My Hot Sexy Aunt Priya

I am Janet, aged 24, from Mangalore. First of all, I wish to say thanks to all those who commented on my email regarding my earlier story. It was nice to read all those honest opinions.

In this story, I will write about my hot sexy Aunt Priya. This is whatever I have heard her say. I have no idea how much of it is true.

Aunt Priya is a very hot, sexy, gorgeous lady. She is fair with medium height and weight, which matches her height. She has round shapely breasts and perfect hips. She was more pretty when she was younger and surely must have disturbed the sleep of many a teenage boy.

Aunt Priya was fond of exposing herself. She would often wear a saree at home. Sometimes, when a salesman arrived, she would drop her saree till it fell to her hips. Thus the salesman could see her in her blouse. She had stopped wearing a bra in her college days itself.

During summer, Aunt Priya would not wear a single piece of cloth on her body. She would be stark naked, and her parents were used to her nude body. The apartment in which she lived was liberal and friendly people. Watching her naked body was a feast to the eyes of the male folk.

Once, the pizza delivery boy came. At that time, Aunt Priya was fully naked. The boy gasped on looking at her. Aunt Priya gave a light slap on his face. Unable to control himself, the boy grabbed her ass and her hips.

He also caught hold of her big breasts and played with them. Aunt Priya allowed him to touch her.

There were many incidents when some stranger man had touched her while traveling in a bus or train and a park or beach, shopping mall, or market. Aunt Priya was never disturbed by such incidents. She allowed stranger men to touch her, and she too found satisfaction in it.

In college, Aunt Priya had allowed many boys and even male teachers to touch her breasts and kiss her.

One day, a salesman came to her house. He was selling some health products. On that day, She was wearing a saree. The blouse was exposed, and the salesman was aroused. The salesman licked his lips, and he kept his bag down.

He touched her breasts on top of the blouse itself. He then removed her saree, and Aunt Priya could sense the hunger and thirst in his actions. Her blouse fell on the floor. Now her breasts were exposed.

For a few moments, the salesman just stared at her wonderful breasts. The sight was too marvelous for him. He wanted to see her naked in her full glory. Sensing this, she removed all her other clothing.

Now she was naked even as the Lord had made her. The man gasped at this sight, and his eyes became round. Perhaps he had never imagined that he would be having a sexual encounter with such a beautiful lady while selling health products.

Then he removed all his clothes and stood naked in all his male glory. He was tall, slim, and muscular. His penis was nearly 8 inches. He was wheatish complexioned.

Aunt Priya then put mango jam on her breasts, thighs, and lips. The man licked the jam on her breasts hungrily and also her thighs. She was moaning with pleasure, and he was also doing the same.

The pleasure was too much for him to bear. He kissed her wildly, and both of them hugged each other. It was as if both of them were in paradise with no soul to disturb them.

He rubbed his penis in between her breasts, and she moaned with pleasure. He did this for quite some time. Then she sucked his penis, and he started moaning. She sucked just like she would suck a ripe banana.

She felt the penis was growing in her mouth. She touched and stroked the balls again and again. Then she put honey on her breasts, navel, and thighs. The excited man licked and sucked the honey on her breasts, navel, and thighs. It was so sweet.

They dashed their chest and breasts on one another and found immense satisfaction. He hit her ass lightly and stroked that bum again and again. He rubbed his penis on her bum, and she moaned. He also rubbed his big penis on her bareback for quite some time.

She kissed all parts of his body and licked him all over. Her hair was not tied, and her long hair was repeatedly falling on her breasts again and again. When her beautiful hair touched the face of the man, he felt a tickling sensation.

Aunt Priya looked like a seductive witch or some goddess who had come down from heaven. She looked like an Apsara. The man told her to slap him on his face. Aunt Priya slapped him first lightly and then harder, first on his right cheek and then on his left.

The face-slapping made the man even more aroused, and the soft palms of her hands made slightly red marks on her face. Even earlier, she had slapped many boys who requested her to slap them. Many boys were eager to receive her tasty slaps.

The salesman then inserted his powerful rod inside her pussy. He went deeper and deeper, and the strokes were powerful. She told him to do it even harder. Both of them felt the oneness of their physical bodies. They also felt their souls were becoming one in the process.

It was difficult to decide where the salesman’s body was and where Aunt Priya’s body was. It was not just a physical act. It was a spiritual union. They fucked for a long time. They forgot the boundaries and limitations of the physical body. It was as if they were fucking not here on Earth, but in some astral world.

They kept fucking and moaning, their bodies dashing against one another. They kissed passionately on the lips while fucking. For those minutes, they forgot all worry, all stress, all tension, all anxiety. They forgot the past itself. Only the present moment existed for them. They had gone beyond time and space.

Perhaps the God of love was shooting his arrows on them. Otherwise, it would not be possible for them to kiss, dash on each other, hug, and fuck so passionately. For the time being, they even forgot who they were. They forgot their name, their identity.

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