in-law concentrated more on her ass than on her boobs. When she wears a saree, you will feel like tearing it off her and bang her then and there.

I have been married for three years. I have been trying to seduce my Bengali mother-in-law from day one of my marriage.

I frequently visited my in-laws just to have a good look at my mother-in-law’s assets. She is now a widow and stays alone at her house.

Every night I think how much I want to fuck the woman in her bed. But never did I dare to make a move as it might shatter my marriage. Whenever I see her in a saree, my dick forms a tent in my shorts and I am sure she has noticed it once or twice. But she never said anything nor gave me any hint.

One day I was at my office when my mother-in-law called and said that she was feeling very sick and her daughter was not picking up the phone. I reached her home and found her lying on the bed. Her eyes were red with fever.

I called the family doctor and he gave me some medicines which I had to go and fetch. My MIL had to rest for a few hours while I sat beside her watching her. She was looking so pretty with her long hair falling by her side and I had to fight myself not to kiss her lips which were so inviting.

While sitting beside her, I fell asleep and lied down beside her. After some time when my eyes opened, I found my mother-in-law sleeping facing me with her hand just resting on my dick! It was beyond my wildest desire that she was holding my dick which immediately bulged in my pant.

I did not dare to remove her hand as it might wake her up. Suddenly, my mother-in-law started to turn on her side, and slowly, her hand started moving. She made some sounds which sounded like moans and her hand started moving inside my shorts!

I understood that she was having a wet dream and I could not make her stop as she was doing just what I wanted her to do even if unknowingly.

Slowly, her hand reached inside my shorts and grabbed my balls. I had to cover my mouth to avoid making any noise. My wife’s mom started pumping my balls and stroking them. Then she grabbed my dick and started stroking it, all the while moaning and wriggling. I was in heaven as it was what I masturbated so many times thinking.

This went for 10 minutes after which I could not control myself and ejected my load into her hands! The feeling of hot cum made my mother-in-law wake up and she took a minute to come back to her senses. I pretended to be asleep as I wanted to watch her reaction.

She gasped in horror when she knew what had happened and immediately, removed her hand. She then saw me sleeping and heaved a sigh of relief. I could see her not being able to remove her eyes from my 6.5″ dick.

Then she did something which I never thought of. My widow mother-in-law tasted the cum off her hands, smiled, and licked the rest off. At that time, I decided to wake up and I sat up on the bed. She was horrified to see me awake.

I just asked her how she was feeling. She said that it was ok as her fever had subsided and her eyes were not red anymore. I said that I will prepare some food for her. She could not look into my eyes and said ok.

I made some soup and when I came to the room, I saw she was sitting with her head hanging down. I understood that she was feeling guilty as hell and I felt bad for her.

To comfort my Bengali mother-in-law, I placed the soup on the table and said that I can feed her as she was still weak. Then I made her eat the soup and then washed the dishes.

When I came back to the room again, she said, “Thank you for taking so good care of me! Not even my husband was so nice.”

I could not let this opportunity miss. I hugged her tightly and said, “I will always look after you, I love you.”

But she took it as a compliment and kissed me on my cheek. My dick again bulged and I wanted to be free from her hug as she would feel my boner if she hugged me again. But that was exactly what she did and my dick touched her belly! She stiffened for a second but then tightened her grip! I knew she was into me but was still afraid to make a move.

My wife arrived a little after and there ended our little secret. We three ate our dinner and went to sleep for the night.

After that day, we became a little closer to each other. I would occasionally hug my mother-in-law and she would kiss my cheek. I never tried to hide my bulge anymore. In fact, I wanted her to see it and long for it!

She would sometimes look at my pants and bite her lips. Those hints were enough for me but still, I wanted to play her a little so that she would die to get fucked by me.

One night when everybody was sleeping, I got up to go to the bathroom and had to pass by her room. Her door usually remains closed normally but that day, it was slightly opened.

I heard some sounds from her room and pushed the door to take a look. There I saw my mother-in-law lying in her petticoat which was raised over her boobs and she was fingering her pussy! My mother-in-law’s pussy which I saw for the first time was neatly shaven and oozing out juices.

I could not believe my eyes and stood there like an idiot. She was moaning, “Ohhhh..Yesss..Ohhhh..Such a long time since I have got fucked. Ohhh..Ahhhh. I need you in me baby.”

