Best sex of my life with the DVD repairing guy!

Living alone in a new city can be lonely. Having moved to Mumbai a couple of weeks ago, I was just about getting adjusted to the fast-paced life of the city, something I was not accustomed to when I was living in Nagpur, my hometown.

But in the two weeks since I had come to Mumbai, I had managed to get a 1 BHK rented flat, arranged all the furniture and other basic amenities and was almost settled in. I even had a good TV to help me relax and unwind after work. And it was this TV that gave me the most incredible sexual experience I could ever have in my life!

Hi, I am Akshata. I am 27 and I work as a copywriter with a reputed digital advertising agency in Mumbai. I am 5’5”, caramel complexioned, slightly curvy, black doe eyes, and jet-black hair. Okay, I’ll go ahead and give you my figures too. My boobs are a 34B, my waist is 36 and my ass is 40. I have been single since the last one year.

Moving to Mumbai helped with the nasty break up I had with my boyfriend from Nagpur. This will be a fresh start, I told myself.

So, it was a Sunday. I was lazing around the house and after a point of time, not knowing what to do, I attached the DVD player I had bought from home (yes, I still watch films on CD, no Netflix or Amazon Prime for me) to my TV.

As I was feeling adventurous, I put on my favorite porn film and decided to watch and finger myself to a breathtaking orgasm. Why not?! It was a Sunday and I was alone.

By the way, staying alone does make a person hornier. I guess it’s just because the mind has so much more scope to go wild. And you are free to do whatever you wish to do with yourself.

So, in went the CD and I started my journey towards the orgasm. I was almost halfway through the movie. My favorite scene had just ended when kapoot..the TV just froze.

WTF?! I was pissed off. I couldn’t just leave myself incomplete, I wanted closure, and I wanted it NOW!

I quickly Googled the nearest TV servicemen available. After finding his number and telling him the location of my flat, he agreed to come within 10 minutes. I switched off the TV and waited for him. He promptly arrived within 10 minutes.

I told him what had happened (obviously without mentioning that I was watching a porn movie) and he started inspecting the DVD player and the TV.

As the TV repairman went about doing his work, I sat on a chair and looked at him. He was about 5’10”, lean, had a slightly dark complexion, lush black hair, and a mustache. He was wearing a soiled white shirt and black trousers.

I was in my blue superman t-shirt and blue denim shorts. He didn’t seem to be checking me out much. Any other guy in Nagpur would have had his tongue rolled out and eyes brimming with lust seeing me like that. But this was Mumbai. The people are indeed progressive, I thought to myself.

After 15-20 minutes, he was done. He said the problem was with the DVD player. He said we should switch on the TV and check if it was working properly now.

I took the remote and turned on the TV, and instantly realized my mistake! I was watching a porn movie!! I couldn’t let him know that! But how could I change the CD abruptly now?! Shit, this was going to be embarrassing!

The servicemen switched on the DVD player and as expected, the porn movie began to play again! I quickly paused the movie. He looked at me but tried to conceal his feelings. I looked at him, nervous and embarrassed. He smiled back and said, “Koi baat nahi ma’am! Yaha yeh sab chalta hi hai! Aap sharminda mat hoiye.”

I smiled back and thanked him for his job.

“Ma’am, washroom kidhar hai?”, he asked me.

“Aage se right”, I told him.

The TV repairman went to the washroom as I still tried to recover myself from that embarrassing moment. I took out the money to pay him and waited for him to come back.

10 minutes passed by; he didn’t return. What was this guy doing?! Getting curious, I walked towards the bathroom and was surprised to see the bathroom door open. But what I saw next was way, way more surprising than that! The guy was still in the bathroom and he was masturbating!!

He was facing his back towards me and his pants and underwear were down, in front of the commode. Normally, a sight like that would have horrified me, but I don’t know why; it could be because of the porn movie I was watching before he came, I was turned on!

Nervous but horny, I walked into the bathroom slowly towards him. As I peeked above the TV repairman’s shoulder, I saw his huge monster cock. It was dark, hard, and huge! And he was stroking it with his eyes closed.

“Ummm..bhaiya….?”, I spoke in almost a whisper of a voice. He turned around rapidly and was super embarrassed. He quickly pulled up his pants and zipped up.

“ ma’am..mai..”, he replied quickly and nervously, at a complete loss of words.

“Kya aap..aap abhi mere baare mein soch rahe the?”, I asked him. I was surprised I was even asking him this. I should have been abusing and scolding the shit out of him. What was wrong with me?!

“Ma’am, vo..vo..”, he quivered for some time, and then finally, sensing that I probably wasn’t really mad at him, he replied, “Haan..haan ma’am.”

