Fucked My New Neighbour’s Wife

Hi,  I am Rickey and I have read a lot of stories on ISS for a long time. This story is fully fictional I hope you enjoy it. I am 20 years old, tall, dark, handsome, and with an 8 inches dick.

I used to watch a lot of porn and masturbate a lot. Once it happened that in my apartment, new neighbours moved in. They were a married couple, where the bhaiya was 35 years old and a bhabhi who was 30 years in age.

My neighbour’s wife was so hot and sexy with good looks wearing a sleeveless blouse and sarees, a really beautiful woman. They had no kids because they had some complications.

Ok, now we come to the story. They had rented the apartment next to us so in no time, they became familiar to my family. Sometimes my neighbour’s wife used to say she always wanted a devar like me. I was happy about that and always used to tease her and make her mad but she enjoyed it.

One day, I went to bath and bhabhi came to my room. I usually don’t lock the door but it used to be closed.

My clothes were lying on my bed and even the towel too. So I was bathing naked. My dick was rock hard and my body was fully covered in soap and my face too. I rubbed my body and started the shower as my face was fully covered in soap and my dick was standing like a hot rod.

My neighbour bhabhi came searching for me and accidentally opened the bathroom door! She saw me completely naked and closed the door immediately. I thought that it may be my mom, so I yelled, “Mom, is that you?!”

There was no answer, so I thought it was my mom. Then I slightly opened the door and asked for the towel. She handed me the towel and went away from there. I was unaware that it was my neighbour’s wife.

From that day onward, her attitude changed towards me. She became more touchy and was always trying to sit close to me. Many times she dropped her saree in front of me and showed her cleavage. She used to show half her boobs from her blouse sides and sometimes her hot white armpits too!

Once bhaiya went out of station for a week, and they asked my parents for me to sleep at their place for a week. They agreed.

So, at night, I went to sleep at my neighbour’s place. It was 8 pm and when I reached there, she opened the door. She was wearing a hot red-coloured nighty and her nipples were poking out of it.

Wow, I had a hard-on as soon as I entered!

Then we were sitting on a sofa and were watching a movie. She was sitting beside me and she started coming close to me.

I could feel her body heat. She was smelling really good as she kept my hand on her shoulder which was so soft and her legs were sexy too. Then after the movie was over, my neighbor’s wife said her legs were hurting as she had done a lot of household work that day. She asked me to press them (pair dabane ko kaha).

I started pressing the right leg till the knee but she asked me to press them till her thighs! Her legs were soft and white and I was enjoying it. Then she said I was pressing them wrong. I got scared and thought that I have touched her farther than she wanted, but she told me to press them from inside of her thighs!!

Accidentally my hand was touching her pantie every time I reached her whole leg from bottom to top and I could press her ass cheeks too. My neighbour’s wife was enjoying it and she noticed a boner in my shorts.

Then she asked me to press her left leg. I too was enjoying it a lot. Then her monster mind had some more ideas as she asked me to press her hands too and told me to start pressing them from her arms then to her elbow and then to her armpits and shoulder area.

I was in heaven as I touched those beautiful armpits of this married lady. I pressed her hands fast but took more time on her armpits as I saw she was enjoying a lot.

Then my neighbour’s wife asked me to press her shoulders from behind. I was pressing her shoulders by standing behind her. Suddenly, she leaned backward and felt my big hard dick.

She said she was feeling sleepy and said, “Let’s sleep.” So we went to her bedroom and she asked me to sleep with her as she was scared of sleeping alone. I slept beside her and she hugged me and put her foot over me. I felt her hot boobs and she felt my boner in that position.

Then I asked her, “What are you doing?”

She said, “It will be fun,” and then she kissed me. I kissed her back and we kissed for about 15 minutes. Then my neighbour’s wife started taking off my clothes and her nighty too.

We got naked and she asked me to suck her nipples. I sucked them and bit them too. She moaned while I was sucking her tits and she began stroking my dick. Then I kissed her again and started rubbing her pussy. She was horny and her pussy was wet.

Then she started sucking my dick and she was blowing it really well. I asked her to suck my balls and she sucked them as she made me cum and drank all my sperms. I went between her legs and kissed her pussy then put two fingers in her mouth and made them wet.

Now, I started rubbing her pussy she moaned out loud. I pushed one finger inside and it was warm and wet. I kept fucking her with my fingers, first one, then two and then three. After that, she cummed.

I let her cum on my face. Then I kissed her pussy again. She was curious to know what I wanted to do but said nothing. I started licking her pussy as she moaned aloud.

I was licking her clitoris and then I pushed my tongue inside her. My neighbour’s wife moaned louder and grabbed my head and hair and pushed it towards her pussy.

She screamed, “Do it like that babe..aaaaah, oh yes.. fuck me.”

Then after 15 minutes, my neighbour’s wife cummed and I licked and drank all her pussy juice. She was all sweaty and looking too hot.

I got a rock hard boner and rubbed my dick on her clitoris and then pushed my dick inside her pussy. She screamed loud, “Oh fuck me, babe.”

I started fucking her as she was moaning, “Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me hard, you have a big dick, fuck me deeper babe,” and at once, I pushed it so hard that my balls were touching her ass. I fucked my neighbour’s wife so fast that I felt like my balls were slapping her ass.

I was feeling really good, my legs were hurting but I was fucking her hard. The pleasure was really good and after about 45 minutes, she cummed. Her juices were dripping on my dick and her pussy was feeling really slippery.

Now it was more fun to fuck. I kept fucking her and after more 10 minutes, I was about to cum. Then I asked her, “I am cumming, what to do?” She said, “Cum inside me,” and I cummed inside her. Our mixed juices were dripping out of her pussy.

I fell tired beside her as she rolled over me and her boobs were pressing on my chest. She kissed me on my lips and told me about her husband and relationship. She said he is sterile and that’s why he can’t have a babe but he doesn’t accept it.

She then told me how she saw me naked in the bathroom and how much she wanted me to fuck me and then she gave me one more reward. She told me that whenever I felt horny, I can fuck her, and after that as thanksgiving, she let me tit fuck her.

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Thank you.

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