Does A Woman Marry Only For Money?

Many parents force their daughters to marry grooms working in the navy or marine sector. They thinking their daughter’s life will be luxurious after marriage. Of course, men working in navy or marine get huge salary packages. With money, men get addicted to alcohol.

Navy men get only 3-4 months as leaves for home. We think wives of navy men wear precious jewelry and wander in imported cars. Apart from these realities, such women are internally nervous and unsatisfied. For a wife, money is not everything. She marries a man to be her safe companion.

If husbands can’t give their special time to wives, they fall prey to extramarital affairs. Then we men keep blaming wives for their dirty acts. Even divorces happen in such cases. Back in 2018, I was working as a subject matter expert in a private consulting firm at Indore.

The room was provided by the firm only. Very less public transport was there in the city. Private taxis and auto used to charge more. I left the firm half day as I wanted to purchase groceries from a nearby supermarket. That day strike of public transport was announced.

The only option left in front of me was to reach the supermarket by walking. The street was completely silent. Even private transport was not visible on the streets. After walking some distance, I observed a woman running with heavy bags and street dogs were running behind her.

Tears were rolling on her face. I took a thick tree branch quickly and started hitting the dogs. Dogs were jumping over me to bite but I hit back. Within 5 minutes, street dogs started running back. I turned back and saw the lady fell on the ground. I gave her a hand to stand up.

She thanked me for saving her from the dogs. “Did you suffer any injuries or dog bite?” I denied saying no injuries. I gave her water to drink. Her beauty was similar to Bipasha Basu. While she was drinking water, water droplets were rolling down her neck. Again she thanked me. I said welcome.

With modesty and politeness, I convinced her about holding those heavy bags to her residence. She agreed to take my help. I lifted one of her heavy bags. I asked her name. She introduced herself as Divya Rajhans (name changed for privacy) and wife of a navy husband. I appreciated her as a lucky woman.

With a casual smile, she answered, “Nothing special being a wife of the navy husband.” I asked the reason behind her unhappiness. We kept walking distance and finally, her apartment was near. She advised me to go back. If someone sees her with me, it would be problematic for her.

Before leaving I complimented her, “Nice to talk with you.” She responded, “Same here.” I went to the supermarket for shopping. As it was Sunday, I decided to spend some time in the nearby garden. Many couples used to come to that park for an evening walk.

I was listening to music sitting on a bench. Suddenly I saw Divya engaged in an evening walk. She was wearing a tracksuit and her 38D-26-32 figure created a lusty feeling inside me but I controlled. After sometimes, she sat on a bench watching kids playing in the garden.

With guts, I went where she was sitting and asked whether I should sit.
She allowed me to sit on the same bench
Me: Can you show where exactly your kid is playing in the garden?
Divya: I am just watching kids. Till now I don’t have any kid.

Me: Extremely sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.
Divya: Never mind. Thanks again for saving me from the dogs.
Me: Oh come on. Protecting women from danger is the duty of every man.
Divya: Are you married?

Me: Not yet.
Divya: I don’t think I will ever become a mother.
Me: Don’t say like this. God will definitely bless you with a child.
Divya: Let’s see.

She told me about her husband working in the navy. He comes home only for 4 months. In those 4 months, her husband just sits at home, eats, and drinks. Divya has to show a diary of how much expenses were consumed for which accessories.

Me: Are you not happy with your husband?
Divya: My husband ignores me. He loves only his wealth.
Me: Don’t worry everything will be fine.
Divya: Sometimes I feel like committing suicide.

Me: Never take such a step. Love yourself and your life. How many years of marriage completed?
Divya: 4 years.

I give handkerchief to wipe her tears.
Me: Did both of you pass the fertility test?
Divya: I passed all fertility test when the husband was not at home
Me: When men start earning more money, they try to dominate their wives.

Slowly it started getting darker and we both left for home.
Me: Did you come to the garden with your own car or scooty?
Divya: My husband knows driving. I am scared of driving.
Me: If you are not happy with your husband, why don’t you divorce him?

Divya: My parents are old. I am not well qualified.
Me: So you will suffer from your husband for a lifetime?

A huge sale advertising was mentioned in the newspaper. I reached that sale after my work time. Divya and her husband were coming from the opposite side. I avoided eye contact with her as it would create a rift between them.
It was clear from Divya’s husband’s face that he is a drunkard and angry type of person.

I was feeling sad about her. I moved further and continued shopping. After 30 minutes I witnessed a huge crowd gathered further. Slowly moving ahead I came to know that Divya’s husband was shouting at her. Divya was crying and listening quietly.

