Hot Sex With An Unsatisfied Hyderabad Housewife

Hi! My name is Brads (name changed), I am from Hyderabad. I am 22 years old and I work as a freelance male escort. I am an average-looking person with a dick size of length 6.5 inches and 2.5 inches wide. This is the first story that I am writing here, so if any mistakes are there, then I am sorry.

Let me tell you about the heroine of this story. Her name is Hansika. She is a housewife and her age is 30 years old. She got married 5 years ago, her stats are 34-28-32, she is so hot and sexy that anybody who got to see her would jerk off after seeing her,

Let’s get to the story. I got a message from her on my WhatsApp (later on, I got to know that she got my number from the Ad I posted on a site called Locanto).

Hansika: Hi!
Brads: Hi! May I know you?

Hansika: My name is Hansika.
Brads: How did you get my number?

Hansika: I got your number from Locanto.
Brads: How can I help you?

Hansika: I saw your Ad and I want to have a sex service from you.

After that, I thought she might be a fake but after a few minutes, she sent me her pic and told me to meet at Next Galleria mall the next day as her husband was out of the country for 1 week. She told me to meet at 12 pm. I agreed and I told her that I will be wearing a black shirt and jeans. I asked her to meet me inside cafe coffee day inside the mall.

The next morning, I went to the mall and I was waiting for her inside the cafe and I called her, “When are you coming?” She told me that she will be there by 1 pm.

After 1 pm a beautiful lady in a red saree came and sat next to me. When I saw her, I couldn’t take my eyes off her and my dick got erected by seeing her. After a few seconds, she said, “Are you alright?”

I said, “Oh, I am sorry” and told her to sit down.

The housewife ordered coffee and we talked about our daily routine stuff and so on. Then we talked about our sex lives and she said that her husband couldn’t satisfy her because his dick size was very small and she was left unsatisfied. And till then, she didn’t have any kids.

I can see the sadness on her face and I consoled her saying, “Don’t worry, I will help you fully.”

After that, I sat in her Audi A3 car and we went to her home at Jubilee hills. Man, that house was very big and she was very rich and she went to change her clothes in her home.

After a few minutes, she came in a red nighty with a red bra and panty inside. Believe me guys, she was looking so hot in that dress and I couldn’t control myself and went straight to her and started kissing her badly.

While kissing her, I picked her up and went to her bedroom. I dropped her on her bed and after kissing her lips, I started sucking her earlobe. She moaned, “Ahhhh..”

After licking her earlobes, I went to her neck area and started licking her so badly. I took out her nighty and she removed my shirt. She was in her red bra and panty. Then I went to her boobs and started pressing them. They were so soft that I just took out her bra and started licking her brown tits. She was moaning, “Ahhh.. ahhhhhhhh..Ahhhh.”

While moaning, she was saying, “Eat my boobs, baby. I am all yours.” While licking the housewife’s boobs, I brought chocolate syrup and poured it on her boobs, and started kissing her boobs. The taste of her milk and chocolate syrup combination was so delicious.

Then I took out her panty which got wet due to her juice and I started smelling it. It was amazing and she was completely nude in front of me and her shaved pussy was looking amazing. I started fingering the horny housewife’s pussy and she was moaning like hell, “Ahhhhhhhh.. Ahhhhhhhhhh.”

Then I licked my fingers, it was so tasty and I made her lick her own juice and kissed her. After that, I poured more chocolate syrup into her pussy and started licking her pussy. She was moaning badly and said, “I am all yours babe and you can do whatever you want.”

After about 10 minutes, she released all her juice in my face and I drank all of it and started kissing her. Believe me guys, the combination of the pussy juice and chocolate syrup was very tasty.

After that, she took my pant and my underwear. She took my dick in her hand and started jerking it. After that, she took the chocolate syrup and poured it on my dick, and started giving me a blowjob. I was feeling so amazing. She was a pro in giving blowjob. I cummed into her mouth and she drank all my cum. She started giving me a blowjob once again. It got erect within a few minutes.

Then I placed the married woman in the missionary position and started teasing her pussy by rubbing my dick in her pussy. She was moaning, “Babe, insert it fast. I can’t wait for yours in me.”

I slowly started inserting my dick in her pussy. But it was not going in as her husband didn’t fuck her. I poured some chocolate syrup on her pussy and gave a hard stroke. I entered her pussy forcefully. She was crying loudly as I gave a hard stroke. She asked me to remove it as it was paining.

But I didn’t remove it. I started giving strokes. Slowly, the horny housewife was moaning and forgot the pain. I started increasing the speed and she again released her love juice after 15 minutes. But I didn’t stop. I increased the pace faster and after 30 minutes, I told her that I was cumming.

She told me to cum inside her pussy as she wanted to feel my cum in her pussy. Then I cummed in her pussy.

After that, we started kissing each other for 5 minutes. My dick got hard again and she came in the cowgirl position. I started fucking her once again and she was jumping on me. After 40 minutes, we both came together.

Then we went together to the bathroom to freshen up. Then we started kissing each other in the shower. I licked her boobs and she started jerking my dick. Slowly, I placed her into doggy position and started fucking her. After about 15 minutes, I came inside the housewife once again.

Afterward, we both got freshened up nicely and wore our clothes.

We both ordered some food and then she gave me money and she dropped me back at the Next Galleria mall by 6 pm.

I asked her, “How did you feel?” She said, “You were mind blowing,” and kissed me and said, “I will call you soon.”

This was my first story as a male escort. If any girls or aunties or housewives or widows are interested, you can mail me and my email id is [email protected]

I am a genuine young guy. Feel free to message me. And don’t forget to give me feedback. Thank you.

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