Desperate mallu hubby becomes cuckold for my sperm

This is a true event narrated by me. My name is Raj and my age is 21 years. I have an average body of 6 ft height and a 7-inch dick, tan-coloured skin as I am from Kerala. I am studying B.Com in Kollam in a remote area. I would go to my home Thrissur via Ernakulam by bus.

This incident takes place on Friday when I was on my way home. I have to change my bus to Ernakulam. I was hungry so as usual I bought some chips and coke and started eating.

I noticed a thin-looking guy staring at me continuously and he was in the late 30s. He approached me and said, “Can I talk to you?” I was like if its money I can’t help, as I am a student so please get lost.

He said, “Please hear me, it’s about my life and I will lose it forever.” I told him that I have 15 minutes and he should finish his story in 10 minutes.

The guy whose name was Devan, was from a well-to-do family of farmers in Palakkad and he got married to a girl when he was 25 years old. He had his own business of a paint shop which was doing well until he got cheated by a partner who ran with his life savings. He wanted his father to give his property to him so he can start his life again.

His father had only one condition that he should give him a grandchild. The twist here was that he was impotent and so he was looking for a sperm donor.

He can’t afford any hospital bills as he is nearly broke and he is in Ernakulam looking for an open-minded guy to fuck his wife and get her pregnant.

I was like, “Are you joking? You can blackmail me after filming it on a mobile or use the kid to blackmail me.”

He started to plead with me saying that he was from a good family showed me the pictures of his house and his wife.

When I saw his mallu wife, I couldn’t say no. She was chubby like an aunty straight out of the village! I said, “Ok, but on one condition. I need to fuck her for 3 days and you will be my slave.” He hesitantly said, “Yes.”

We took the next bus to Palakkad and I was imagining ways how to humiliate this guy all the way. We reached and there we took an auto to his home.

It was 7 pm. I saw a chubby little sex Goddess waiting to take my seed. He said let me talk to her. After an hour of chatting she had a wide smile.

I asked, “What’s your name?” She said, “Manju.”

I said, “Your husband is my slave for 3 days, till Monday morning and you are my wife and you have to obey me.”

Manju said, “Yes I will do anything for a baby.” I was horny as hell after hearing this. Devan was ashamed. I told Devan to buy me a bottle of rum and come fast as I need your room to take a bath.

Devan took me to his room and showed me his bedroom. I took a bath and the dinner was ready. He was waiting for me. I asked them both to get naked.

He asked, “Why?”

I said, “Slaves don’t ask questions. They obey.” He and his wife obeyed and took off their clothes. She was a beauty, her boobs were 36, fair with pink nipples pointing out to be fired at me.

Manju covered her boobs with her hands. She had a silver chain around her waist which turned me on. Devan was a slim little guy and I felt sorry after seeing his 3-inch dick, which reminded me of a quarter-inch pipe.

I told them to serve my food and asked Devan to kneel like a dog on hands and knees. She served me porotta chicken curry and after having it, I threw a piece at him and asked him to eat it. He obeyed like a good doggy.

We finished our meal and I was relaxing. I asked Devan to follow me on all his fours, like a dog as I went to the living room and took the rum. It was a cheap brand. I said you cheap guy, couldn’t you buy a better brand.

He said I don’t drink any alcohol. I spat on his face. His wife came out and I looked lustfully at her. She has a fine piece of ass. I undressed and drank some rum for a boost.

I asked her to come and sit with me. She was shy and I started to fondle her boobs. Her hubby was watching this and he was horny and slowly started to rub his dick.

I told Manju to give me a blowjob. She didn’t think twice as she went below and started her duty. She was good at it as she took my whole dick and massaged my balls.

In 10 minutes, I cummed in her mouth. I lifted her from the floor and kept her on my shoulders and spanked her ass. I took her to her bedroom and I said this is my first night and you have to behave like my bride.

I told Devan to bring some milk and fruit. He bought it within minutes, then, I told him to stay outside and enjoy the sounds. Now she was only mine.

I told her to go on all her fours as a doggy and I started to pump her and as I guessed her pussy was tight. We changed position from missionary, cowgirl, and then I lifted her in the air to pump her, as she screamed wildly to stop but that gave me more energy.

I came three times and she collapsed on my body after the 3rd time. We slept cuddling each other.

It was my second day and Manju like my wife was playing with my dick and she was smiling at me early in the morning. I took her to the bathroom and fucked her for 15 minutes and we cleaned ourselves.

We opened the door and found Devan on the sofa drunk, as he had drunk all the rum. I got angry and said what the heck that rum was for me for 2 days.

I told him to go and fetch a whiskey this time and a better brand and then make breakfast for us. “You will not eat anything today and that’s your punishment.” He said, “Ok, I will do anything just get the job done” and he ran away.

Meanwhile, Manju and I connected ourselves. I learned that she was cheated into this marriage as her hubby was impotent way before the marriage and couldn’t even satisfy her. I said if you want revenge on him then this time is good.

She said, “I’m ready.” Devan came back hurriedly and bought a good whiskey this time and made our breakfast. I dictated my terms “From now on you will call me Master and your wife Mistress.”

I will punish you and be ready for anything. He said, “Why are you doing this”. Before I could continue Manju shouted saying, “Do what he says or else we will be broke and on the streets.” I was surprised and she smiled at me.

We finished our breakfast and it was time to play again.

I said, “Devan, you are a complete cheater and for that, you will be punished.” Manju took a stick and beat him on his back he started crying. I asked them to strip themselves for today’s course.

We then took off our clothes and I stuffed Manju’s panty in his mouth. I asked him to hold his hand high in the air and asked Manju to hit his balls. She smacked his balls and he cried and his sound was muffled because of the panty.

He fell down and then she stepped on his dick and she said, “You worthless piece of shit, you’re not a man and thanks for bringing a man to his wife” pointing my dick. I took her stick and drilled it in his ass and now he is crying badly.

She laughed and said, “You pathetic piece of shit. I want not one but many kids from him.” She made me sit on the couch and we fucked. This time Devan was watching us as his dick was throbbing and started to rub his dick.

We kissed passionately and she gave me blowjobs. I came twice in 2 hours and we slept on the floor. It was 3 pm and we freshened ourselves. Devan was lying naked on the floor with the dick beside him.

I woke him up and he answered, “Master what should I do now?” I said, “Bring the lunch and get back as fast as possible.” He said that he was thirsty.

I told him to open his mouth and I pissed in his mouth. He gladly accepted it and said, “Thanks.” His wife wore makeup and said today is the best day of my life. We went on to discuss the names for the kid and how to humiliate Devan and she was overjoyed to hear my plans.

He came in and we had our lunch. We made him wear his wife’s clothes and told him to dance. He couldn’t so she beat him up badly and then she said, “All you Nair (caste name) boys are cuckolds and now you’re following the tradition.” He came near and started to lick my dick and I caught his head and pushed it fully till my cock was covered.

He started to act like a true bottom and he guided my dick in his ass. It was tight I asked him to open his wife’s ass and he did it. I went on at full speed and cummed in her ass. He said don’t waste it.

I slapped him and I said, “It’s my dick and my wife now.” I made him lick her ass and my cum. His wife told me, “Now get up and fuck him and let him get to know the pleasure that I missed.”

Many months later, when she was pregnant, they invited me for a function and I secretly fucked her in her bedroom after the function with her bulging belly.

He called me again on the delivery day. It was a baby girl and he was thrilled with my work. He cried over the phone and told me that he got all his properties from his father.

He sold his properties and he left to Tamil Nadu and he said his wife wants one more kid but I can’t undergo the pain.

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