Husband: Because of your careless behavior I will lose all my wealth
Divya: Please stop creating a scene. Everybody is watching us.
Husband: Search my credit card or I will not allow you to enter the home.

From their heated conversation, I came to know Divya had lost a credit card. Crowd gets scattered. I go near Divya asking details of the credit card. Her husband walks away in anger and drives the car home. I keep my hands on her shoulder and suggest to relax aside.

Every shop vendor I start enquiring whether they saw a credit card. All were answering no never. I search near the toilet finally get the card. With surprise, I keep the credit card on her. She hugs me tight. Diva’s face starts glowing with happiness. It was dark outside and no transport was available to take her home.

Me: How will you reach home?
Divya: I will walk alone till home.
Me: Brave woman.
Divya started walking. Then hearing owl noise she stops and calls me.

Me: What happened?
Divya: Will you please come with me till home?
I go running towards her
Me: Let’s go.

Divya: I suffered enough with that animal-like husband.
Me: Please think before taking any risky decision.
Divya: It’s better to die than to live such a disgusting life.
Me: Calm down.

Divya: Let my husband come to know that you searched his credit card
Me: That’s not important to me. I am just worried about you.
After 30 minutes, we reached her home. She rings the bell and the husband opens door.

Husband: Where is my credit card?
Divya: Take this your bullshit credit card. Hereafter all relation between us is over.
Husband: Bloody bitch, you are enjoying with another man (pointing towards me) when I am on the ship.

Divya: Even I can suspect you are enjoying other girls during the weekend.
Me: Sir, there is nothing between us as you think. we are just friends
Husband: Don’t try to fool me. I know everything.

Divya: You don’t have manners on how to talk with women. Henceforth you are dead for me.

Divya starts packing her bag and in frustration hold my hands and walks out of the home. She doesn’t listen to my single word. It was at 11:45 pm. We both sit near the bus stop Divya starts crying.

Me: Please don’t cry. We will find a solution
Divya: I will never again go back to my husband.
My 1 hour goes in consoling her emotions. Pranksters start whistling looking at me and Divya.

Me: Let’s go to my home. It’s not safe to wait outside for a longer time.
Divya: Fine. Let’s go.
After reaching home, we both refresh and sleep in different rooms. Early morning, I and Divya indulge in a discussion about what to do further.

Me: I need to search for some rented home. We can’t live like this
Divya: I trust you will find some solution better for both of us
Me: Yes definitely I will take care of you.

After 1 week, we shift in a different apartment. The landlord asks me proof of our relation. I reply to him, husband and wife.
Divya: Why did you replied to him saying I am your wife?
Me: They charge more rent. It’s society rule nowadays not to give room to bachelors.

Divya: Sorry for suspecting you.
Me: It’s alright.
Divya: The room has a lot of spider webs.

Me: We will clean tomorrow as I got a holiday.
Divya: Ok.
Me: You take rest. I will do it alone.
Divya: We are a fake husband and wife. I will get bored sitting.

While cleaning home with a broom, I watch sweat drops gathered on the dusky brown waist of her. She was busy cleaning and didn’t catch me watching her. 2 weeks go in adjusting stuff.

Divya: How long should we live like this
Me: What you want to say?
Divya: You are good at reading my mind, heart, and soul. It’s your duty to guess.
Me: Your legal divorce procedure is not over till now.

Divya: My parents should not know about us.
Me: I know a lawyer who can help us.
The lawyer helps Divya to get divorced from her disgusting husband.

Divya: Our doors of marriage are open now.
Me: Will you adjust the average lifestyle with me?
Divya: Money is never my priority.
Me: Love you so much.

Divya: Love you forever
We marry in court secretly. After reaching home, we discuss our responsibilities
Me: This is your second marriage. Do you have any expectations of me?
Divya: I have a large appetite. Let it be food or other stuff.

Me: I will never let you starve.
Divya: Will you kill my loneliness?
Me: According to the laws of attraction, we should learn to trust and respect each other likes and dislikes. Intimacy will automatically happen.

Divya: Are you sure? please don’t take too much time
Me: Ok.

Between me and Divya, normal conversation used to happen. Then snuggling, cuddling caressing. Even she was enjoying. Our conversation and activities started getting sensual and deeper. We used to enjoy touching the private organs of each other.

We got ready for anal sex. I showed her respect while having sex. Her soft moans and grains increased my confidence. Divya enjoyed being submissive as well as dominating me. I squeezed and craved every part of her naked body. Pleasurable screams used to spread like an echo in our home.

The above story is purely fictional. No character bears a resemblance to the story. Don’t ask for personal information.  If any married, divorced or widow female interested to share fantasies [email protected]

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