My Wife’s Journey To Stardom

I was extremely nervous. I knew I would forever lose my exclusive right to my wife Prayashi’s body after that day. Yet, it was important to do it. It was important to let Prayashi pursue her dream of becoming a Television actress.

The ‘audition’ with Khaled sir was an important step towards fulfilling that dream. After all, Khaled sir was one of the most well-known, influential casting directors in the Telugu Television industry. His blessings would guarantee a break for Prayashi.

My beautiful wife Prayashi – 30 years of age, slim, fair, 32B cups, and a smile to die for. All of which was mine until that day would be shared with others going forward. I may even be reduced to a mere onlooker – but we had made our decision. I had agreed for her to have sex with a film producer.

It might sound strange. We both agreed that not just Prayashi’s decision to join the Television industry (and potentially films in the future), but her physical intimacy with other superior males was equally important for a healthy married life between Prayashi and me.

After all, after I was clinically diagnosed with impotency 2 years ago, Prayashi had stopped having sex with me altogether. My penis was always small, and my performance in bed was pathetic. But the clinical report was like an official confirmation that I was a lesser man.

Prayashi needed real men to content her desires. Instead of starting an affair with someone, we decided to kill 2 birds with one stone. Let Prayashi join Television to fulfill her artistic desires and sleep with real men from the industry to fulfill her sexual desires.

A few months ago, Prayashi and I first discussed her aspirations to join Television. I was unsure if it was the right thing to do. But the more we talked about it, and the more Prayashi expressed her sexual frustrations. I realized that it would probably be the only solution to save our marriage.

That night the thoughts of well-endowed men inseminating my lovely wife gave me a tremendous hard-on which did not escape Prayashi’s notice. She smiled and thanked me for being an understanding husband. From the next day, our hunt started to make contact with casting directors and photographers.

Being from Bengal, we thought Prayashi’s inability to speak in Telugu would become a hindrance. But to our surprise, that did not seem to be much of an issue in the industry. We were told that it’s the expressions and looks of actresses that mattered the most – and Prayashi was excellent in both.

We continued to meet tens of people. We finally got our first real breakthrough appointment with Khaled sir. It took us months to get there, but we were glad we finally got the appointment.

On the day of the appointment, Khaled sir sent a driver with a car to pick Prayashi and me from our house. We reached his bungalow at around 8 PM.

Prayashi was wearing a micro mini dress that perfectly exposed her smooth and fair legs. The night before, as per Khaled sir’s instructions, I had shaved Prayashi’s vagina. I also washed it and her asshole with a special scented shampoo which Khaled sir sent.

Prayashi never had a single hair on her legs and her asshole and had a perfect feminine body. Her dark, curvy long hair complemented her smooth fair skin.

Her pinkish nipples were perfect matches for her firm breasts – although they were not very big. Her hips were perfect, and her shapely legs could make any man go weak on his knees.

As we waited in Khaled sir’s lounge, both holding each others’ hands. I was very nervous. Prayashi was surprisingly very excited, though, and had spunk in her voice. She was at the cusp of beginning a new life, both professionally and personally, with her husband’s backing. No wonder she was happy.

After about 15 minutes of wait, we were summoned into Khaled sir’s huge bedroom. And we didn’t look back ever since. Khaled sir, 56 years of age, tall, muscular, dark, with a beard and a very serious face, had a very intimidating personality.

He was around in the casting industry for decades and had contacts with producers, directors, and A-list actors. Very few actresses could make it into the industry without the blessings of Khaled sir. Few other casting directors had similar reaches like Khaled sir.

Prayashi and I entered Khaled sir’s room. My throat had gone dry in fear and nervousness. And there he was – sitting on an armchair. He was wearing a checkered lungi and nothing on the upper part of his body. He had strong arms and a strong hairy chest.

His belly was slightly loose, but overall he came across as a strong, well-endowed man. Prayashi passed a smile at Khaled sir. In return, Khaled sir signaled us to sit on the sofa directly opposite to him.

“So you want to be a TV actress?” Khaled sir asked Prayashi.

“Yes, sir. It has been a longtime dream. I am ready to do anything to fulfill this dream,” Prayashi said.

“And you know what happens in this industry? You okay with your wife doing all this?” Khaled sir asked me.

“Yes, sir…I am happy. I… I mean, sir, yes,” I stammered and didn’t know what I said out of fear.

