Reunion Party And Sex With Swati

Hello People, I am Raj from Mumbai, back with another story.

This happened at our school reunion between my schoolmate/classmate Swati and me. We both are of the same age and from the same city. Swati is married, and so am I.

This all started when there was a group created on WhatsApp with all our classmates. Many left the group, and only 20 or 25 of us were there in the group. I started looking for everyone’s DPs just to know how do we all look now. There I saw Swati’s picture. She was looking damn beautiful in the picture.

So it was a common forum where everyone used to talk on some or another topic, school memories, etc. Swati used to only reply with smileys. One day I pinged her in private. I started with hi and hello. Very soon we started to talk about our work life, family and personal life.

Soon we were close to each other as good friends and discussed all our good and bad. Then we had a message in the group about the reunion party. It was supposed to be held in Pune as most of our group members were there. All agreed, and the day was decided.

It was two weeks from now that we had to leave. So it was only me and Swati from Mumbai. The rest were from Pune and different cities. Swati and I decided to go together in my car. We decided the day and time. We decided to book rooms in a hotel a day in advance of the party.

So we left a day early from Mumbai. We left in the evening around 5 pm and reached Pune around 9 pm. While driving from Mumbai to Pune, we had a lot of talks. We decided that we will stay in Pune for a day more after the party. We can roam around Pune and do some shopping.

We checked into our hotel and to our respective rooms, which were next to each other. I called Swati and asked if we can have dinner together. She agreed and asked to order in my room. She was tired of going down in the restaurant. I ordered the food.

While the food was on its way, Swati knocked on the door. I was just out of the shower and was in a towel wrapped around my waist with a bare chest. Swati looked at me and smile. I went back into the room and wore a t-shirt and shorts, and came back.

Meanwhile, Swati was sitting on the sofa. She was looking gorgeous in a sleeveless top and shorts with loose hair on her shoulders. I just complimented her, and she replied with a smile and thank you. We had dinner and sat chit-chatting for a while.

Swati asked as to what to wear for the party tomorrow. I told her the t-shirt color and the jeans that I am going to wear. When I asked her about her dress, she replied that it is a surprise. I should see her when we head for the party. I just smiled and said, ok.

Swati left, and we slept after confirming the venue and time for tomorrow’s party in the group. The time was set for 7 pm, and the venue, as per the map, was 20 minutes from our hotel. I asked Swati to be ready by 6.30 so that we leave on time and reach on time.

Swati was ready on time and called me to ask if I am ready. I was all set to leave. I opened the door, and at the same time, Swati came out of her room. She was wearing a black velvet one-piece knee-length dress. The loose hair was on her shoulders, a light makeover, and a small bag in hand for her mobile.

She was wearing high heels. In all, she was looking hot and sexy. I kept staring at her when she suddenly broke the silence and said, should we leave. I stammered and said yes. We walked towards the exit and reached parking.

I got my car to the gate, and Swati got in. Before I could start the drive, I told Swati that she is looking gorgeous. She just smiled and said thank you. We reached the venue and went to the hall that was set up for our party. We meet all that were present. Many more joined in some time.

The party was On, and we all danced, met, greeted each other. We had our dinner, chit chat, it was almost 11 pm, and people started to leave. Swati and I also decided to leave. We bid goodbye to all and left.

While driving back, Swati said that she is too tired and will take a shower and sleep. I was driving, and Swati leaned on my shoulder and almost slept. While changing the gear, my elbow was touching her boobs. She didn’t resist. We were about to reach the hotel, and I woke her up.

She was back in her senses and arranged her hair and dress and looked at me and smile. I asked if all is ok. She nodded as yes and said, “Just a bit tired.” I told Swati that I thought of spending some more time together. Swati agreed and said, “Why not?”

We can spend time with tea, coffee, juice, or soft drinks in her room and chit-chat. I confirmed if she is not tired as she almost slept on my shoulder. She said my shoulder was very much comfortable. The time she slept on my shoulder wipe away her tiredness. She smiled and winked at me.

We reached the hotel, took our keys from reception. We ordered some juice and soft drinks in the next 15 minutes. We reached the door, and Swati asked if it is ok that we spend time in her room. I agreed, and so we entered her room. I sat on the sofa.

