Boyfriend Birthday Surprise!

Hello, fellow shaggers! This is my story about my boyfriend birthday surprise! Those of you who haven’t read my previous stories – my name is Stella. I am 27 years old. I live in Mumbai, and I work as an executive at an ad agency.

Around 3 years back, when I had completed my master’s and started working at this agency, I met Rohan. Rohan is about 6 feet tall, with large rough hands, broad shoulders, deep eyes, and a deep voice. He also has a fairly big dick. How do I know it? Because I started dating Rohan soon after we met at work.

I was majorly attracted to him the very first time I laid my eyes on him. He is about 4 years older than me. Ambitious, smart, a total hunk, and extremely kinky are apt ways to describe him. The week I joined the agency was the week he was his last week.

He had quit the agency to work on his dream project with his buddies. The first time I saw him, I was so turned on! I came home that night and fingered myself thinking of him in my shower. I imagined how his lips would feel on the most intimate parts of my body and how deep his dick would enter in my holes.

I remember getting my orgasm in almost 5 minutes, and it was a fairly intense one. I continued staying very decent at work, not initiating any conversation with him. I think I look pretty, too, and making the first move was not my thing.

To give you an understanding, I am tall, very curvy (at the right places), fair with big eyes and thick pink lips, and about shoulder-length hair. My boobs and my ass are my big’ assets. With boobs size of 36DD, it was hard to miss me anywhere, no matter how loose my clothes were.

So I guess acting indifferent paid off. He asked me for a coffee date on his last day of work. In a matter of a week, we were dating. I would be so turned on by his presence and his smell. It was overwhelming. I didn’t want him to know the slutty side of me so soon. So I had to keep my actions under check.

Every time we hugged, I ensured I didn’t press myself too much to his body. Our kisses were light and romantic. At some point, I could sense his frustration rising. So a month after we started dating, his parents were traveling for a relative’s wedding.

I requested him not to go. It was his birthday, and I didn’t want to miss it. A night before his birthday, we decided to chill at his place. He had just gotten back from work and was still dressed in formals with his hair ruffled. My throat went dry when I saw how sexy he looked.

For the first time, I decided to dress up well to turn him on. I managed to get a strappy satin black dress that gave anyone a good view of my cleavage. I had managed to get him his favorite Mango cream cake. A few minutes before midnight, I got into the kitchen to remove the cake from the box.

He came behind me, hugging me tightly. I could feel his breath on my shoulders, his lips on my neck, cheeks, and ears. His hands were exploring my waist, his fingers teasing my nipples and his dick poking my ass. I felt like I died and entered my heaven of passion.

He whispered in my ears, “I don’t need the fucking cake. You know what I need.” My heart jumped with joy. I knew this was the man who wanted me to be a slut for him. I turned around and kissed him, this time pressing my body on his.

I opened his shirt buttons and licked along the length of his chest. I knew he was hard by now. I was desperate to see his dick for the first time. So without wasting any more time, I kneeled, unbuttoned, and unzipped his pants, slowly looking into his eyes.

As the pants fell, I could see his dick shape through the thin fabric of his boxers. Just the sight of his tool made me wet. I felt his dick over his shorts, teasing him more. As the clock struck 12, I slid these shorts down. I took his perfect cock in my hands and whispered, “Happy Birthday, Babe.”

I took his cock in my mouth. He kept moaning as his sucking skills got intense. Every time I took just the tip in my mouth, my tongue would tickle the tip. Every time I took the whole cock in my mouth, I would let it be there for a few seconds, my hands playing with his balls before taking it out.

That kitchen was filled with his moaning and my slurp sounds. I wanted to give him the pleasure of his life as the ultimate sex toy he could bang whenever. He asked me to stop and lifted me onto the kitchen slab next to the cake.

He slid my dress straps off my shoulders, and the satin came flowing down, exposing my perky 36DDs. He took some cream off his cake, applied it on my pink tits. He pushed my dress up from my knees to get access to my wet dripping pussy.

Like a possessed demon, he whispered, “That’s my favorite dessert.” He started sucking my tits wildly, taking them between his teeth and flicking them with his tongue. He used his hand to pinch and pull my other nipple, making me moan and scream with pleasure and pain.

“Why was this randi so shy all this while, huh?” slapping my tits, pinching my waist. This raw madness about him was driving me crazy. “I don’t think you could call me shy if you would have seen me fingering myself thinking of things I wanted you to do with me the first time I saw you,” I responded.

There it was, his wicked smile when he realized I desired him as much as he desired me. With his face touching mine, his fingers touched my cunt the first time.

Making a hissing sound, he said, “I shagged off fantasizing your naked body under mine that night. Fucking you so hard that would make it difficult to walk for days. Sucking these melons till your tits would turn red, my cock never leaving your pussy all night.”

He kept fingering my hairless pink pussy. His rough fingers are rubbing them to a point very close to orgasm. At this point, I needed his dick in me right away. Instinctively with his hard dick still hard, I wrapped my legs around him, nudging him to fuck me.

Realizing my desperation, he grabbed my hair and kissed me hard as he entered my wet pussy. My pussy is very tight, so he had a bit of a problem entering. He had a look of confusion while trying to enter me, “Are you a virgin?” I blushed and said, “You think a virgin could suck you off like that?”

With that, he entered my vagina with a proper push making me yelp in pain and pleasure. He was going slow first, helping me get into the rhythm before increasing his speed. He never wore a condom, and I could feel this throbbing dick in my vagina. This was a mad rush.

His thrusts got deeper, faster, and more intense. His eyes kept fucking my body separately. His thrusts would get my boobs to bounce a bit. I could see it was turning him on. Arching my back further, I popped them out for a better fucking.

I was close to orgasm, and my moaning had gotten louder or borderline screaming. Sensing my peak point, he held himself long enough to let me orgasm and cumming with me at the same time. I came hard inside me with a grunting sound.

I wanted to enjoy this feeling a little longer. So I didn’t let him take his cock out, wrapped my legs around his ass. I hugged him tight, squishing my boobs on his hairy chest. That was the birthday night I moved from being his girlfriend to his banging slut or his favorite word – randi.

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