“Good. So let’s not waste any time and get to the point. You know, the only thing most producers and directors want from their actresses is sex. I need to be sure that your wife is willing to do just that. I won’t go just by your words – I need to check that she is indeed ready.”

“So I am going to fuck her right now in your presence. If she can satisfy me, then you have my word that Prayashi will get a role in the next daily soap to be produced by Subramanian Films (name changed – a well-known TV serial production house),” Khaled sir said directly looking at me.

But before I could say a word. Prayashi replied with a smile, “Of course, sir. We are glad that you are not beating around the bush and talking straight. It is not just a professional decision to join TV. My husband Sunil is a sexually inferior man.”

“He desires to see me fucking physically and socially more powerful men. He knows his place and will support me in anything I decide to do. So yes, I am all yours tonight.” Then turning to me, Prayashi said, “Isn’t it, Sunil?”

Again, I gulped, and I stammered, “Yes… darling…yes.”

Both Khaled sir and Prayashi smiled. Then turning his attention to Prayashi, Khaled sir said in Hindi, “Toh chudwane ke liye acting line mein aayi hai randi?” (Bitch, you have chosen the acting line so that you can get fucked?)

I immediately had an erection hearing Khaled sir call Prayashi a bitch. But it is her answer that put me in place. Prayashi said, “Haan sir, aise namard se shaadi kiya hai toh randi ban ke hi pyaas mitani paregi.”

(Yes, sir, because I am married to a sissy, the only way to satisfy my sexual needs is by becoming a bitch.)

Khaled sir liked Prayashi’s answer and smacked her ass in appreciation. He then grabbed her by her hair and pulled her closer to him. Prayashi herself tilted her head, anticipating a lip kiss. Khaled sir looked at me and smiled. He then kissed Prayashi – a full tongue to tongue kiss.

Prayashi was getting ecstatic to get intimate with a real man finally. All along, Khaled sir kept on playing with Prayashi’s ass. When they finally broke their kiss, Khaled sir turned to me and asked me to change into some clothes kept in the bathroom.

I meekly said, “Okay,” and went to the bathroom. To my horror, there was a pair of pink satin bra and panty and a see-through micro mini white nighty. I felt humiliated and a bit angry too. But all it took me is a minute to decide to wear those clothes. I didn’t dare to upset Khaled sir.

I slowly removed all my manly clothes and looked at myself in the mirror. I had a feminine body with no hair on my legs and chest. I barely had any facial hair either. I was slim, and my penis was 3.5 inches when erect. There was no way I deserved a sexy goddess like Prayashi.

I was glad that she was finally finding her match. I slipped into the pair of satin bra and panty, and they fitted me perfectly. My small cock twisted a bit under the panty, but I soon got used to it. Maybe my body and mind were slowly accepting the feminine side of me!

I also put on the see-through nighty and looked myself into the mirror again. I looked like a slut myself. I slowly stepped out of the bathroom and entered the bedroom where Prayashi was sitting on Khaled sir’s lap. As soon as she saw me, Prayashi burst out laughing.

Khaled sir, though, had a serious expression on his face. He stood up, easily lifting Prayashi with his hands, and came closer to me. Such was his demeanor that I had a chill down my body in fear. He stood close to me and put Prayashi down. He then suddenly put a tight slap across my face.

I started sobbing like a girl. Prayashi also was a bit surprised, and her giggles vanished. But instead of checking me, Prayashi quickly went close to Khaled sir and hugged him as if he was her boyfriend. I didn’t have a clue why I was slapped.

But then Khaled sir said, “You know why I slapped you, sissy? This is because for so many years, because of your lack of masculinity, Prayashi has been deprived of sexual satisfaction. Cuckolds like you deserve to be slapped and spanked for thinking they are men enough to get married. Now go and sit in the corner and watch me fuck this randi.”

I understood the point and actually felt guilty because every word Khaled sir said was true. In Prayashi’s eyes, there was a glitter of appreciation for Khaled sir, and she planted a kiss on his lips. I went to a corner of the room and kneeled on the floor intently.

I was looking at Khaled sir and Prayashi immersing themselves in a passionate kiss. Khaled sir then slowly slid the straps of Prayashi’s dress from her shoulders, and her dress fell. Prayashi slipped out of it wearing just her bra and panty. She looked like a sex goddess in Khaled sir’s arms.

