My sex with a cab driver

Hi readers. This is Naziya Pathan writing about my next sexual incident. For people reading this first time, I have previously written about losing my virginity with one of my college friends, Ashok. After that incident, when I went home, I had so many mixed feelings, fear, guilt, anger, sexuality.

The next time I met Ashok, both felt guilty. But he was pursuing me as his love. I straightforward rejected that and told it was impossible and nothing should be kept in mind. I was afraid to talk about that incident with him again. I kept avoiding meeting him, especially when alone.

This incident happened about 4-5 months later. I continued watching porn regularly at home. But my conscience was holding me back from trying something stupid. I would imagine myself getting fucked by some hot guys around me when I met them.

One day I needed to go shopping. It was a breezy day, and the mall was a bit far from my house, around 6-7 km. Usually, I would go shopping with mom. But she and dad were somewhere outside. I needed a few things urgently, and so I went.

So it was around 5 pm. I booked a cab. I wore a purple t-shirt and jeans with my head cover as usual. The driver shown for my cab looked like in his 30s. Sundar was his name, as shown in the app. In 10 minutes he came and called me.

After locking my house and with my purse, I went. It was nothing new as I had gone alone without my parents several times in the past. I told the OTP, and he started the car.

Now about him, he looked like in his 40s though his age shown was 34. He was a bit on the dark complexion with a slightly protruding belly and little bald head. He was in his usual white driver attire. I was seated in the backseat, and the ride started. He struck a conversation as usual.

That day I had forgotten to wear a scarf around my bosom. I remembered this when I found the driver continually looking at my boobs often. I felt angry and tried to show it on my face. I didn’t have any extra cloth to cover those except that my headcover had little come down.

He didn’t understand my anger and continued to look through the mirror at my bosoms. I was feeling bitterly angry now and had stopped talking and only replying to what he asked. We had gone about 3 km when it started raining heavily.

He switched on the wiper and continued driving. But it was getting difficult now. Most of the vehicles had stopped as it was a sudden downpour. Finally, he couldn’t continue driving and pulled off on the side. It was a very less populated road covered with trees on either side with a lone line of shops all closed.

I was apprehensive. He parked close to one of the shop’s shelters and got down. He told me also to get down and take shelter for a while. Rain was pounding very heavily now. The time looked as if it was night. We were the only two people in the stretch of the road.

I was standing in a closed shop’s shelter and Sundar beside me. I saw from the corner of my eyes he was trying to get glimpses of me. My boobs were moving up and down from breathing. My nipples had become hard thanks to my bra, which was an ultra-thin cotton bra.

With little effort, one could also see my nipples. I was feeling both afraid and little excited standing beside the stranger. He again struck up a conversation. He asked about my college, home, parents etc. He began flirting with me now.

Sundar: Madam, it’s difficult to believe you are not yet married. It should have happened long back, I feel. Hehehe.

Me: (fake laugh) Hmmm. When will this rain stop? It’s getting late.

Sundar: Can’t tell, madam. The last time I was stuck like this, it took 2 hours.

Me: What?! I can’t wait so long. Can’t we drive slowly?

Sundar: No, madam, it’s impossible. If you want, I have some biscuits if you’re feeling hungry.

Me: No thanks. I’m not hungry

Sundar began eating a packet of biscuits. After a while, he took a pack of beedis from his pocket. He just made a face like ‘Don’t mind’ and started smoking right there. I felt disgusting. I tried to hold my breath, but he continued.

He went a little backward and continued to smoke. He was trying to look at my body from all angles. Now I don’t know what was happening to me. I was getting excited a little. My nipples were turning more and more hard, my body getting hotter, and my pussy was tickling.

He must also have felt my breathing getting heavier. He was just a couple of feet from me. I was looking down, breathing heavily. I think he got bold seeing me like that. He was trying to move closer to me from my backside. He was overshadowing me from behind, I could feel.

His smoke smell was hitting me hard. I didn’t move an inch, but my ass and back involuntarily moved a little backward. He got the clue. He threw away his beedi and blew hot air on my neck. I was feeling too hot and fearless in an open space.

He brought his palms in front and put them directly on the place he was longing to see from so much time, my bosom. As soon I felt his touch, a moan escaped my mouth, “Hmmmm.” He started pressing my soft boobs using both his hands while his mouth continued to breathe hot air on my neck.

He now turned me to him, and I was looking down. He took my chin up and began kissing me roughly. I was initially not interested. But seeing his enthusiasm, I began opening my mouth and giving my tongue to him. He was kissing with all his saliva. It was still smelling of that beedis.

I didn’t like it, frankly, so backed a little. He understood and stopped kissing. He was searching for a place. We found a small passage beside a shop nearby in that same row of shops to our luck. It was just a few feet wide but long enough to fit both. It was left open and didn’t have many things left.

He held my hand and took me inside. I was not able to think of anything except sex now. He now casually lifted my shirt and my bra upward. My white boobs were exposed. He was watching with a wide-open mouth. He must not have seen a girl like me before.

He just began pressing and twisting them, relishing their softness and firmness. He now began licking my nipples and sucking them between his teeth. I was feeling ticklish. I started giggling and moaning. He now made me lie down. He undressed me and fully from upward now. He also removed my headcover.

He began exploring my whole upper body with his rough palms. I had lost inhibition now. In between, he was kissing my neck and cheeks. He now removed his white shirt and trousers. His underwear was already showing a tent. It smelled a little.

I remembered my last time. I said I couldn’t allow it without a condom. He smiled and got up. He rushed to his car and got a condom in a minute. I wondered why he had kept it ready. Anyway, it was safe now. He now removed his undies.

His cock was medium-dark stout. It must be around 5 inches but fat. He pulled his foreskin and put on the condom. He unhooked my jeans and didn’t remove them fully, and also lowered my panty. He now made my legs folded on my body, and he came on top.

He held my legs and spread them. He began rubbing his cock over my pussy. I was expecting my second cock soon. He now went a little back and pushed his dick inside my leaking pussy. I got a wave of pleasure, and I moaned. He pulled it half back and again pushed it inside. I was feeling wonderful.

My pussy got adjusted to this size, and soon he began fucking me in pace. I was moaning. ” He began pounding me like an animal now. His cock was slipping inside my pussy like soap now, thanks to my leaking pussy. I had an orgasm in between, and my body went into jerks.

I relaxed a bit as he continued to make strokes. He was pounding me nicely while kissing and fondling my boobs. Soon he moaned loudly and fell on me. I felt warm liquid releasing in the condom inside my pussy. He spurted, and his cock throbbed with every spurt of cum.

He hugged me tightly. I felt relaxed. He pulled it out.

The rain had somewhat stopped. We got inside the car and continued my ride. He was smiling continually. I felt disgusting but responded a bit. He asked if we could maintain long-term contact. I chided him for this and told him it was only a one-time thing.

So how was my story of sex with driver, friends? Do tell me in the comments. I will definitely read your comments.

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