Master And Slave – An Epic Erotic Saga

A true, real-life incident narrated to me by a successful person. I always believed Master and Slave is a pure relationship, where a master is considered worshiped only if they have the crazy slave.

The story in his words :

I’m **** from Bangalore, age 30, married with no kids. Recently I quit my teaching profession and joined an MNC.

I wouldn’t call it an inappropriate relationship as she was studying 2nd year engineering. I have seen her in college but never had a chance to take a class with her. Whenever she crosses me, there would be a smile on her cute face. I smile in return because she was one of the hottest girls on the campus.

As I previously said, I quit my job in early January. But the chairman has requested me to complete this semester. I agreed because ethically speaking, it won’t be good if I quit immediately. I agreed to finish the semester but asked him to keep it confidential as I hate these emotional dramas.

6 months later:

I was busy with my work in the new corporate world as there were many things to learn. My wife got a job in a bank. To my bad luck, her posting was in a different city. She would be traveling every weekend, or I will go to visit her. We used to have a lot to talk about, as the love and lust were too high.

My neighbor told me two girls came to my room and knocked on my door around 4 pm. I was sound asleep. So my neighbor asked them to come tomorrow at noon. After college, I was never in touch with anyone. I was wondering who must be those students?

I thought of many names, but nothing was flashing. I left for work at 7 pm returned at 5.00 am. As it was Saturday, I had a long weekend. But I couldn’t sleep because I was curious to know who it was.

I dozed a little but woke around noon. I prepared tea took a shower. Around 2 noon, I heard someone knocking on the door. I rushed because of curiosity to know who it was.

It was Reshma. I was surprised, but I was happy to see the cute girl at my doorstep as there was no lust at that time. I asked her to come inside.

About Reshma :

She stayed with her granny in Bangalore. Her parents were settled in Mumbai. She was more attached to her granny. They were like best friends.

Reshma is 5.5ft 49 kg, long hair, trained classical dancer, and singer. She’s from a pure vegetarian family.  Not only that, but she was a college topper. I heard other faculty members praising her.

I was living like a bachelor, though my room was clean compared to others. She asked about my wife. I told her everything. I could feel the vibe between us. She was wearing normal chudi, but a costly one compared to others.

I offered her water with her beautiful smile. She said, “Thanks, Master.” Master is the slang used by school kids, but it was cute to hear. Here is the conversation of us.

Me (Master) – How is college life, and how did you find me? I’m so happy to see you. I haven’t met or spoken to anyone since I quit college.

Reshma (slave) – Yes, people are selfish. They disappear in life, like how my parents left me in search of money for the future. I understand you never taught me. So it won’t be fair for me to expect you to tell me about it.

Reshma (slave) – I saw you in the market on Tuesday evening. I followed you. I didn’t dare to talk to you. Furthermore, I missed you a lot.

I was confused by her statement. Many questions flashed in front of me, why did she need to follow me? Why did she miss me? I know students have a crush on their lecturers. Should I encourage it or not?

I was sure even I had a secret crush on her and her cute smile. But today, I realized how sexy her smile was.

Me (Master) – Why did you miss me? How are your studies going on?

Reshma (slave) – I don’t know how and why I miss you a lot, Master (she said in a husky voice)

I was seeing her eyes. It was so magical, love with lust. I know we both felt that. Likewise, I kept my hand on her hand and told her. It is not right, you are young, and you will find someone better. I’m married, sorry.

Though I didn’t say it from heart, you knew what I told was for the greater good.

Reshma (slave) – (stood from the chair) Master, I scored a pass mark in the unit exams. So can I come to tuition and learn more? I know you feel the same as I feel.

Saying this, she hugged me and kissed my chest. However, I have regular sex with my wife. I don’t need other women in my life, but today I fell for Reshma. I also hugged her.

She saw my eyes and smiled, “Master, I was waiting for this day for so long. I want to love you more and make love to you.”

Reshma (slave): Above my home, the portion is empty. Granny is looking for the right person to let it be for rent. Tomorrow you come causally and check your room. I will introduce you to granny as my lecturer. That’s enough for her to give it on rent to you, and you are married as well.

She giggled, saying this.

Me (Master) – You are such a naughty girl, planned everything.

Reshma (slave) – Master, I scored less because I will tell granny that you will be my tutor. She will also feel safe.

Me (Master) – You are crazy. I hugged her a little tight. I asked her to come to my bedroom.

She silently followed me. I kissed her cheeks, neck, ears, forehead, and lips. It was her first time with a guy. I could feel her heartbeat. I removed my shirt, vest, and pant. I kept my hand on her waist, lifted her chudi and inserted my hand, and pressed her boobs.

Reshma (slave) – Master, treat me as your sex slave. I wanted to experience hardcore fucking and wanted to be humiliated by you.

Me (Master) – From where did you learn all this?

