The Tale Of Lust – Part 2 (A Happy Ending)

Previous Part: The Tale Of Lust – Part 1 (The First Time)

Thank you, guys. Your responses urged me to go for the second part with a happy ending. I hope you all enjoyed the first part. If you haven’t, please read the first one before coming into this. So, let’s hop into the story straight away.

After a breath-taking night, Varun and Sapna were cuddling and looking at each other with a little smile. It was 2 AM. When Varun woke up, he found Sapna missing next to him. He wore his jockeys and went outside the bedroom to check where she was.

There she was in the kitchen and eating ice cream wearing Varun’s shirt. Varun stood near the bedroom door and was adoring her. She stopped eating suddenly, and she turned.

Sapna: I thought you were sleeping, and I was hungry. So, I couldn’t control it.

After saying that, she took a spoon of ice cream and sucked it until the last bit was in her mouth. Varun gave a smile. She was only in Varun’s shirt, which was white in color and semi-transparent.

Her assets were glowing even in the dim lights. Her nipples were still perky, and her thighs and legs wanted to be licked and sucked. Varun was looking at her from bottom to top. He stopped right at her tits and kept staring at them. Sapna started biting her lips in ecstasy.

Sapna: Stop looking and say something. You make me go crazy with that kinky look.

Varun moved near her. He took the ice cream box from her and kept that on the kitchen slab. He slowly caressed her thighs with his left hand and gently went into her shirt to touch her ass. While his left hand was enjoying the ass, he unbuttoned her up to her navel.

He did put his middle finger in her navel hole. He did go deep with his hand while caressing her ass cheek. Then he transferred his right hand from navel to her tits. He circled the areola and suddenly pinched the nipples. He took his left hand and did the same thing on both the boobs.

He did this around 5-6 times and pulled the nipples harder. Sapna screamed in pain. Varun unbuttoned the shirt completely and lifted her to sit on the slab. It was a granite slab. It was very cold. The moment Sapna’s ass made contact with the slab, her body shook. The current passed inside her body.

Varun took a little bit of ice cream, and he poured it on the top of her cleavage. It flowed down. Varun put his tongue out, and he started licking right from the bottom to top her cleavage. Then he again took a bit of ice cream and poured it on the top of the left boob. It flowed from the top to her nipples.

Varun went to the bottom of the boob and started licking till her nipples. He used his tongue and circled the areola. They aggressively sucked the nipples. This made Sapna go damn high. Varun pulled her tits with his lips and occasionally caressed with his tongue. He went back and fro with his lips.

Sapna was breathing heavily, and her boobs enlarged with each breath. Her perky nipples went even perkier and made Varun wilder. Now he stopped and shifted to the left boob. He did the same and made her go wild.

After spending quality time making her tits perkier, Varun was made to lie on the chill slab. Then he did spread her legs and stared at the pussy that he banged. He smiled at her naughtily.

Sapna: You and your looks are making me even crazier. I can’t even imagine what you’re up to. I will remember this night forever.

She was right. He was making her dance with his every move. He wanted her first-time special, but she was having a blast. He took a large spoon of ice cream and poured it just above her pussy and right below her underbelly.

The ice cream had already melted. It flowed over her pussy wall immediately after pouring. Sapna was already breathing heavily. Her moaning got wilder. But Varun didn’t suck it. He repeatedly poured ice cream and waited for a minute to make it completely flow over her pussy.

He did this four times. Then he threw the spoon and pulled her to the end of the slab. He took her legs on his shoulder and put his tongue into her pussy. He licked wildly and sucked all the ice cream out of her pussy.

Sapna’s hands were pulling his hair while her back was jumping in ecstasy in the slab. He put his tongue into her pussy, and moved his tongue up and down.

Sapna: Come on! Yes! Varun, please don’t stop! Ah! Ah! Yeah, please, Varun, don’t stop. Ah!

Her breathing was moaning. Everything was increasing with every lick. She was damn high, and Varun suddenly stopped just right before.

Sapna: What the fuck Varun? I want to –

Before she could complete her words, Varun pulled her close and locked her lips. He grabbed her ass and lifted her, locking her lips. Her legs were wrapped around him, and he swiftly moved to the dining table. He yanked the shirt and straight away inserted his middle and ring finger into her pussy.

He moved his finger inside her while she was reaching her endgame. Her legs were still wrapped around him. Varun pushed her to lie on the table and took his fingers out. She was again pissed off with his action. But before she could utter a word, he put his tongue into her pussy again.

He made her leg spread widely, and he started rolling his tongue into her pussy. He did it in both clock and anti-clockwise directions and suddenly backed off. She couldn’t bear all the pressure. Now he inserted his middle finger, and he tried to touch the area inside her pussy.

