Fucking My Best Friend In Lockdown – Part 6

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Hi, guys. Sameer here with another part of the story. If you guys haven’t read the previous part, please do so before reading about Zoya’s wish to be an escort.

After that night, Zoya slept with me. From the next day, her daily sex routine changed a bit. In the morning, Suresh uncle was having her. At noon the security guard Ramesh. In the night, it was me who was fucking his best friend like a slut. She enjoyed every bit of the daily sex.

As time flew by, the lockdown was over with only a night curfew. So everything started to go back to the busy schedule of work. But during weekends, all three of us would fuck her like mad animals.

A few weeks passed by like this. One night after having sex with her, Zoya suggested she wants to experience the life of an escort for once. We were shocked by her suggestion. We all love to fuck her, but we also cared for her. Ramesh clearly said no. Suresh uncle and I started to think about it.

She was looking at us with her puppy eyes so that we can approve of it. After thinking for a while, Suresh uncle and I said yes. But the deal was that she will have to be on call with us all the time. Suresh uncle will find her man as he knew someone who gives escorts to different people.

The next day was Saturday. In the morning, Suresh uncle and I went to visit the man who supplies escorts to others. His place was in an underdeveloped area with small roads and a few old motels. We stopped at one of the motels.

The motel has 4 floors. It’s an old building. We entered the building. The receptionist smiled at Suresh uncle and told him to go to the 3rd floor. I asked Suresh, uncle, how did he know about this place.

That’s when he told me about his wife sharing and all. With this, I felt like I can trust the man who is gonna find a person for my best friend.

We went to the floor through the stairs. Most of the rooms have an air cooler, and only a few of them have AC. We reached the 4th floor and went to the last room. We opened the door, and a man was sitting in a chair watching something on the TV.

When he saw us, he stood up and came towards us, and welcomed Suresh uncle. Suresh uncle introduced me to him and vice versa. His name was Kapil. He was an average person with a bit of dark skin. We sat down, and he ordered drinks for us.

Uncle then told him all about Zoya. He then asked him if we had any photos of her. He saw some photos with clothes and some naked. He was impressed with her figure. He commented that a girl of her figure would have a value of 50k to 60k for one night.

I was shocked after hearing the amount. Suresh uncle told him to give us a room where we can watch her. He told us everything would be taken care of by him. After making the deal, we left.

On our way back, Suresh uncle assured me that Kapil is very trustworthy. Not a single client of his complained nor any escorts regarding the money. At around 4 pm, Kapil called Suresh uncle and told us he got one client willing to offer more than 70k for the Zoya. We agreed on it.

I called Zoya and told her about everything. She seemed happy after hearing all this. She came to my room dressed in a black one-piece dress. Her cleavage was visible, and the dress ends by barely covering her ass. Suresh uncle came, and we left for Kapil’s motel.

At around 7.30 we reached his place. The client was already waiting for her. When we entered the motel, all eyes were on Zoya. She was feeling a bit nervous, but we assured her it would be ok. We reached the 4th floor, and we can hear moaning sounds from most of the rooms.

We entered the room where Kapil was. His eyes were scanning Zoya with a wide smile. He then told her to go to the room on the other end of the floor. Suresh uncle stayed. Kapil and I took her there.

Before entering, she looked at me with worries. I kissed her and assured her that if anything happens, we will be there. I kissed her again, and Kapil knocked on the door.

The man opened the door. After seeing Kapil, he was angry about his slut. That’s when he saw Zoya, and a smile popped off. The man was in his late thirties with a quite good body. I believe he works at a high post of a company.

Zoya entered the room. We came back to Kapil’s room. Everything was set up there. We can see the things they will be doing in the live CCTV footage.

The man started to kiss Zoya, and she started to enjoy it. He kissed her for more than 10 minutes and slapping her ass also. He made her kneel and put out his penis. It was 6.5 inches, but it has thick enough to penetrate the sidewalls of her vagina.

Zoya started to stroke on it, and the man was moaning about how good she is doing it. She sucked his cock for 15 minutes. All the cum exploded onto her mouth. She drinks it happily. The man got fully naked and undressed Zoya also. She was now only on a g-string panty.

He made her lay on doggy style and started slapping her ass. He has slapped her ass harder and harder. It seems like Zoya was enjoying it. He started to suck on her pussy by inserting one of his fingers onto her ass hole. The man was sucking on her pussy like a dog swallowing all of her vaginal juices.

Zoya was unable to hold on, and she reached her 1st orgasms of the night. The man again started to slap her vagina now. She was moaning in both pain and pleasure. He laid down on the bed and asked Zoya to suck his cock again. She started to do it again.

The man stopped her after some time and started to mouth fuck her. After that, he laid her on the bed started to suck on her nipples. She was moaning heavily. By seeing all this, Kapil was stroking his penis. He also commented that Zoya is a Randi.

We both smiled. The man was now biting her nipples and areolar. He stood up in the bed and pulled her on, and started to fuck her. At first, we thought she was not enjoying it. But after a few minutes, we realized she was enjoying it very much. His penis is penetrating her vaginal wall more than inside.

They changed their position to missionary. He was fucking her hard now. The moaning sound of her was very heavy. The man was fucking her like he had been without sex for decades. He fucked her like this for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, they both reached the climax. He put all his cum inside my best friend.

It was 10 pm at that time. They both were tired, but the man wants more. They took 30 minutes to rest. Again his penis was hard. Zoya knew what he wanted. In 69 position, she started to suck his cock again. This time Zoya was doing it more slowly as she wanted him to enjoy her service fully.

Within 5 minutes, the man flipped her and put her doggy style. He started to put his one finger inside her asshole. Like this, he put 3 of his fingers, checking if she could hold the girth of his penis. He put his penis on the front of her asshole. He gave a hard push, and the penis went inside.

Zoya gave a huge moan with it. Slowly he increased the pace. With it, he became rough also. Using words like Randi and all. He held her hairs like a rope, and it felt like he was riding a horse by fucking Zoya. He fucked her ass hole for 1 hour, and they both came.

By seeing all this, Kapil arranged sluts for us. We all fucked the sluts till morning with the live show of Zoya’s first slut experience. The man had many sessions with her till he was completely exhausted. It was around 4 am I saw Zoya was asleep.

The man came to Kapil’s room, gave us 90k for the service, and went back to sleep with her. We gave Kapil 20k and kept the rest. The next morning at around 10.00 am, we left the motel.

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