Reshma (slave) – I read a book, and that made me so wet. I wanted you to break my virginity. That’s the reason I never masturbated. I’m all yours, my love, my Master.

Me (Master) – Now I know why you call me Master.

Saying so, I untied her pant. I touched her legs and pussy over her panty. She was shivering. I should thank my wife, as I was lucky to have my wife’s virginity. Now I know how to handle a virgin.

Her pussy was not shaved, nor her armpits. She touched my dick. I smooched her. She never smooched anyone. However, she was good at it. I asked her to spread her legs wide and kissed her pussy.

Reshma (slave) – Master, I didn’t know we would be having sex. I didn’t shave my pussy. Sorry Master.

Me (Master) – It’s fine.

I was pressing her boobs hard. She was moaning loud. It was making me hornier. I kissed her pussy lips, started fingering her with just one finger. She came within 5 minutes. I made her lick my finger. She was licking so well. That’s when I realized she’s cum slut.

Me (Master) – I slapped her ass. Now suck my dick.

Reshma (slave) – Kisses to your cock master.

I have an uncut dick, I have received a blow job previously, but she suggested something new. She said, “I read this new technique in a book. Right from the day, my carving for dick has increased.”

She further said: If I make you feel, this is the best. What would you do in return for me?

Girls are always brainy and smart especially when she is a slave. Because it’s no easy task to let someone take control of you. First, the slave should give permission and full control to the Master

Reshma (slave) was sucking my dick like candy, she played with my tongue and sucking just the tip of my cock, and she increased the speed of doing it. I could not control it. I said I’ll come anytime.

Suddenly she took the cock full deep in her mouth and sucking with a tight grip of lips. It’s something that’s beyond words. I had the biggest orgasm of my life. She swallowed max, and few drops were overflowing on her body and floor.

I cleaned with my foot and showed my foot to her to lick it. She did suck my toes clean.

Me (Master) – You made your Master happy and satisfied. Tell me what you need.

Reshma (slave) – I want you to be my Master forever.

Me (Master) – You already earned it. Ask something else.

Reshma (slave) – I read anal sex hurts a lot, but I want to try it out with your dick, not immediately, though.

Me (Master) – I played a song, and we both were dancing for the melody. I was sucking her tits. My dick was standing erect. I pushed her to the wall. Pinned her and smooching hard and fingering her hard with 3 fingers.

She screamed, but as I was smooching, she just slowly started to enjoy it.

Reshma (slave) – Master, I have a request.

Me (Master) – Yes, baby.

Reshma (slave) – I want this day to be remembered forever. Why don’t we have sex in the presence of a third person?

Me (Master) – How is that possible?

Reshma (slave) – Master, see there, your wife. I want to make her jealous. I want to prove her. I am the only slave that will be forever for my Master.

I turned around to see our wedding pic hanging on the wall. I thought this slave is naughty and dirty by the mind.

Reshma (slave) – Is it fine, Master?

Me (Master) – Sure, my sex slave. Kneel and start sucking my dick.

Reshma (slave) – Master, I love the smell of your cock. Your wife is watching you. (giggling)

Me (Master) – Oh! You better leave me. She will catch us.

Reshma (slave) – Let her also join Master

You naughty bitch, I fucked my slave deep throat. She was gagging. I was choking her while deep throating her. Later, I hold the nose so that she can’t breathe and was fucking her mouth. For a minute of continuous fucking.

She was not able to hold her breath anymore. She tapped on my ass. I pulled my cock out. I asked her how it is.

Reshma (slave) – It was 1000 times better than what I imagined, Master.

Me (Master) – It’s good because I got the best slave in life.

I made her lay down and rubbing my cock on the tip of her pussy. She was begging for me to fuck her.

Me (Master) – Bitch, the first night usually happens in the girl’s house. So wait for it.

Reshma (slave) – Master, I’m your sex slave, please fuck me, Master.

Me (Master) – Nope, I have other plans.

I started finger fucking her ruthlessly. Her hymen was broken. She had her second orgasm.
She hugged me tightly and cried in joy.

Reshma (slave) – Master, I would be much happier if you have taken my virginity.

Me (Master) – It will be more painful as my dick is thick. Don’t worry. My sex slave is my whore.

Reshma (slave) – I am Master, I am your submissive slut, your slave. Master, let me suck your dick.

I masturbated and cum on her long hair. Few drops fell on the floor. It’s time for some fun. Saying so, I pulled her hair, cleaned the floor with her long hair, and told her to take a bath.

She took a bath and was drying her hair. It was such a sexy scene. I went and hugged her from behind. I was wearing my pant. She could feel my hard dick between her ass crack.

She let out a loud moan. I was dry humping her. I was about to cum. Made her kneel. I came all over her face.

Reshma (slave) – Master, I just came from the shower. But if you are giving this facial, I’m ready to take it all day.

Me (Master) – I know how horny my whore is.

