First Kiss And Getting Sexual With College Friend

Hi friends, this is my first story here. Let me introduce myself. I am Naziya Pathan, a 26-year-old Muslim girl (current age) from a city in Andhra Pradesh. You can guess my details from my name itself. I have seen and enjoyed so many sexual activities in my life beginning from my teenage years.

I was raised in a strict atmosphere but my parents didn’t hesitate to get me educated. Currently, I am a degree holder in search of a job but all this experience is of my past.

I don’t want to comment if these stories were real or fictional. I even don’t want to argue with people who think even my name and profile are real. This series is purely for entertainment and nothing to hurt any feelings.

About my looks, I say I am proud of my beauty. My complexion is milky white, slightly thin body but good pair of boobs with brownish topped nipples like chocolate, a slim waist, and a medium ass.

My figure at present is 34-29-34. I was much slimmer in my college days. I have my hair till my upper back and wore a golden nose ring which added to my beauty. I didn’t expose much of my body and used to be in a full-body cover.

My sexual curiosity began in my late teenage (18 years) itself when I first saw porn accidentally during browsing in an internet cafe for my project. Those days there were no computers or internet at home.

Porn had a tremendous effect on me, I began getting butterflies in my stomach seeing it. Slowly, I got addicted to porn and used to go twice or thrice weekly to the cafe. But this didn’t affect my study much.

I still hadn’t known about fingering or masturbation neither had I experienced orgasm. I somehow got a good college while my age was just 19 at that time.

Let me come to the incident now. It was barely 2 months since I had joined college. It was almost 7 km from my home and I used to go in an auto-rickshaw arranged for me along with 3-4 other girls. I used to wear a full-body covering to my college.

I had made a few friends in the beginning only. Since my school was an all-girl school, this was the first time I had boys as friends. One of the boys only was Ashok. He was actually from Tamilnadu, settled here with his parents’ transfer. He was quite close to me.

At times we used to sit alone in the college library or garden speaking like friends. But I didn’t have any kind of feelings for him until this incident.

It was rainy season and our college was running late. The classes used to go on till 4-5 pm. Usually, everyone leaves early but that day my auto-rickshaw was late. He had called me and told me to wait till 7 pm. My other friends who came in that rickshaw had already left early as they didn’t have any classes.

I was wondering what to do till so much time. I went to the college library, where there were only 1 or 2 people. It was on the third floor of the building. I took some books and started reading. It was raining heavily outside. The rain increased our sexual feelings. I was feeling romantic.

At that time, I saw my college friend Ashok there searching for a book. I called him up and he came and sat in front of my table smiling.

Ashok: Hi Naziya, what are you doing till now?

Me: Nothing, my auto-rickshaw got late.

We were having a friendly conversation in a soft voice. Suddenly, the power went off in the library. Somehow both of us managed to use the phone torch and keep the books back. It was around 5:30 pm still but was looking dark.

Ashok told me he knew a place downstairs where we can sit. I agreed and we both came to the ground floor. Nobody was there. He took me to a small room. It was an old classroom which was no longer used. It had all broken furniture and was a little dusty.

He told he used to read here sometimes when he got bored in the library. We both sat on an old bench and continued speaking. He asked about my parents, friends, etc, and finally, the topic revolved around love and gfs. He told me he had no girlfriend but he always wanted to have one.

I was feeling somewhat excited sitting and talking about those things alone with a boy. In between, our hands were touching accidentally but I felt good so I didn’t remove them.

Now we were almost sitting next to each other. The rain and my hormones acted on me and were making my breathing heavy and warm. My college friend might have felt it.

Suddenly, he held my hand in his hands and told, “Naziya, I love you. I am in love with you since our first day and always wanted a girlfriend like you. Please..”

Hearing this, I was shocked and also surprised. I didn’t understand what to do and what should I answer. I knew this was a dangerous decision but my body was telling me to say yes. He was already scratching my palm with his fingers interlocked in mine

I nodded and told, “Ashok even I like you, but doing this is wrong. Don’t you think? We have just entered college now.”

Ashok told, “Naziya, nothing is wrong if you get happiness. I know you too are getting excited. Please, just one time.”

I was already melted so didn’t answer anything. He got my answer and now he held my face and pulled me closer and I could feel his warm breath. I was having bubbles in my stomach. My college friend put his lips on mine. What a feeling! I can’t describe my first kiss.

I involuntarily began pulling his head close to feel more of his lips. He began sucking my lips hard and deep. I was cooperating by opening my mouth and giving my tongue to him. He french kissed my mouth for about 10 minutes.

He was telling, “I love you” many times in between the kisses. I was enjoying the kisses with my eyes closed. My pussy was getting warm now.

He now pulled me to his lap and I was sitting facing him as he began kissing me pushing his chest on my breasts. My boobs were getting crushed by his chest and I felt my nipples getting bigger inside my bra.

I was getting some strange feeling on my boobs as my college friend kissed me again now biting my lips in between his teeth and gums. We exchanged our saliva and I was sitting on his lap with my legs on either side.

Now he began entering his hands inside my dress. He opened the zip of my body cover and removed it off. Inside, I was wearing a pink-colored salwar kameez and dupatta. He also removed my dupatta and began playing with my boobs. I was enjoying the first touch of a man on my boobs.

I was pulling him close to kiss more and more. Now he suddenly put his hand on my salwar over my pussy!

“Ahhhh nooo stop..” I shouted.

What happened next will be in my next story. I know all are waiting to read what happened next. But you have to wait. I hope all enjoyed reading. Keep waiting keep enjoying.

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