Fucked A Hot Russian Girl In Las Vegas

Hello there people, I am Hardik, aged 26, currently living in the United States. (actually from Hyderabad and will at least visit once a year). I am good looking with a toned body. I got a chance to fuck a Russian girl when I went for a two-day conference in Las Vegas for my company. This was back in late 2016.

The first day went well. The conference by itself is not so great but since I was in Vegas I couldn’t hold off my hands without gambling. I played for a couple of hours won good money that night. The second day, I was at the conference. I was told that a couple of others from a different team will be joining us today.

Later in the afternoon, two young ladies joined us. One of them is the girl in this story. I did not have any intentions then. We talked, did “Hi” “Hello” thingy. The conference ended at 4 pm. My plan was to stay for two more days in Vegas and all the others with me had planned to leave the same day.

When leaving the conference I asked the two girls if they are going to be in the city. If so, I asked to join my plans. One of them said that she is here with her husband and so she can’t join. The other one said she will join me. And surprisingly she also was going to spend more two days in Vegas.

So we exchanged the numbers. I told I will give a call after 2-3 hours and left the place for the evening. I called her at 7. I told that I have made a reservation for a nightclub in my hotel at 11. Then we decided to meet at 10, do some very light dinner and then go to the club.

I told I will pick her up at her hotel. She flew to Vegas. I live in a city 3 hours away from Vegas. So I drove in my car. By the way, her name is Sarah and she was 22. At 10 PM, I stopped at her hotel and was waiting for her. After seeing her in party clothes my mind was blown away.

I didn’t have words to say to her. After a pause, I said he she looks stunningly beautiful and hot. She was in professional clothes before. She thanked and we got into my car and went to a good restaurant. I wasn’t able to take my eyes off her looking at such a beauty. She noticed a couple of times and smiled.

At 11.30 PM we left the restaurant and reached the club. Since it was just starting and was a weekday it was not too crowded. But we both danced to the music that they had. I had a couple of low alcoholic drinks. But she had more than me. We left the club at 2.

She said she liked my car and she wanted to go for a ride in the city with the top open. I have a Camaro convertible). We came out and drove most of the strip. We saw those beautiful Casinos and had a good time. It was like 3 AM now. She said she is a little hungry.

So we stopped at my casino hotel to have some food. We both were really exhausted. So I asked her to hang put in my room tonight and she agreed. We went to my room. It was a suite room where you can look at the whole city sitting on the Couch. We enjoyed the view together for a while.

She suddenly turned towards me and looked into my eyes. For that look, I couldn’t resist watching such beauty. I kissed her on her lips and she responded back kissing stronger, We both were sucking very hard at each others’ lips and fiddling with our tongues.

Now I started undressing her. She was wearing a one-piece outfit. When I removed it she was left with her bra and panties. I took her in hands and placed her on the bed. I removed my shirts and unbuckled my pants and we start kissing each other.

I felt like moving on to the next step. I quickly undressed and removed the bra and panties. She really had a flawless body and naturally hairless on her whole body, even on her pussy. She had really great boobs, at least a 34C. But she was really thin.

I started sucking her boobs hard she started moaning loudly. I was feeling excited. My hand automatically has gone to another boob of her. I stroked her one nipple with my tongue while another with my fingers. I raised my eyes to look at her face, She had closed her eyes and I saw the pleasure on her face.

She was moving her fingers in my hairs. I open her legs a bit more and now I licked her pussy for some time. She really enjoyed it. Then I inserted my finger in her pussy and stimulated her G-spot. She shivered her whole body with pleasure for some time and after that, she came.

Now with enough lubrication in her pussy, I took my dick and rubbed it against her clitoris. She begged to insert and start fucking. At last, I pushed my rock hard dick into her sweet and sexy pussy. Oh, it was very hot and wet. It was constantly oozing pussy juice.

I held her legs with my hands. I rammed my entire cock inside and fucked her hard. The entire room was filled up with our sounds. She had another orgasm in 2 minutes and after that, I cum with a big load. After that, she gave me a blowjob which was really awesome.

Since we were really tired, we fell asleep soon after this. We woke up the morning at 11, did sex once. Then we took a light breakfast and relaxed in bed. We did sex on the bed again. After some time, I again started fucking her. We continued it in the bathroom shower. The cool water made us last long as there is no sweating or tiredness.

Then we went to the hotel buffet and ate a good amount of food. After returning, we fell asleep for an hour or two. When excited again, we started doing it. I took her to the corner of the bed and fucked her while she kept her legs wide open.

This time, after cumming, I relaxed for about a minute. Then again started fucking her hard, keeping her on the tabletop. Then we cleaned and relaxed on the couch. Again I started it in doggy style while she was holding the couch. I was holding her swinging boobs from behind.

In between, I got tired without cumming. Then, keeping my penis still inside her, I lifted her up and took to the bed where I fucked her a lot. It was evening, we relaxed, ordered food to the room. Then we started fucking till the next day around 12 pm. We didn’t have any energy left after that.

We made promises that we will meet again and have fun again. She had a flight to catch at 4 PM. So I dropped her off and drove back to my city. I felt like you guys will really like this story. If you have any questions or feedback please do email me at [email protected]

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