Sex After The Swimming Pool

Hey everybody. Suraj here again. I hope you enjoyed my previous story ‘Girlfriend Got Caught Using Vibrator’. I am writing one again. I and Sue went to the resort for celebrating our anniversary. And how we had amazing sex after that.

Coming straight to the story. As soon as we reached the resort Sue disappeared into the bedroom, and I stood, following her. I opened the door to the dark bedroom. Just a sliver of light bled from the bathroom, revealing the made bed and the side tables weighed down by gossip magazines, tea maker and bottled water.

Sue peeled off her clothes, one piece at a time. Leaving each one like a pathway to the shower, before turning it on. She never likes to be sweaty unless she is naked with me. I imagined her standing outside the curtain, reaching in, the soft curves of her body shifting slowly with each movement.

The crotch of my jeans instantly resisted against the bulge behind the denim. I reached down and readjusted, walking toward the door bordered with harsh fluorescent light. The door creaked as I pushed it open. Sue had already stepped behind the curtain.

But I could hear the water sloughing off her with loud slaps on the floor of the tub. “Sue?” I said. My dick was begging me to strip down and step into the shower behind her. I pulled the curtain to the side. She stepped back as far as she could, watching me step one foot inside and then the other. I was still fully dressed.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

I wrapped my arms around her, feeling the water pour over the top of my head, soaking my shirt.

Sue lifted my shirt, up and over my head, letting it fall to the floor with a slap. Then, she unbuckled my belt while her tongue flicked along my neck. She was already naked, so there was nothing for me to do but let her undress me. That was strangely arousing.

As soon as my zipper was down, Sue knelt in front of me, taking my jeans with her. I kicked off my tennis shoes, and she tossed them outside the tub before doing the same with my jeans. She reached up, curving her fingers until they were snuggly between my skin and the waistband of my boxers.

She slid them down, carefully pulling them over my erection. Once they slapped against the tile outside the curtain, Sue pulled my entire length into her mouth. I had to steady myself, palms flat against the wall. I groaned as the tugging suction and her grip worked together. It created quite possibly the best sensation in the world.

Her eager mouth was so warm and wet. Hers was the only one that made me wish I could kiss it and fuck it at the same time. For a fleeting moment, the thought that she had gone down on me to change the subject popped into my head. Sex with her was one of my most favorite subjects.

Her free hand reached up to cup my balls, and that nearly threw me over the edge.

“I need to be inside you,” I said.

She didn’t respond. So I lifted her to a standing position and then hitched her knee to my hip. She grabbed my ears and pulled me against her mouth. I positioned myself, deciding at the moment to lower her onto my dick. Slowly since she’d already worked me into a frenzy. I lifted her other leg.

Just as I moved to position myself, I lost my footing. Sue squealed as I reached out, scrambling for something to save us. then I resorted to bracing for the fall. The nylon curtain ripped from the rings, only giving us half a second before my back slammed onto the floor.

I grunted and then looked up at Sue. her hair dripping wet, her eyes clenched shut. One jade eye popped open and then the other.

“God, are you okay?” I asked.

“Are you?”

I breathed out a laugh. “Yeah, I think so.”

She covered her mouth and then began to giggle, making laughter erupt from my throat and rip through the bedroom of our suite. We tried and fail for bathroom sex. Soon, we were wiping our eyes and trying to catch our breaths.

We never tried again and went to the swimming pool. She changed into her bikini and shorts. I just put on my shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. And dipped in the pool straight away.

After being in the pool for much time I came to my room. Sue wanted to spend more time in the swimming pool and to soak and tan in the sun. I wanted to finish my pending report for work before cooling off for our time together and dinner. I just cleaned my self when she entered.

“Baby?” Sue called. The front door closed behind her words.

“In the bedroom,” I replied.

She opened the door and flipped on the light. “Why are you sitting in the dark?”

“Just got off the phone with a report to my manager Monali. She wasn’t super happy about the late notice, but she gave me Friday off.”

“Sweet!” she said, dropping her towel. “I’m going to take a shower. Want to join me? With a twinkled eye.

“I can go in with you anytime,” I said, scrambling to my feet.

Sue tugged on a string as she walked, and her bikini top fell to the ground. She paused a few steps later to shimmy the bottoms down her thighs. Then she let them fall the rest of the way.

I followed behind her, picking up pieces of clothing as I went. She reached beyond the curtain to turn the knob and frowned at me. I tossed her clothes into the hamper.

“Really? You’re cleaning up after me?”

I shrugged. “It’s just a habit, Sue. It’s compulsive. I can’t help myself.”

She pulled back the curtain and then pinched my towel, pulling until the tucked portion was free. The fluffy cotton was on the ground, and then so was Sue.

With one hand, I gripped the edge of the Formica surrounding the sink. With the other, I gently buried my fingers in her still wet hair. Her mouth was remarkable. She used one hand to grip my girth. With just enough suction and a hint of teeth, she teased and sucked me.

I began to worry that I was going to lift the Formica right off the cabinet. Soon, I was coming. But she didn’t relent, her mouth working me until I was finished. I lifted her to stand and then ripped at the curtain, pushing her backward and then turning her around.

With one hand between her legs and the other clutching the slick skin of her hip. I kissed her shoulder while I sank myself deep inside her. The sound she made was enough to make me come a second time, but I waited for her.

I worked my fingers in a circle on her soft skin. Smiling when she began writhing against my hand, whispering for more. While I rocked against her, agonizingly slow, she continued whimpering and moaning.

The water cascaded over her back, pushing her hair to one side or another. I ran my palm over her bronze skin, savoring every inch. I was hoping she would remember how good we were together.

As I keep pushing more, she became more excited and the pitch of her cries became higher. That adorable yelping she made when she climaxed. Unable to stop, I rammed myself into her, over and over, until I came again. Slowing as she did, panting even though we’d been at it for no more than twenty minutes.

Sue turned around to look at me, wearing nothing but a flirtatious grin. She stood, pulling away from me—which was the worst feeling in the world. Then she wrapped her arms around my neck as the water poured over our heads.

“I love you,” she whispered.

I raked my hands through each side of her hair, sliding my tongue into her mouth. I hoped it was enough. But being with her is never enough for me.

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