I smiled back at him. “Abhi aapko sochne ki zarurat nahi. Mai hu yaha, aapke liye”, saying this, I pulled him close to me, wrapped my arms around him, and smooched him, hard. He was taken aback but seeing his fantasy come true, he reverted instantly.

We sucked each other’s lips and slobbered our tongues over each other’s. I moaned as I closed my eyes and let him enjoy my lips and tongue.

After a few minutes, I stopped and unzipped his pants. I took it off along with his underwear and asked him to take off his shirt. He obeyed like a small puppy. In seconds, I had stripped him naked.

I started kissing him and took my tongue all the way down from his chest, biting his nipples, to his stomach, and then to his cock.

I slapped his cock on my face, rubbing it all over my face, worshipping it. He started breathing fast. I started sucking and deep-throating his cock. I sucked his balls and licked every inch of them as I looked at him. His eyes were closed and he was moaning.

“Aaah! Aaa ma’am! Haan!”, he moaned.

The TV repairman then looked at me with a horny expression and grabbed my hair. He pulled it back and held them as I serviced his cock. I took it out and stroked it between my boobs over my t-shirt. I had made it soaking wet.

He was overcome with lust. He pulled me up and kissed me again. He then took off my t-shirt. I wasn’t wearing a bra as I was anyways expecting to take off my t-shirt and massage my boobs when I had planned to finger myself earlier.

He started slurping on my neck and shoulders. I loved the touch of his wet, thirsty lips on my body. I grabbed his hair and started caressing it as I encouraged him to enjoy more of my body. “Haan! Haan bhaiya, aise hi!”

He pinned me to the wall and raised my arms up. He looked at my clean, juicy armpits and smelled them. Obviously, he didn’t know but I have always had a huge armpit fetish. I have craved for someone to smell and lick them. It turns me on like crazy! He did exactly that as he smelled and then started licking them.

I moaned out loud as he increased his speed. In seconds, the guy had cleaned them up. He then shifted his attention to my boobs as he devoured them hungrily. Squeezing, sucking, kissing, and licking them ferociously, he enjoyed every inch of them. I loved it!

I wrapped his head inside them with my arms and kissed his forehead. It was a moment of unbridled passion and love. At that moment, I didn’t care that I didn’t even know him. His hunger and his lust had me hooked. He was mine, and I was his.

The repairman then went further south and started sucking my navel and waist. He bit my waist slightly as I moaned. “Fuck bhaiya! Aap kitne acche ho!”, I told him.

Egged on by this, he took off my shorts and then kissed my pussy from above my pantie. I closed my eyes and took in the pleasure it gave. He looked at me, his eyes telling me what was coming next. I nodded as he took off my pantie. My pussy was ready for him, wet and pink.

He dug into it as he ate the shit out of it! One of his hands massaged my right boob as he licked me. My pleasure knew no bounds and he was so bloody good! I grabbed his hair and sang his praises as he stuck to my pussy like a magnet until I came.

We both knew what we wanted now – each other. He came up, kissed me, and literally swept me off my feet, carrying me and taking me to my bedroom. He laid me down on the bed and came up on top of me. We kissed and he started enjoying me again.

His saliva marks had already made my upper body wet. I caressed his hair and back, encouraging him to keep going. I bit his neck. I then whispered in his ear, “Bhaiya, mujhe aapka lund chahiye! Chodo na mujhe, please!”

He didn’t hesitate for a second and before I knew it, his monster cock was inside me. He fucked me nice and hard, the thumping sounds proving it well enough. Then he turned me around and made me lie on my stomach.

The intense fucking and the humidity of Mumbai had us both sweating. He started off from my ear and with one clean sweep, licked off the sweat from my back. He then split my legs open and buried his face in my asshole.

“Aaaa bhaiya!!! Haan, haan, yes, yes yes!”, he made me crazy!

After eating my anus, he then took me in doggie style as we fucked like a hungry dog and a bitch. Yes, I was a bitch. His bitch.

Then I came on top of him, facing my back towards him. I wrapped one of my arms around his head. He started drilling me in that position, sucking my boobs simultaneously. We kissed intermittently as well.

I was in sexual nirvana, and so was he. It was like we were lovers, not strangers.

After some time, he said, “Ma’am, mai chhutne waala hu..” I knew what that meant. We stopped and I got down near his cock. I only needed to stroke it for a few seconds as he finally came hard and blew a huge load.

I splashed some of it on my boobies and some on my face. It was warm, thick, and yummy! We had exhausted ourselves, who wouldn’t be after the way we fucked!

We kissed and cuddled naked for a while. Finally, he had to leave. I paid him the money and he winked at me as he left.

“Ma’am, umeed hai aapka DVD player fir se kharab ho, jald hi!”, he said. I smiled back at him. Trust me, I hoped for the same!

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