His hand was successful, and he contacted the soft mushy area of her pussy ‘the G-spot.’ He started rubbing her G-spot while licking her cunt. Sapna’s moaning turned into screaming.

Sapna: Jaan, please let me release this time. Ah! Ah! Ah! Yes! Please make me do this.

Her words were trembling. Her eyes were rolling up. Her toes were on edge. There was a current passing from her back to pussy. Her nails were deeply deposited into Varun’s back. Finally, with a scream, she let all her juices out. She squirted. She reached one of the best orgasms of her life.

She let all the juices flow right in his hands. She lay flat on the dining table. Her breath was slowing down. She could hear her heartbeat. Her legs rested. There was a huge amount of sweat that was running through her body. She kept smiling from the moment she squirted.

Varun took his hands out and sat on the dining chair. He took her toes and placed them in his chest. He kissed her toes gently. There wasn’t any movement in Sapna’s body for 3-4 minutes. Varun left her body to be rejuvenated while he constantly kissed and sucked her toes and fingers.

After resting her for 10 minutes, he grabbed her via her back and pulled her closer to him. He kissed her forehead. She looked deeply into his eyes. She laid flat on his chest. She kissed his chest while he grabbed her and looked into her eyes.

Varun: How was it? Are you happy?

Sapna was out of words. She was looking at him in complete satisfaction.

Sapna: I can’t tell how happy I am. You’re a complete package both outside and in bed.

Varun smiled. Sapna wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him closer.

Sapna: I want all of you, all of your madness. Your crazy kinky stuff that’s fucking my brains out. I want all the experiments to be done. I want the complete wild version of you.

Saying this, she locked her lips with him. She took the lead and started sucking, and at the time, she bit his lips. Their tongues were touching, and their bodies sealed. They started moving their bodies up and down, making Sapna’s tits rub with Varun’s tits and chest.

Varun’s crotch was making contact with Sapna’s wet pussy. Varun’s dick was longing to get out of his jockeys. Then Sapna broke the kiss, took Varun’s right hand, and placed it in her boobs. Varun immediately crushed and pulled the nipples.

Sapna took her right hand pinched Varun’s nipples while she sucked the other one. She ran her hand over his abs and slowly entered into his jockeys. She took the monster inside and freed it. She pulled the jockeys a little down and started jerking his tool.

Varun pre-cum was flowing. He couldn’t control it, so he lifted her and placed her on the sofa. He made her legs spread and put his tool in her opening. He gently caressed her entry with his dick.

Varun: Jaanu I want you. I want your pussy to wrap my dick.

Sapna: Do whatever you want, jaan. I’m all yours. Fuck the brains out of me.

Varun opened the condoms that were lying on the tea table. He rushed them into his dick. Then with a full flow, he went into Sapna’s hole. There was no resistance. There was zero friction in her pussy as she was overflowing her juices from Varun’s tongue play.

She wrapped her legs around him while her right hand pulled his hair, and her left was making scratches on his back. Varun started with josh, and he was going at in great pace. His balls repeatedly hit her pussy walls, and this made a great sound along with their moaning.

Varun: Ah! Yes, jaanu, you were made for me! Ah! Yes, scream. Scream in pleasure, jaanu. Yes! Ah!

Sapna: Bang me jaan. Put your whole thing in and fuck me. Ah! Varun yes. Varun faster, yes baby, make me cum yes.

Varun slowed down a bit to make it longer. Then he swiftly sat on the sofa made her sit over her lap. Now both were facing each other while Sapna’s boobs. He made her go up and down until his skin reached the top and bottom.

Sapna never had sex in her life, and all this was new to her. She closed her tightly in pleasure while screaming at the same time. Varun’s dick was pumping her. Her boobs were jiggling up and down with each stroke. Varun kept sucking her nipples. Her screaming got even louder.

Suddenly he bit and kept pulling her nipple with his teeth. His dick was twitching inside her pussy, and he went with the great pace. The sound of his dick hitting her pussy was heard all over the room. He grabbed her closely and bit her nipple even harder.

She grabbed his head and deposited it in her boobs. She held him tightly. Varun grabbed her right ass, tightened his grip. With a great push, he released all his cum. Sapna knew Varun’s leakage, and just after that, she joined the party. She did squirt for the third time in the night.

Both of them were exhausted and holding each other tightly. They both had an equal amount of pleasure. They both fell on the sofa cuddling each other. Sapna fell on his chest while her hand wrapped his chest, and Varun wrapped over her shoulder. This is the end of the first time.

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