She then shot out her juices in a spray and that was my cue to leave.

I jerked off in the bathroom and went to sleep but I could not sleep that night. I knew I had to fuck my mother-in-law very soon. Otherwise, she might change her mind.

From the very next day, I started planning how to get my mother-in-law alone so that I could insert my dick in her. I started rubbing my dick on her ass in the pretext of taking something from behind her or hugging her intentionally when I had a bulge. She never minded these and my courage grew.

One day when my wife’s Bengali mother was bathing, I noticed that the door was open. I gathered the courage to open the door pretending that I was going for a bath. She was first shocked to see me and I was also shocked as there stood before me my beautiful and curvy mother-in-law.

She was looking like a sex goddess with soap on her boobs and water dripping her body. My dick was erect in an instant and I was wearing only underwear at that time. I said sorry and started to leave but my mother-in-law held my hand and pulled me in and said, “I have been seeing you for a long time getting erect seeing me. Don’t forget I am your mother-in-law.”

I said, “I know but my dick does not. And it is his duty to rise upon seeing such a great body and beautiful face.”

My mother-in-law blushed after hearing this and said, “Why not release your dick then? It must be hurting in there.” I said, “Very much. Please open my underwear.”

She did as told and there we were standing fully naked. She started stroking my dick slowly while I touched her lips with my finger. She bit it lightly and I placed my lips on hers. My mother-in-law hesitated at first but then she started responding. Soon, we were engaged in a french kiss. Our saliva was mixing in our mouths and I could not stop kissing her.

My hands were moving around my mother-in-law’s boobs. They were so soft but firm and the nipples were erect, black, and beautiful. All of a sudden, I pinched both her nipples and she moaned so loudly that I thought that the neighbors might have heard it.

She left my dick and dug her fingers into my back. I slowly started to take a finger to her pussy and found it was already wet with her juices. I said, “Shall we take this to the bedroom?”

She said “Oh my god! You have already planned to put your rod in me.”

I said, “Do you want me to leave you like this?”

“Don’t you dare,” she said.

I lifted her in my arms and carried her to the bedroom while kissing her. She was holding my dick.

I threw her on the bed and spread her legs wide open. Her juices were already spilling and I didn’t want them to go to waste. I put my mouth in my mother-in-law’s cunt and started licking her pussy dry. She shivered and locked her legs on me, putting me deeper in her cunt.

The Bengali woman moaned so loudly that the room echoed, “Ohhhh..yes baby..I love your licking.. Please don’t stopp. Ohhhhh..ahhhhhh. Lick me dry. I am yours from today. Fuck me like a whore. Just don’t stoppp.”

I had an idea. I got in 69 position and she grabbed my dick and started licking its head. It was heaven for me. She was a pro in this, I could say. My mother-in-law then took my rod in her mouth and started fucking her mouth with my rod. She was actually looking like a whore and I was astounded by her blowjob. It was the best one I ever had.

I had to shoot my cum in her mouth while she also squirmed and shot her juices on my face. Both of us did not let even a drop go to waste and licked each other clean.

Then I made my wife’s sexy mom lie down on her face, caught her hair from behind, and inserted my dick in her pussy from behind. Her pussy as expected was quite tight as she did not have any activity for three years.

She started moaning and with four long strokes, I was fully inside her. She shouted at the top of her voice “Killllll meeee..will you?? Fuckkk meeee baby.. Fuck me hard and dry. Fuck me like a whore. I am so thirsty for your cum. Fill me with it. Ohhhh my god. You are sooo good.”

I started pounding my mother-in-law like a dog while she kept on moaning. After 5 minutes, I pulled out my dick and thrust it in her mouth again. She greedily started sucking it while looking at me. Lust was dripping from our eyes.

I then carried her onto the kitchen and made her sit on the counter. She spread her legs and pulled me closer to her. I started sucking her juicy boobs and inserted my finger into her vagina. One by one, three of my fingers went inside and she squirmed and shot her juices. I had to lick her clean again.

With no warning, I thrust my full dick in her in one go and she bit my lips as we were still kissing. I started fucking her on the kitchen top and her screams filled the whole house. I could not hold for much longer and shot my whole load into her pussy.

We both were quite tired and finished our bath where I fucked her again but that story will come in the next part.

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