Having Fun With My Wife And Her Best Friend

Hi, friends, this story is about myself Amit, my wife (Shalini) and her best friend, Ankit. I have been in Kolkata for the past 7 years and got married 3 years back. My wife’s figure is 40-38-40 (voluptuous).

We have a great sex life. Rather we like it rough and dirty type of fun. As there is nobody else in our house other than me and my wife, we use to make out anywhere around the house.

Ankit (my wife’s best friend from college days) called my wife and said he will be coming to Kolkata for some official work. He would like to stay at our place if we guys don’t have any problem. As we don’t have any problem with Ankit staying with us, Shalini gave him the address to come down.

She informed me about the same later that night. I know Shalini and Ankit were very close. I met him for the first time at our wedding and he is a good friendly guy. Ankit is working in some MNC in Bangalore.

It was a Friday night and Ankit is about to come on Saturday morning. So I and my wife were just settling down the separate room for his stay. Shalini told me about Ankit’s drinking habit. I took down my collection of bottles and kept them in our kitchen which is within our hall.

That night Shalini is interested in having sex. But as I was a little exhausted I denied it. I don’t know when I slept. But at the midnight I heard some sound and at the same time can feel that my dick being pulled to and fro. It was my horny wife masturbating herself and me too at the same time. But I was in a deep sleep and don’t know when she made me cum.

Saturday morning Ankit arrived by 7:30 a.m. or so (Shalini told me when I got up). I got up around 9:00 a.m. as it’s a holiday for me on Saturday and Sunday. We greeted each other and spent 2-3 hours chatting about all the things in general. In between, we had our breakfast too.

Ankit had a meeting by 1:00 p.m. He said he would get ready for the meeting and will catch us later in the evening. Then my wife said we should plan something for the evening. We planned to go for drinks in a pub. Shalini used to drink occasionally and she gets wilder in the bed after that.

Ankit came from the meeting and after having an hour rest we headed towards a pub. Shalini asked me to wear a t-shirt and jeans without underwear. She must have a dirty thing going around her mind. As I said before we both are horny and like it rough and dirty).

Shalini was wearing a tight t-shirt without bra and skirt without panty (which I came to know later).

We went inside the pub which is a little crowded as it was Saturday. We quickly went for some drinks and snacks. I and Ankit had scotch and Shalini had vodka. As time passed it was getting more crowded. We three already had 3 drinks each. Shalini said she is feeling a little dizzy and wants to go to the washroom.

I helped her till the washroom gate. Then again me Ankit went to the counter for more drinks and we had 2 more pegs each. It was a long time since Shalini didn’t come back. Ankit told me about the same and he said, “Wait I am seeing where she is.”

After about 3-4 minutes I can see Ankit is holding Shalini by her waist and bringing her towards the place we were sitting. As he arrived, he said, “Shalini is not in her senses and she is saying she is feeling dizzy.” I asked Ankit if should we go back.

But Shalini heard and replied, “You guys have fun. I am sitting here on the sofa.” As she sat on the sofa her t-shirt got a little up. Anyone nearby can see her naked back waist which is milky white. I and Ankit had 1 more drink and planned to get back home.

Shalini is little out of her senses. As we were in the pub and seeing other girls in tight and short dresses sometimes I had a hard-on which is noticed by Shalini. We sat in our car and Ankit started driving. It was around 11:30 p.m. The road was a little empty.

Shalini held me tight by the waist and said in my ears that, “You guys are dogs.” I asked why to which she said, “Seeing other girls in the pub you were having a hard-on.” I said it’s natural to which she smiled and planted a lip kiss. Ankit heard and told, “If girls wear such clothes, its very natural to get a hard-on. Even I got.”

Shalini smiled again and pulled me for a smooch. She held my penis tight above my jeans. I got very hard by then and leaned a bit to be more comfortable. As it was dark and a long way to go home, I pulled Shalini near me and went for a tight and long smooch.

Shalini was massaging my penis above my pants. She suddenly unzipped my jeans and took my penis in her hand playing with it. I was feeling like cuming and signaled Shalini to suck my penis. She agreed and came down to suck, taking whole dick in her mouth.