Swati went to the washroom to get fresh. I also removed my shoes, got comfortable, and went to the washroom after Swati to get fresh. In the washroom, I saw her bra and panty. I took it and smelled it, and rub her panty on my penis. I got an immediate hard-on.

I closed my eyes and was thinking about Swati. After few minutes I cam back to my senses and kept the bra and panty back where it was. I waited there in the washroom for my tool to be back in normal and then went out.

Swati was lying on the bed. The drinks were kept on the table. She saw me and got up immediately. We then sat and started to talk about the party. She told me about few classmates as to how they have changed and what they are doing now. She was talking, and I was listening to her.

Suddenly she paused and asked what did I like about the party. I smiled and said you.

Swati: Liar, I saw you checking out on all the women in the hall.

Me: I am serious. I could not take my eyes off you and was jealous when you talked to other guys.

Swati: Oh really? What made you stuck your eyes on me?

Me: What not? You are beautiful and sexy, good personality, a nice figure.

Swati: I don’t believe you. There were many other girls in the hall, sexier than me.

Me: I don’t know as I didn’t see anybody else apart from you. It was all you at the party for me.

Swati blushed and smiled and said thank you.

Swati: Ok, tell me, what do you like in me?

Me: I know you from school. There was some disconnect after we left the school, but this WhatsApp brought us together. You have changed a lot after school. I like your nature, your frankness, your attitude. I mean, you are all perfect.

Swati: Thank you, you have told me this before as well when we chat on WhatsApp. What do you like in me, tell me that?

Me: What do you mean?

Swati: stupid, I am talking about my body.

Me: (smiling) Do you want me to say that? I will sound cheap.

Swati: No, it won’t. I want to know what do you like about me. Come on, tell me.

Me: I like your face, your lips, your perfect round boobs, your perfect ass, everything I like in you.

Swati kept the glass on the table and smiled, “Really? You never said that to me. You have seen me in my photographs.”

Me: I thought of saying that but never had courage. I thought you might not like it and it will spoil our relation.

Swati: I won’t mind that. I am happy that atleast someone notices me and likes me. Not ignoring like my husband.

Me: Why will someone ignore you or your beauty? I am mad at your beauty and you.

Swati smiled and started walking towards me. She took a glass from my hand and kept it on the table. She lifted her dress a bit and sat on my lap with her legs on either side of mine, kept her hands on my shoulder. We were looking into each other’s eyes.

Swati made a move and kissed me on my lips. She had her eyes closed and lips on my lips. I held her from back and pulled her towards me, and started responding. So we were into deep kissing, and our tongues rolled with each other. Swati was kissing me passionately and biting my lips.

We broke the kiss and looked at each other. I hugged Swati tight and could feel her boobs on my chest. I kissed her neck, shoulder, bit her ear lobes, and also bit her neck. She whispered in my ear to be gentle as she does not want any bite marks.

I continue to kiss her all over her neck, shoulder, cheeks. While kissing her, Swati pulled my t-shirt and took it off. She started kissing my bare chest and gave few bites on my chest. While she was kissing me, I unzipped her dress from the back.

I started rolling my hands all over her bareback and could feel her bra hook. Swati was too excited. She went down on her knees and started to unbutton my jeans, unzip, and pulled them down. She took my jeans off in seconds. I was already hard, and it was visible in my white underwear.

Swati kissed my penis over my underwear and made it all wet with her saliva. It was a great feeling when her lips and tongue were touching my penis over my underwear. I then made her stop and pulled her up. Swati smiled and kissed me. She lifted her dress to her waist and sat on my lap with her back on my face.

She sat in a way that my hard penis was touching her pussy over her panty. I took her dress off her shoulders and pulled it down. I kissed all over her bareback and gave few gentle bites. Swati was moaning softly and was moving to rub her pussy on my penis.

I continued to kiss and pulled her dress all up and took it off. She was sitting on my lap in her black strapless bra and almost kind of black thong panty. I hug her from the back, and she turned her face. I kissed her lips and started pressing her boobs with one hand and rubbing her pussy with another.

