Lockdown Friendship With Madhu – Part 1

Hi guys, I am Sagar, a 24-year-old IT professional staying in Bangalore. This is a story that happened between me and Madhu (who was staying adjacent to my flat) during the lock-down.

Due to the Corona Pandemic, the government had declared a Lock-down. We were not supposed to come out of our houses. My office had asked me to work from home.

The female lead of this story is Madhu. She lives in the flat adjacent to my flat. She is 26 years old and works as a flight attendant. She always looks trim and has maintained herself pretty well.

My neighbour Madhu is very fair in colour and has an attractive buttocks. Anybody would like to talk to her and develop a friendship. She has excellent dressing sense and has a cute smile on her face.

She wears tight dresses that expose her body shapes. Her stats are 34C-28-32. She was 5.6” and has shoulder-length straight black hair.

I play the guitar very well. My office hours end at around 5:30 pm. So every evening I used to play guitar in my balcony. It happened one day, that after playing a song when I was going back to my room, I heard a sweet girl’s voice praising my music.

I turned and saw Madhu was at her balcony and complimenting me. She was in shorts and a sleeveless tank top. She had smoothly waxed legs and arm. I could see the outline of her firm breasts over her top, which didn’t need any cups to hold them in place.

I thanked her and started a conversation.

Me: So do you like music?

Madhu: Yes, very much, singing and dancing. In fact, I have won several singing competitions during college days.

Me: Wow, That’s amazing. We should do some jamming.

Madhu: Ha.. ha, I don’t know if I am singing that well now or not. Anyways I am bored at home. We can do that.

Me: Great. By the way, I am Sagar.

Madhu: I am Madhu.

Me: I see only you coming to the balcony, where is your roommate.

Madhu: She went back to her hometown before the Lock-down. Now I am stuck here and bored like hell. By the way, why are you asking for her? Do you like her? (Funnily asked me).

Me: No, Nothing like that, I even don’t know her name. Just asked casually.

Then I said, “If you are bored you can come over to my flat. I am also very bored. We can watch movies or at least can chitchat.” She said, “That’s a good idea, thanks. I am coming now.”

Then after 5 minutes, I heard the doorbell!! I welcomed her and we started to gossip about my life, her life, and movies, etc. So after around 2 hours, she noticed the time and took my leave and went to her flat.

Again the next day she came to my flat in the evening and we started chit chat. So this went on till the first phase of the lock-down. Slowly, we got became friendly day by day.

Then the second phase of lock-down was declared. That day she came around noon. She was very upset. I asked her the reason. She said that she was missing her family and stuck alone here. I tried to cheer her up.

Me: Don’t worry, I am also stuck here. But the good thing is I got to know you and found a good friend.

Madhu: Thanks Sagar, same here. You are such a gentleman. Thanks for giving me the company.

Me: No problem Madam, at your service anytime.

Madhu: Ha.. ha. What will you eat for lunch?

Me: Haven’t thought yet. Maybe noodles.

My neighbour told me that she had prepared rice with egg curry. She invited me to her flat to have lunch with her. I thanked her and told her that I will come after attending one call from the office because, after that call, I did not have any work for that day. After attending the meeting over call, I took one Black Dog scotch full and went to her flat.

She opened the door. She was wearing a pink tank top with black shorts. The shorts just covered her upper thighs. And her top was also short and her waist was visible if she raised her hands. I was mesmerized by her beauty. She said, “Come inside and close the door.”

Madhu was surprised to see the Liquor bottle during this lock-down. I told her that I sensed this might happen, so I had stocked up enough liquor. Then we talked for some time and had our lunch.

After having lunch, when she was getting up, she spilled the left-over food on herself. She excused herself and told me that she would have to take a bath. So she asked me to listen to her singing performances on her laptop.

I was going through her college days’ performances, I heard the sound of footstep coming from the washroom area, looking towards the washroom, I can see her in a bath towel.

Her nude legs as well as semi-nude back are making me hot as well as crazy. She turned back to move towards her room and I can see her semi-nude boobs also. Then she closed the door of her room.

As soon as she opened the door I was dumbstruck. She was wearing a normal blue frock but her frock was shorter than usual and ended 6 inches above her knees.

My neighbourhas shoulder-length straight black hair, big smoky eyes, and juicy lips. Somehow I controlled myself and told her to open the scotch bottle. Then she brought two glass, snacks, and chilled water, etc.

I began to prepare the drinks. After having 3 pegs, I lit the smoke. Then she also started smoking with me. After this we both were high. I asked her to play some music.

She does not have a TV in her room. So she played some music on her mobile. Then we finished another peg. After 4 pegs down, she started a conversation like this.

Madhu: The scotch is very good, I feel like dancing.

Me: Good Idea, Lets dance.

Madhu: Okay, but let’s make things a little interesting. We will play the hook step game. I will play a Bollywood song and you have to do the hook step, similarly, you will play a song and I will have to do the hook step.

Me: Okay. But what if someone does not know the hook step?

Madhu: In that case, that person will be punished by the other person.

Me: What kind of punishment? And is it punishment or dare? Like Truth or Dare??

Madhu: Anything (winked).

Me(smiling): Okay, Let’s play.

First I played the song ‘Muqabala Muqabila’ and she did the hook step. Then she played ‘Tera Dhyan Kidhar hai, Tera Hero Idhar hai’. I took some time to remember the hook step and did some steps. But she told me that it’s wrong and showed me the correct one. I lost the round. She laughed and said punishment time.

Madhu: Go to your room and get the guitar without touching your hands.

I thought its an easy one and then went to my room and brought my guitar with my legs.

Madhu: Nice, You have brains then (laughed).

Then our Bollywood game continued and no one was losing for 7 rounds. I was surprised that Madhu knows every hook step. Then on 8th round again I lost. By this time we almost had 8 pegs each and we were very high.

Madhu: Yipeee. I won again. Now get ready to do a little more difficult dare.

Me: Haha ha…very funny. Whatever, I am ready.

Madhu: Get those Ice cubes from the fridge and put it inside your underwear.

I was shocked to hear this. I warned her that she is giving me adult tasks, so when my turn will come, I will also give her a similar kind of dares.

Madhu: Ha… ha, That won’t happen because I won’t lose.

Then I took the ice cubes and put them inside my underwear. It was so cold that I got a sudden chill down there. But still, I was enjoying this game. I knew I will catch her at some time.

Then in the next round, she did the wrong step and I laughed heavily.

Me: Ha..ha, Now I will show you.

Madhu: I can’t believe, I lost this. Anyways, what’s the task?

Me: Remove your dress and give it in my hand.

Madhu: This is not fair, I never asked you to remove anything.

Me: If you don’t want to do it, it’s fine. But admit that I am the most daring one and you are not.

Madhu: (After thinking a while) Fine. Here you go.

After saying this, she removed the dress over her head and threw it on my face. I was stunned. She was wearing black matching undergarments. Now she was in her bra and panty. And her boobs were looking like melons trapped in a cage.

Madhu: Stop staring like this. I have the same boob like any other girl (saying this she giggled).

Me: You look amazing. Wow.

After watching her like this, my penis has started to grow and made a tent on my track.

Then we played again and this time she won and asked me to remove my pant and underwear. I was enjoying this as I was expecting that I will get Madhu by the end of the game. I was about to open my pant then her phone rang. It was her mom who was video calling her.

To be continued.

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