After years I was getting a proper erection looking at the two. Khaled sir then asked Prayashi to get fully naked, and she obeyed. First, she removed her bra and then slid her panty down to her ankles, fully exposing her naked body. Khaled sir then picked her up again and threw her onto the bed.

He parted Prayashi’s legs and started sucking her pussy. After sucking it for some time, Khaled sir removed his lungi. Both Prayashi and I were shocked to see his massive manhood. It was pitch black and was at least 8 inches long. It was quite thick as well.

Khaled sir grabbed Prayashi by her hair and pulled her face closer to his penis. And then she started hungrily sucking it. First the balls, then the tip, and then the whole shaft. Khaled sir signaled me to come closer and asked me to kiss Prayashi’s cheeks while she was sucking his huge cock. I did.

I planted tender, loving kisses on Prayashi’s face as she hungrily sucked a superior alpha male. My lips would also touch Khaled sir’s cock now and then, but I only felt proud doing it. It was a symbolic moment. I expressed my love to my wife while she was sexually satisfied by a real man.

This was going to be the arrangement for the rest of our lives. After getting his monster cock sucked by my lovely wife to his contentment, Khaled sir asked Prayashi to get on all fours in the bed. Prayashi looked at me and then sexily walked towards the bed.

I looked at her beautiful naked ass and had a huge urge to go and lick it. But, of course, I did not dare to do anything like that in Khaled sir’s presence. Prayashi got on all fours giving a clear view of her clean, shaved vagina from behind. But before going towards Prayashi, Khaled sir did a strange thing.

He called on his driver Ali to the room. I was ashamed to death as Ali entered the room. My wife Prayashi was shamelessly waiting in the bed naked to be fucked by another man. I was kneeling on the floor wearing ridiculous female clothes.

When Ali entered, Khaled sir asked him to take off his clothes, sit on a sofa, and record what he was going to do with Prayashi. Khaled sir said it was important to do it so that later Prayashi and I would not allege that the fucking was against our will. Again, it made sense to us, and we agreed.

But it was the other thing Khaled sir said that humiliated me more. Khaled sir asked me to sit on Ali’s lap while he would be shooting the video. I was ashamed at this new low. But again, I didn’t dare to defy Khaled, sir.

I walked up to Ali, who was now completely naked. He was no less handsome with his dark, muscular body and a huge penis that was dangling between his legs. Ali was sat on a sofa with the phone camera on. I shyly sat on his left thigh.

He put his left arm around my waist while holding the phone camera with his right hand. I was so ashamed that I could only look down on the floor. Khaled sir had reduced me to a woman in front of Prayashi’s eyes. She would never think of having sex with me again.

But deep down, I was enjoying this humiliation. I shyly put my hands on Ali’s chest and started to look at the camera intently. Khaled sir walked up to the bed where my beautiful wife. Prayashi was on all fours waiting to be fucked. Khaled sir first licked her asshole and slapped her butt a few times. Prayashi moaned.

And then he slowly guided his massive manhood into her hungry pussy – of course without a condom. Prayashi let out a cry that was a mixture of pain and pleasure. Surely Prayashi was feeling places in her vagina which she had never felt before.

After all, an 8-inch cock can go much deeper than a tiny stick I have between my legs in the name of a penis. Khaled sir started rimming Prayashi from behind, and Ali captured all of it on the phone. In the middle of all this, I came in my panties – without even touching myself.

Ali teasingly spanked my butt, further humiliating me like a slut. I could only look down on the floor in shame. Khaled sir, however, went on with Prayashi for long. And after taking her to orgasm several times, Khaled sir exploded his cum in Prayashi.

I almost ran to them and kissed Prayashi and thanked her for choosing a real man like Khaled sir to take care of her. Honestly, I did not care about the TV serial offer anymore. I was happy and content to live the rest of my life as this cuckolded sissy who needed a real man like Khaled sir to satisfy his sexy wife.

I looked at Khaled sir, who pulled out his cock from Prayashi’s cum dripping vagina. I instinctively kneeled in front of him and took his cock in my mouth. I wanted to impress Prayashi by sucking her lover’s cock clean.

Prayashi looked at me and smiled. She stood up and came near us and started kissing Khaled sir while I continued to lick and clean his huge cock. Prayashi was content. I was content with my cuckold experience. Our life was now set.

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