Swati’s panty was already wet, so it was easy for me to rub over her panty. Swati was enjoying this and was moaning heavily. She took my hand off her pussy and pulled my underwear down, and let it fall on the floor. She then slid her panty aside and guided my penis to touch her pussy.

She held my penis and started rubbing her pussy on it. That was a great feeling. I was kissing her back and neck harder. Swati continued to move and rub her pussy on my penis. I unhooked her bra and threw it on the floor. We then took and pause, and I turned Swati around.

Swati was standing in front of me in her wet panty. I took that off and made her sit on my lap again with her legs stretched and wrapped around my waist and guided my penis in her pussy. Her pussy was already wet, so it was easy to penetrate.

However, while inserting, Swati was in pain and held my shoulders tight. I held her from her ass and pulled her slowly to let my penis go inside her pussy. My penis was inside her pussy. She had her eyes closed, and her head rested on my shoulder.

I waited for few seconds and started moving Swati to and fro. Swati was moaning and was enjoying the same. In a few minutes, Swati took charge and started moving in and out fast. She was moaning loudly with every push. Her boobs were bouncing.

I took her boobs in hand and suck and bite her nipples. Swati was enjoying it completely. We continued this for 10-15 minutes. Then I stood up with Swati in my arms and her legs wrapped around my waist. I was taking Swati towards the bed.

However, she was too excited, and so she was kissing me passionately. I pinned her on the wall, held her hands high, and held it tight. I started fucking her standing. I was giving hard pushes to penetrate deep inside. Swati was moaning loud, and her back was scratching on the wall.

Swati looked at me, held my face, and kissed me. I fucked her standing for almost 15-20 minutes and then threw her on the bed. Swati was lying naked on the bed with her wet pussy and hot body. She was looking at me and inviting me. I jumped on her and started kissing her all over.

While kissing her, I rubbed her pussy and inserted my middle finger in her pussy. I fingered her deep, and so was Swati shivering like a fish. I kept kissing all over her body, suck her boobs and nipples, kissed her navel, rolled my tongue all over and inside her navel.

I further went down to her pussy and started licking it. I licked it dry and spread her pussy lips, and inserted my tongue deep inside. I tongue fucked her pussy for almost 10 minutes, and Swati had her orgasm there.

She was looking relieved and smile. I then spread her legs and went in between and guided my penis inside her pussy. I was fucking her in a missionary position. Her legs were on the bed a bit folded and were penetrating deep inside.

Swati then wrapped her legs again on my waist and held me from my neck, and raised herself in the air. It was like she was flying in the air with my penis inside her pussy. That was a great feeling for both of us.

I then placed her back on the bed and started fucking her hard and fast. Swati was moaning and screaming in pleasure. I was about to cum, and so did I inform her that I am cumming. Swati asked me to load all my cum inside her pussy. She wanted to feel the warmth of the cum.

After a few more strokes, I loaded all my cum inside her pussy and got laid on her. Swati caressed my hair and back and whispered in my ear as thank you. We both were exhausted, so we laid there for some time. Then Swati went to the washroom to clean herself.

She was back in 15 minutes wearing just her white bra and panty drying in the washroom. She jumped on the bed and covered herself under the bedsheet. I then went to the washroom and got fresh. I came back wrapped in a towel on the wait. I got under the bedsheet with Swati.

Swati was resting on my chest and said that she never had such pleasure. She thanked me for that. Then we talked about the party, our personal life, sex, and then slept cuddling. The next morning we woke up at 11 am. I gave a kiss to Swati and left for my room.

After an hour, Swati called and said that we would go out for lunch and some shopping. I agreed, and we left as decided. After lunch, while shopping Swati said that she does not want to go back soon.

So we made an official reason and stayed in Pune for a week. Our room got changed from two to one honeymoon suite. We had sex whenever we got the chance to, and we explore all possible ways and positions. Swati purchased some sexy lingeries and dressed to spice up the moment.

We enjoyed ourselves a lot and then, after a week, left for Mumbai. We still meet and have atleast one session whenever we meet.

I hope you all must have enjoyed it. Please share your valuable feedback. Anybody who wants to enjoy or connect with me for anything can ping me on hangouts at [email protected]

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