It was getting rougher because we both were drunk. I came in her mouth in a few minutes. We reached home and got inside. I took Shalini to our room and then went to show Ankit the other room where he should sleep. Shalini slept within half an hour.

I and Ankit having a chit chat for some time in the other room where he told about his personal life. While talking we went to the topic of some alcohol collections. I said, “Come with me I will show you my collection.” I went to the kitchen and showed him the bottles which I kept for our parties.

Then I took him to our room to show him more collection. While entering the room we both can see Shalini is in deep sleep. Her t-shirt got up to her underboob. We both can see her navel and I got a sudden erection. I went to her to manage the t-shirt.

Ankit said, “Leave it I have many times seen her navel while we used to play games and all. Don’t disturb her she might get up” I left her to her condition. I was showing him the collection. He liked the 1 single malt Scotch I bought from Sweden.

He asked can we have some of this. I agreed and brought 2 glasses from the kitchen and started having Scotch. Now we were also getting high due to enough drinks. After having 2 I said, “I will not have more and am going to sleep with Shalini.”

He agreed and said he will have 1 more. I asked him to sleep in the same bed as its bigger and to come to bed when he gets completed. I got to sleep within 5-10 minutes. After an hour or so I got feel to pee and went to the washroom. When I was coming back I saw that Ankit also slept in the bed.

Shalini was in the middle. He was on the right side and I was sleeping on the left. I didn’t mind that as I know they were good friends. After some time I was feeling the heat as Shalini took hold of my dick and she started smooching me like a mad girl.

As she was also drunk she was getting wilder while doing anything with me. We both opened our eyes and she signaled me that she wanted to have sex now. I refused to show her that Ankit is also in the same bed on the other side. But she was not in the mood to hear anything.

She said, “He is in deep sleep, he will not wake up.” In a hurry, she opened my t-shirt and hers too and then pulled a blanket above us. She started massaging my dick and asked me to open her bra. By now I also got horny and opened her bra and unzipped her jeans.

I put my 2 fingers down to her pussy and massaging her pussy lips. She also opened my jeans and pulled them down to my legs. We both were feeling the warmth and stroking each other. She went down to suck my penis which we both like the most.

Then after sucking for some time she got down from the bed and undressed totally. She came back to sit my dick covering both of us with the blanket. We were having rough and wild sex. She started to pass out little moans to which I asked her to control otherwise Ankit might get up.

She came close to my ears and said, “Who cares?” We were making it hard and rough. At the same time, she removed the blanket saying it’s becoming an obstacle to the fun. Due to her moans, Ankit got up and said, “You guys have stamina. After drinking so much how do both of you have the energy to fuck?”

Shalini replied immediately to Ankit, “You fucker, seem to be very innocent. Don’t tell me that you don’t have fucked girls after having drinks.” While saying all this she took 2-3 girls’ names and asked Ankit. “Didn’t you fuck them after getting high on drinks?”

While talking all this she was on the top of me and kept fucking me. I was amazed by her boldness. In fact, I was feeling shy. But she was not because they were very close and knew each and everything about their personal life.

Ankit then replied, “Yes I did whatever you said. But didn’t get a girl like you. I always treasured you and your assets while we were in college. But it’s my bad luck that you got married.” I intervened and said, “I was the lucky one then as I got her.”

Ankit said, “Really you are lucky that you got Shalini as your wife.” Shalini got up from my dick, came in between both of us. She kissed Ankit on his cheeks and said thank you. As Ankit was seeing both of us naked he also got a hard-on. He asked me if he can kiss my wife.

I said, “Sure Ankit, you guys can.” Then Ankit kissed my wife in her cheeks too. While doing so he touched her naked boobs with his chest and said, “Shalini it seems you got bigger now.” She smiled and asked both of us to lets sleep now and we will talk tomorrow.

Guys, the story is getting very long. I will tell you what happened after that in my next story. Keep reading and have fun. E-mail – [email protected]

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