My Sexy Friend’s Visit To Delhi – Part 4

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This is a continuation of the story. My friend Siya called me and told me she is coming to Delhi to attend her friend’s wedding. She is one of my very good friends and wanted me to be with her for the entire trip.

We have been friends for a long, and there was no romantic angle between us. But we knew a lot about each other and always shared secrets. She is someone with whom I can talk about anything. Even her family knows me very well, and we have a lot of friends in common.

After I moved to Delhi for a job, we lost touch. We were meeting after a few years. I took leaves from the office. When she came, I was there to pick her at the airport. We reached her hotel, and things turned differently. We ended up in each other’s arms, kissing.

We had passionate sex. We got an opportunity to explore a completely different side of each other. We had amazing sex and at her friend’s wedding. I met her friend’s sister Priya. We soon got closer and ended up getting frisky in between the marriage.

In the last part, after Siya saw us, Priya left to join her sister. We once again had passionate sex in a room.

After the vidaai, we took permission from the bride’s family and returned to the hotel. We were really tired and sleepy and fell asleep in each other’s arms, kissing and cuddling. We were sharing the moments like a newlywed couple.

When I woke up, Siya was not there. I got up and heard the sound of the shower. She was taking a bath, and the door was closed but not locked. I opened the door and got a look at her sexy back.

The water flowed from her hair to the back. It made me crazy, and I couldn’t resist joining her. I removed my shorts, hugged her from behind, and kissed her neck.

S: You woke up.
V: Yes, love. I couldn’t have missed the opportunity to spend the rest of my time with you.

I turned her towards me and our lips locked. It was amazing to have her in my arms under the shower. My dick was getting really hard, and it was rubbing up against her pussy.

S: Someone is missing the fun.

She took my dick in her hand and slowly started stroking it. I pushed her to the wall, and my hands were on her soft butt. Her boobs were pressing against my chest, and her moans were filling the washroom.

She hugged me tight and bit my ears. It is a big turn on and me crazy. I lifted her bit, and once again, we were kissing. My hands moved to her boobs, and I squeezed them hard.

S: Aah. Not so hard, honey.

V: Really.

I pinched her again. She slapped me with love and started giving me soft bites on my earlobe and neck. I parted her legs, and my hand moved down and touched her pussy lips. She looked into my eyes.

S: Don’t wait. I want you inside me.

V: Siya. (pulling her closer and kissing her again)

I pushed my dick in, and her grip got stronger. I started giving strokes, and her moans were getting louder. I grabbed her ass and lifted her bit, and continued fucking her. She was enjoying every bit of it. We continued the fucking for another ten minutes, and we had our orgasm together.

After the shower sex, I lifted her in my arms and took her to the bed. We ordered something to eat. It was almost 5 in the evening. She had her flight at 10 PM from IGI Airport.

We shared the evening snacks and tea. We both wanted to make the most out of the last few hours. After the food, she once again got ready for another round. This time, she was in control. She got on top of me and started rubbing her pussy on my dick.

She was also giving soft bites on my chest. I was also getting hard. She took my dick inside her pussy and started riding me in no time. You can imagine Sharon Stone from ‘Basic instinct.’

The way she was riding me and the way her boobs were bouncing was making her look like a sex goddess. With the moves, her moans were also getting high. Anyone outside could easily understand what was going inside. She was giving bites on my neck and earlobes.

My hands were feeling her butt and squeezing them hard. Her toned sexy legs and sexy butt can make anyone go crazy for the. The way her ass was rhythmically moving and taking my dick inside was a sight to watch. My hands were holding her boobs and squeezing them.

I pinched her tits in between, which made her moan even louder. I was going deep and hard. We fucked each other like there was no tomorrow. It was an amazing fuck, and after that, she fell in my arms.

We kept chit-chatting, holding each other and kissing, smooching. The bite marks on my body were telling the story of our passionate sex. It was getting late. So I helped her get ready and pack her stuff.

Before we left the room, I once again pulled her in my arms, and we had an amazing long smooch. Finally, we left the room, and I could not stop giving her a tight spank looking at her sexy ass in skin-tight jeans.

After getting in the cab, we both got close again. For the entire journey, we were kissing and smooching. The driver also got a nice view when I unbuttoned her shirt and kissed her cleavage. It was the last few minutes of passion and love before she left.

We reached the airport around 8:30. It was time for us to say goodbye. We once again kissed each other and said goodbye.

These few days were some of the most amazing days of my life. This is just the beginning of our romance. More excitement and fun were waiting for me in the future.

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