She got ready and smooched like mad lovers.

Me (Master) – Tomorrow I will meet you at your home. Will your granny be interested in me? (laughed)

Reshma (slave) – If she tasted you once, she would never let me use you again. (laughed)

Reshma (slave) – Are you planning to try her as well, Master. Shall I help?

Me (Master) – I know you will, babe. For now, I have you and my wife. I can manage 3 at a time, but you will get less time.

Reshma (slave) – No master, I can’t agree. Pity on me. I’m your pet right, please don’t ignore me.

That night it was so much fun.

The next day I reached her house at 10. Her granny treated me well. Reshma acted as she saw me after long. I was asked immediately to move. Granny gave a discount on rent and even paid me for being Reshma’s tutor.

Only Reshma and I knew exactly what Reshma was being taught. As I work at night and I stay alone, granny cared for me as her son. Granny used to provide me food every day.

We had sex most of the time. Granny used to go to the temple every day, and I would be getting an hour. Mostly it will be quicky or blowjob.

Over the past few months, she kept herself very clean. Mostly she would shave as I don’t like hairy pussy. Which I haven’t told her, but she understood it. That is the bond we had between us.

During her periods, I used to take two days or three days’ holiday and visit my wife. I love Reshma and my wife equally. So the lovemaking also was not any different. But Reshma was best on the bed. She understood what my likes are.

I once asked my wife what does she think about a threesome or Master and slave. My wife told me those are lunatic and creepy things. That was the last time I spoke about the topic to her.

It was Diwali time. Granny gave Reshma a cup of oil and told her, “Ask your Master to take an oil bath and come to our home for breakfast.”

Reshma smiled and told herself, “Yes, he is my darling Master.” She came upstairs and told granny gave me oil for a bath. She was wearing a half saree. Reshu was so sexy. I lifted her saree.

I kissed her ass and poured oil on my dick and started fucking her ass. She was enjoying it to the core. Finally, after 15minutes, I came inside her.

Reshma (slave) – Master, finally, you took my anal virginity. This Diwali is going to be special for us.

There were times when we took risks and played a lot. While granny was doing pooja, I used to pinch and pull Reshu’s tits, kiss her. It was always thrilling to have such fun.

I didn’t have a TV or phone at that time. So one night, my wife called me and told me that I’m going to be a dad. I was so happy. I hugged granny and took her blessings. I shared the news with her.

Granny: we are happy for you, son. Reshu, you are going to be an aunt soon.

Reshma came out with a dull face, with a fake smile. I realized it. I had my week off that day.

Reshma (slave) – Master, you will have a son or daughter soon. You may get transferred to a different city or buy your own home and move. It is going to end between us, right.

I hugged her tight and promised her she would be my slave forever, and I’ll be her Master. “No matter what happens, I’ll never leave you. I love you, my slave.”

We both had tears. It was more touching. She told granny will be going to Mumbai to see her son. Reshu told her she wouldn’t come. Granny requested me to take care of her. It is the first time she is leaving her alone.

Me (Master) – Don’t worry, I’m there. I will take care of her.

I asked granny if I could take Reshu with me as I’ll go to meet my wife.

Granny – It’s perfect. Both your wife and Reshu will have a lot to talk about.

Granny bid us bye and took a flight to Mumbai.

Reshma (slave) – Master, as no one at home, will have sex on the terrace late at night and in granny’s bed.

Me (Master) – You always wanted to surprise me, and you never fail at it. How about we try rope sex?

Reshma (slave) – Anything my Master wants.

I tied her hands and legs to the corner of the bed and was teasing her, delaying her orgasm. Every time she was about to cum, I stop licking or fucking.

Reshma (slave) – Please, Master, don’t punish like this.

Me (Master) – I want to know how far you can bear me.

I continued this for 4 hours straight. She literally couldn’t move also. I felt pity for being so harsh and took her to the terrace. We sat there and spoke a lot.

Again around 12, we came down and started to fuck in granny’s bed. It was wild sex. We had sex thrice that night, and it went till early morning. I fucked her in the ass, her pussy. She even gave me a blowjob twice.

Morning, we both were tired of our wild sex. We hugged each other and slept nude. She woke early and playing with my chest hairs. I was coming to consciousness. My dick was rising.

Me (Master) – Slut, get on top of me, ride me.

Reshma (slave) – Sure, Master.

I could see her boobs jiggling. It was such an amazing sight to see. We fucked for the next two days and then left to see my wife. My wife welcomed us. She was 7 months pregnant. My wife treated Reshu as her sister.

After a year, when my son was born, Reshu finished college. She joined the same company. We had many more interesting and thrilling moments in our life. It’s been 20 plus years now. Still, we are in a Master and slave relationship.

Just like all relationships, even we had ups and downs, but it’s our love and sex that drive us crazy.

See you soon with another real story. You can share your views with me at [email protected] You can read my other story here.

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